Las Vegas #BJJ Belt Testing – #AlexOLoughlin & Mrs. O Celebrating

Some more footage of the BJJ belt testing and Alex’s Black Belt Ceremony – and of course wonderful to see the lovely Mrs. Malia O’Loughlin-Jones supporting her hubby there.

alex and malia 2022


What a great experience to learn from these Hall of Famers this past weekend at the ADCC Super Seminar. Huge Thank you to @rodrigo_gracie_jr @lauriekgracie and @renzograciebjj for allowing me to tag along 😎🙏🏽🤙🏽 I’ll never forget this experience!
Congrats to #AlexOLoughlin on his promotion to Black Belt! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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And the video from Todd – edited by us with the Alex parts:

Let’s hope for some more gems to be posted by those who attended …..

alex bbalex las vegas 3alex las vegas 2



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22 responses to “Las Vegas #BJJ Belt Testing – #AlexOLoughlin & Mrs. O Celebrating

  1. Love the photos 👍😊!

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  2. Fabulous! So glad to see him doing the things that bring him joy.

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  3. coby Duijn van

    Great pictures, thanks. He really is a silver fox, looking good. Hope he is ready now for a movie or tv show where he can shine as well.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands Coby

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  4. jenny roos

    Great waking up to some more photos, seeing his happiness for being rewarded after many years of extremely hard work. And Malia supporting him, as always.

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  5. Oops, another great footage. 🙂 Thank you for posting everybody! It´s really nice to see more of that memorable weekend. and it´s beautiful watching Alex do what he loves and Malia, who looks as beautiful as she did the last time we saw a picture, supporting her husband.
    This will hopefully shut up more than one rumor.
    Watching Alex´s face I was so reminded of Steve Kaplan´s “good, good human being”. Sincerely like his new look now, now that I got used to it. ❤ Hope to see Alex in a new role asap.

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  6. Damn you, real life, because I can’t watch this 24/7.
    I especially love the moment he was flexing his muscles.
    And I love Malia’s shoes.
    (And no one on this planet looks as good in just a plain grey shirt. At least I don’t. I have one, but there’s Snoopy on the front. Snoopy makes everything better.)

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  7. CassG

    The absolute best!!! Love seeing Malia supporting her man!!♥️ A real treat seeing these!!😊 Thanks much!


  8. Madeline

    Thank you both Paula and FOYeur for sharing! This – appreciating those little things – really makes me smile, as I woke up today with a painful shoulder injury 😃
    As much I’d like to see Alex picking up a new project. From what I’m able to observe and notice, is that he’s living in the moment. By being devoted and in a good – physical, mental and emotional – place, with a sincere happy, proud and grateful attitude. It’s great seeing Malia supporting her husband. Hopefully he’ll continue this route – there’s no doubt about that – by keeping himself occupied, with what and who’s meaningful to him. A true example/lesson and valuable experience that’ll get you far in life 😊

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    • Ouch. Shoulder injury doesn´t sound good. What did you do? Wish you a speedy recovery.
      About Alex: I agree with what you wrote. It´s good to see him in good shape doing what he wants to do with the people who are meaningful to him. I am glad for him that he can live that life. I always thought – and he said that often – that being an actor, telling stories and going from one role to another is what he wants to do. But that was before he did H5O and before he got a family. He has grown those last 13 years and likely changed his priorities. But he got a new manager about 5 months ago so he might still want to work as an actor and now he layed the foundation to prove again that he is fit. But we´ll see. He sure has to do what he wants to do – whatever that is. If he decides to come back to acting we´ll be happy to see him again and support him anyway we can. If he decides to take another road which is better and more meaningful to him, we´ll be happy for him. I just hope, he will let people know because it´s frustrating to wait for something that will not going to happen.


      • Cassiopea 1000

        Yes, his priorities have changed over the years. But I don’t think he will abandon his actor career so easily. I mean, a man who loves so much telling stories and going from one role to another, as you say, and who has worked like he did to achieve excellence as an actor, does not put his career aside just because he has now a wife and kids. He may prefer to direct or to write rather than acting, but I think he will continue developing his career in the showbusiness. Unless he decides to devote himself professionally to BBJ, of course. Either way, we’ll support him, though I must say that I don’t relish the idea of watching BBJ competitions on TV, unless he is one of the fighters (or whatever they are called in BJJ). Supposing he does not keep his activity to instructing.

        Fortunately, we’ll always have FOYeur to tell us ‘Hey, guys, Alex will be fighting on April 15 at 16:30 (Iowa local time). Broadcasted by BBJ Sports”. And then we’ll comment about his excellence in compression locks, or how goofy he looks when he’s doing submission holds. Hey, you’ll still there, won’t you, FOYeur?


        • LOL. Looking goofy while doing submission holds? Teehee (I’m 12).
          And I’m with you. I’m not into this MMA stuff and wouldn’t watch. I think I wouldn’t even watch if Alex is one of the competitors. Only if he won. Yep, I am that shallow.
          I would rather watch him acting again. A bad boy. He is so good as a bad boy. He gives his bad boys dimensions, that is so awesome to watch…

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          • Cassiopea 1000

            Yeah, shallow girl. A bad boy. I’d love to see him as a bad boy. But not an execrable villain, no, a bad boy you are fond of from frame one.

            I was watching ‘The African Queen’ for the umpteenth time a couple of days ago and spent all the movie “seeing” him instead of the great Humphrey Bogart. If a remake of that movie was ever made, who else but Alex could take that role and give the character life, soul and Alexpressions? Don’t rack you brain to come with an answer. Alex and nobody else!

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          • Me neither. Although Jiu-Jitsu is only a part of MMA and yeah, I probably wouldn´t watch him becomming a professional fighter, too. Don´t want to watch him finish himself. But again curious me did a very quick and superficial research on Jiu-Jitsu and I watched a few videos on Youtube and I felt struck dead with the mass of information/technics you obviously need to know and be able to process. This is huge. Not to compare to MMA although I guess, you need to have a lot of skills in MMA, too. — Not that I understand anything of all that stuff. And I´m not at all interested in MMA.
            I too hope, we´ll see Alex as an actor again. Everybody in the bussiness who cares must be aware by now that he is back: fit and still looking great. And he also showed again that he can show all kind of looks. In my not Hollywood infected logic that should prove that he would be great in all kinds of roles. Of course given he wants to work again as an actor. That waiting for any kind of news is really frustrating.

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        • I don´t think, he will ever fight professionally even though he has a black belt now. He always said, BJJ is for fitness and that he is not interested in competion. And fighting at a tournament is a different thing than fighting for fun or fitness. I don´t think, this has changed. I´d rather think, teaching BJJ might be interesting for him. You know, how good he is as a teachter in general and how good he is esp. with kids.


            • Madeline

              Sorry for my delayed response, but.. Thank you! Unfortunately my painful shoulder is stress – both mental and physical – related, due a apartment renovation above mine. For me these stimuli are harder to filter. Currently it’s tough either to find distraction, and keep me concentrated like writing a comment over here.

              As for Alex: Alex is self-conscious whether it involves his profession or not. There are risks attached like health, but ignorance and uncertainty for example too. He faced this multiple times, the same goes he can’t please everyone either. Disappointment is part of it yet impossible to avoid. It’s a matter of devotion, patience and time, for a right opportunity or project to come along. In order to reach anything either small or big. Personally I’d like to see him – besides acting – develop more in writing, producing or directing. I’m not into these sort of sports, but the idea of ​​teaching bjj – or something else – is great though. My attitude is: You’re not to young to start learning, as you’re never to old to stop developing either. This’s what I’m noticing in Alex by picking up opportunities to grow. Either way what matters most is, that he’s happy in the end.

              Until next time! Have a nice weekend everyone 😃

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          • Cassiopea 1000

            You’re technically right and I agree with you, but who knows…


      • Sonia

        Alex got a new manager just 5 months ago? Hope with his new manager he decides to return to acting, could be a good sign. Fans want to see him again on the screen. It is about time. Most actors or actresses are already back in business as the pandemic is now more in control so things are almost back to normal. So hopefully Alex with the new manager starts with a new project.

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        • Yes, but the new manager is also more known as a writer’s agent – we, therefore, think that Alex might be focussing more on writing than getting an acting job.
          But maybe if he writes something he will also star in it.


  9. dottipleitgen

    So proud of Alex! Love seeing lovely Malia there! Alex is always so animated and fun to watch! 🥰❤️💋


  10. lynxstch

    Love seeing him fit and healthy. It’s great that he is doing things that make himself happy, and that he keeps working towards accomplishing all of the goals he has set for himself. Nice to see Malia supporting him. I hope he comes back to acting after he’s taken more time to rest and relax. He’s spent so many years working on tv shows, he deserves a good long break, even though we all miss him so much! Thank you FoYeur for keeping us updated with these wonderful pictures and videos!

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