They Say ….. @SophiaMyles about Moonlight & #AlexOLoughlin

A tweet caught my attention today and I thought to share it with you, together with some others I remembered from a while back…..

  • Screencap of a tweet from  Sophia Myles who played Beth on Moonlight:

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Text from the tweet:

Sophia: Moonlight.“This was one of my favourite jobs.”

  • And a screencap of a tweet in December last year, when a fellow fan, Rebel Campbell, asked Sophia this:

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Text from the tweet:

Rebel: Sophia, what did Alex say here, that made you crack up?? Pls tell! I love Moonlight! I was still mourning the loss of my Mom, so I missed the show, when it aired. Love you. 💜🦇🌙

  • Screencap of Sophia‘s replies:

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Text from the tweets:

Sophia: “I can’t remember what he had said! It was so long ago….What I do remember is that we laughed together. constantly.

Both of us share a wicked sense of humour. I miss working with him so much. He has been my favourite co-star of my career.I love him like family.


Sophia: “Happens rarely. He is one of a kind.”

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You can also read our story about them working together here:

@SophiaMyles talking about working with #AlexOLoughlin (2008)

Thank you, Sophia …..

Just a small glimpse of how much Alex is loved by one of his old colleagues – even after so many (15) years……

It warms a fangirl’s heart!

Beating Heart Emoji GIFs | Tenor

  • We also add this screencap of the tweets and answers from Sophia in February when we visited LA and enjoyed some time with her co-star of Moonlight, Shannyn Sossamon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sophia-tweet-2.jpg

Thank you to Madeline for sending it to us! 🙂 



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23 responses to “They Say ….. @SophiaMyles about Moonlight & #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    ‘I love him like family.’ Seriously? You loved that hot, terribly handsome, intelligent, with a high sense of humor man like ‘family’? How did you manage it? As he was single at the time, I would have loved him madly, desperately, to distraction 😂😂😂!

    Joking apart, it’s always a joy to be reminded by people who have nothing to gain with it that Alex is a special man, who has always been well thought-of and respected by his colleagues. Well, that’s why we are all here waiting for his next move, because he’s special, aren’t we?

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    • They both were in relationships at the time. (Not 100% sure about Sophia, but I think she was)
      Alex was of course right in the middle of his relationship and living with Holly Valance while doing Moonlight.


      • Yes. Holly appeared in one of the best episodes: B.C.


        • Yes.
          And she (Holly) shared in one article that she also auditioned for both Beth and Coraline before the show started.


          • Cassiopea 1000

            I wonder what would have happened if Holly had been cast as Beth or Coraline. TV screens would have exploded from an excess of chemistry!


            • Well, I think, they did explode. I don´t know, but I think, it might be different maybe even difficult to work with someone you are in a relationship with. It´s probably a completely different chemistry and I could imagine being so familiar with someone you are in an relationship with miught even make the “tension”Alex and Sophia Myles had on screen more difficult to fabricate. Would have been interesting to find out though. Just my two cents.

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  2. Madeline

    This is heartwarming to read. I’ve only watched Moonlight for the first time a little over a year ago. It’s not my kind of show but enjoyed watching it. Especially the sincere chemistry and humour between Alex & Sophia really comes through 😃

    FOYeur I’ve made and saved a screenshot from another conversation on Twitter between Sophia and a other fan – from this past February – where she mentions Alex too. I’m not that into social media, but this is such a coincidence. Would you like to add it in this post? I’d love to send it to you, for others to read as well 😊

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  3. 15 years later still her favorite co-star!
    Have you ever heard other people, colleagues, film technicians, wardrobe departement, make-up artists and so on talk so highly about an actor? Without even asked about, just because they remember him being special? I don’t.
    I can’t say it often enough: I chose the right guy to fangirl!
    (Love this and your 240 day on instagram so much, Paula and FOYeur)

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, he is a special one.
      The only one who inspired me to do a site like this and never had me regret it in all these years. 🙂
      The 240 days will be coming here as well. The post is done, but will give this latest one time to feature before we share it as well.


    • That´s awesome. I guess, 15 years from now we will hear people working with Alex on H5O still talking highly and affectionately about him, too. I never heard of someone who is so much loved and respected by literally everybody he met. It´s rare and it speaks volumes about what kind of human being and professional Alex is. And I absolutelly second your ” I chose the right guy to fangirl!”. Glad to have heard of that awesome man.

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  4. Rebel M CAMPBELL

    Thank you, intense study, I’ve been a fan since I found you. Sophia, is a jewel, a working actress who takes the time to answer her followers tweets. Thank you for sharing my tweet with Sophia, to your fans. It’s amazing how you can reach so many.

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  5. I streamed Moonlight during the pandemic. Very good show 😊👍! Another example of Alex’s talent.

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  6. lindae5o

    Thank you, Foyeur. I always love to read the nice things Alex’s
    co-workers say about him, especially from Sophia, these many
    years after they worked together. These comments always warm
    my heart, as though I knew Alex myself.
    I’ve never heard or read anything negative about Alex. He seems to exude only good vibes and positivity. He has a Zen quality about him. Just my impression.

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  7. Dawn Russell

    Loved them together in Moonlight shame they never made any more shows as they were perfect together as a couple

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  8. coby Duijn van

    Love that show, they were good together. Pitty it didn’t last, Luckely I have the dvd and I can watch it over and over and over again. Alex was (is) hot in that show.

    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands


  9. CassG

    It’s no surprise that Sophia enjoyed working with Alex. What’s even better is the relationship they had…their personal sense of humor and their working relationship. They were paired off well. I didn’t watch Moonlight until after H50 when I discovered who Alex was/is. It was love at first sight with H50 and then second sight with Moonlight. I couldn’t get the DVD fast enough. I loved Moonlight and still tap in esp these days along with binging on H50 on ION when possible.♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dawn Russell

      If you loved Alex in Moonlight after Hawaii 5 0 you should watch his performance as a doctor in Three Rivers. Miss him so much from the screen have started to watch his DVDS I have in my collection.


    • Same here. I watched Alex in H5O for the first time and then watched his other roles because I wanted to know who he is and what he had done prior to H5O. Had normally never watched “Moonlight” because I was not into that vampire stuff. But I just LOVE Moonlight and began to understand how interesting it can be.


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