#AlexOLoughlin An Intense Study

The past few days have not been easy for us. To close down all our social media pages, including this blog, and to maybe run it in private from now on, is definitely not what we are about.

From day one (more than 10 years ago) our motto has always been that we want to share the best (most accurate) information about Alex, accompanied by the best pictures and footage available, for EVERYBODY to enjoy – no restrictions.

We have always been an open book and what you see is what you get. If we change that now, then we will not be true to ourselves or what we stand for.

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We are here to enjoy Alex O’Loughlin and his career. One of the biggest problems at the moment is that nobody knows what direction his career will be taking. It is not the easiest task to be a fan site, sharing about him, and constantly hearing how we need to promote him even more.

Nothing any fan does or doesn’t do will have any effect on Alex’s career. That is all up to him – it is HIS choices and his management team who determine that. We as fans can only share what is there to share. Just as much as it is not part of his affairs what fans do and how they conduct themselves – it is also not our place to try and tell him what he should be doing with his life and career.

The next big problem at the moment is the total lawlessness on social media and the lack of any control by its operators. And here I mainly mean Facebook and Instagram that is busy selling their “soul” to scammers and gangsters. Unfortunately, they are the largest forums where anybody can promote their “business” including fansites and fan groups like us.

My biggest frustrations over the past 2 months have been to explain things to people across language barriers and across levels of commitment, intelligence and internet savvy. And unfortunately, the inability to do that is neither mine nor their fault – it is just life.

For those who might be in the dark we want to explain the events, as they happened over the past seven weeks here for us. It all started with this post:

No! #AlexOLoughlin is NOT Trying To Chat with You on Facebook

Trying to explain to people that there are 2 Facebook groups that have got nothing to do with us, but are using our name while being unmanaged and allowing scammers and spammers to use it at will for their schemes – was a bit hopeless to do.

From our side, we have tried everything in our power to close those 2 groups down (reporting them daily for violations onthem) and by posting warnings there, to get fans on there to stop supporting the scammers – but to no avail.

I have also written numerous complaints to Facebook about it and of course, there is no reply back from them either – yet. 

A few weeks after that we reported on what is happening on Instagram:

So This Is How It Works With @Instagram & @Meta (#Instagram #Meta #scammers )

And also tried to explain some of the confusing facts to people who most probably do not want to be confused with facts, because they just like pretty pictures.

Social Media Confusion & #scammers In The #AlexOLoughlin Fandom & @Meta – #Facebook and #Instagram offers ineffective reporting!


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Then the biggest shock came when we realised that “actual (so-called) fans” are reporting real fan pages on social media (Facebook) and getting them closed down, and that while we were only able to rally a few souls to report scammers.

At least four longstanding fan pages that I know off, have been closed down since December – and most probably just because they pissed off the wrong person. (And I guess by saying that – we will be the next target as well)

Over the years many of us in the fandom have disagreed about a lot of things – but we have always had enough respect for each other to let the other do on their own pages what they want. We do not all like the same stuff or enjoyed the same part of the shows or Alex. What type of a person are you, if you start to rally others up with your own made-up lies, just to get rid of those who do not agree with you?

Why not rather fight the common enemy and not each other? Closing down fellow fans who are sharing their love for Alex freely with others, is in nobody’s interestleast of all for Alex who they claim to supposedly promote. People who do that are just showing us all that they are here for themselves and nobody else – definitely not for Alex or the benefit of fellow fans.

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Then last weekend it came to our attention that a fake Alex O’Loughlin page on Instagram is using our bio and link to this site on their fake page – acting as if they are us.  Also posting many of our reels and pictures. mThus far Instagram has not responded to reports to take them down, because they are not using our exact name – therefore the reporting algorithms on Instagram do not pick them up as imposters.

After the failed reports of the fake page linking to this blog and also with the whole issue of Facebook pages going down, we decided to take a break for our own peace of mind and remove our Meta pages (Facebook and Instagram) and this blog from public view.

Since then we opened our Instagram page to private followers only and yesterday we started to invite and allow private viewers to our blog here …….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is profile-2-dl.jpg

But last night, I was lying awake thinking about all this nonsense and came to the conclusion that by doing that, we are robbing everybody of full access to what we want to share freely. All the wyle while we might unknowingly allow the culprits to actually have access here, while real fans suffered the consequences . Who knows who is behind any name on the internet. No innocent picture of innocent-looking name can really be trusted!!

For that reason, we will move back to “normal” by opening up all our pages and allowing full access to anybody, and everybody. And apart from regular warnings on our own pages about imposters who use Alex’s profile to scam people, we will no longer be active on other groups (even the ones who have our name) where we have no control. If there are still fans who want to be scammed and who do not listen to the warnings, then there is really no more we can do.

Thank you to those who supported us during this time. And thank you to those fan page and fan group admins who allowed me to help them combat the scammers. I will, during the week, most probably leave all those groups again, as real life is keeping me busy at the moment and it takes away my focus of rather doing stuff here on our own site. And I owe it to my blog partner and friends to stay focused on what we do here.

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We welcome back everybody to all our pages – and if we lose the pages due to the actions of malicious people, we can at least say we tried our best to protect our hard work of the last 10 years. We loveto share Alex O’Loughlin with other – and that is what we will keep on doing …..

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.




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26 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin An Intense Study

  1. Welcome back! I´m glad, to see your page up and running again. 🙂 As I wrote several times: This is imo the best page about Alex O`Loughlin on the internet which covers probably most of the informaton, media and stuff that is available about him. You can of course question whether everything ever written about him is the truth. And I know, you are commited to the truth and keeping this page respectful. That´s all one can wish for.
    Everybody who wants to know more about Alex O`Loughlin and maybe wants to find out what he did in his career and what kind of person he is can find some answers here. There are lots of written and oral/transcripted interviews, quotes from his own mouth … to find.
    I think, this blog is a very valuable source about “our” all favorite man and we as fans or followers who share a common interest – to learn more about him and follow and support his career should take Alex as an example: I can´t remember having read about him starting fights with fellow actors to proove who is better, …. . On the contrary. All I have read about Alex so far was him being loyal and supportive and kind towards everybody. Please let´s follow that example and honor the man we all claim to like.
    And I agree: We can`t help those people who decide to ignore all warnings about scams. It´s their decision.
    So let´s enjoy this blog and the man this blog is dedicated to and wait for news.

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  2. lynxstch

    I am sorry that it came to this, after all the hard work you have been doing for 10 years. All we can do is keep fighting the good fight. Trying to keep the legitimate social media pages intact, while trying to dismantle the scammers and their pages. antjekreutz–I agree with you whole heartedly that we should follow Alex’s example about being kind and supportive. Those are the kinds of fans that he needs. I am glad to see the site ‘open’ again. And I hope all of those on social media who ignore the warnings they have been given, someday realize that they are not communicating with Alex at all. I will continue to support you in fighting this fight, and I thank you for all you do to keep ‘our’ Alex and his fans supported in the right way. I know we are all waiting for him to make a decision on what he will do with his life and career next, and in the meantime, we can all visit these pages and enjoy what he has already accomplished.

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  3. Alix

    Je suis si heureuse de vous retrouver. Votre courte absence à été un tel désespoir. Même si Alex n’a pas de nouvelles actualités, le lien entre nous est indispensable. Vous m’avez énormément manquées. Bon courage,

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  4. Mónica Sans

    I am really sorry for all you have been through. I do not have fb, and I mainly read all your comments and articles on twitter. The only blog I really like about Alex. Every month I at least report and block 4 fake accounts impersonating Alex, the last one was yesterday, at least Twitter do their job and removes them. I cannot imaging all the time an energy dealing with three social media and scammers everyday. Feel free to continue the best way you consider. Just let us know and we will support you. An enormous thank you to all of you for the wonderful pics and accurate data about Alex. A big hug to all of you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mónica

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    • Thank you Mónica (and thank you for your comments on Twitter as well)
      We also discussed focussing more on Twitter again.
      Like you said, although there are fakes there, their influence is not that great and they seemed dealt with better than other social media networks


  5. mamayorkie

    We stand with you, what ever you decide to do and wherever the journey takes us, we will go together.

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  6. lindae5o

    Thank you for your hard work, Foyeur and Paula. You are brave! We will
    continue to support you. It’s a bloody shame TPTB won’t do more to stop
    these destructive sites.

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  7. alexlafayette

    IS SO GOOD TO SEE U is be back and like u in my social medias i fight the imposter and scammster, essential is Alex is ok in his life maybe the surpise of new plans?!


  8. Rita

    Thankyou for everything you are trying to do and for all the info about Alex.
    I just hope he’s enjoying and living his best life.

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  9. Great pic. Love him.
    Made an instagram comment (and probably FB comment too) here. Familiar? Because it annoys me soooo muuuuuuuch that there are so many ‘fans’ who don’t read, just looking at the pics. You can write Read the caption in bold letters, they don’t. Ugh. Makes me furious. And it is no language problem, translating on Insta is easy.
    And what makes me furious too? I reported the above page – to no avail. I reported other pages linking this blog and guess what? Insta even said they don’t have the time to look into it because of all the reports but on first sight they don’t see anything against their policy. It is like going to the doctor because your tummy hurts and they say ‘hey, I don’t have the time but you’ve got shiny white teeth’.
    Okay, rant over.
    Wonderful to see you in the open again! And requesting you should promote Alex is utter bullshit. As if TPTB look on fansites, a celebs twitter or instagram to decide who to hire for the role, the character.
    Alex is an adult who knows exactly what he wants to do with his life and that is totally on him. Period.
    I thinkl the last two years showed one thing: there are a lot of idiots, naive, egotistical and a lack of solidarity showing people out there. Why should a fandom be any different? So let’s not focus on them, you warned the naive ones enough and we won’t let the rest win.
    Focus on beauty.
    Focus on kindness.
    Focus on humor.
    Focus on sharing.
    Focus on a little naughtyness.
    Focus on Alex.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Another great comment! You and antjekreutz have entered ‘The Best German Comment for this Post Contest or what?

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    • Well leiCa. Time to shoot at me. 😉 I can be totally wrong, but I think, esp. in television an actor´s popularity can be a reason to hire him or her along with lots of other reasons. After all tv is most about ratings and when someone is utterly popular, that actor might draw more fans to watch a film or show so higher ratings generates more and more lucrative commercials and merchandise so the network earns more money. At least that´s my logic. Do they monitore fanpages? I have no idea. I know CBS asks for people´s likes for certain actors or characters on their facebook page. Maybe there are other ways to let TPTB know, people want to see Alex again. Of course, I´m aware there are thousends of actors who they can hire. But who knows? Someone who did such a successful show and is still popular should be interesting for a producer looking for a familiar and widly popular face. That means, if typecasting doesn´t kick in. But we, who know what various kinds of roles Alex has already done in his career can talk and write about it. —– This is no criticising or suggesting to do something. Just my two cents. 🙂


      • Add: Writing this, I really hope, Alex won´t have to deal with those sh*** ratings again in another tv show. But many producers are responsible for more than one show or project. And maybe something would fit and be interesting for Alex do get into.


      • Sharon

        I agree with your comment. I mean CBS was Alex workplace sure but if he ever return to TV again. I doubt he will return to CBS again, he could be hired by anotehr network or alo it could be the same network but we dont know that or now he could be hired to play roles in those streaming platforms. And like you said when the actor is popular they draw more ratings to the network as more fans watch a particular show, is all about money and business,

        I know we have to wait patiently to see in what mometn Alex will return to work again on TV or movies as that his his decision his choice when he will be ready to do it so. But if you know how entertainment business work, many current TV shows have many new young rising stars wanted to make it in Hollywood. The older stars generations can still be seen sure, but they could bedisplaced for younger blood. im not criticzing or judging, im just saying that the older a star becomes the more difficult to be hired on the screen. I mean it is more difficult not that it is impossible, just it is more difficult to look for projects easily.

        And some fans tend to move and like the next available star of the moment so they watch more the show on demand and more ratings to the network. I like Alex as a fan and he was great on H50, I did not miss one episode of all H50 seasons and he is talented that is why I wish he return to work again soon and not wait that long for his return, i know it is his choice when to return when he feels ready to do it so, and that is ok. But at this moment my focus is not mainly on Alex anymore, I like other TV actors who star in current TV shows. Just hope we dont wait that long for his return and see him in front of the screen. My 2 cents..

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  10. Happy Days

    I think we are well past the point where the truly staggering level of madness has reached the point where it is no longer fun. Presumably the lack of desire to root out the scammers is linked to revenue for these social media giants? I don’t know quite how it all works but it is a sad fact of life that money talks. Plus, the old adage that ‘a fool and his/her money are soon parted’ seems to apply more than ever and while I applaud your efforts to protect these gullible victims who let their desire to ‘connect’ with their hero override their basic common sense, at some point you have to let it go and accept that everyone has to take accountability for their own actions. Harsh? Undoubtedly. But at least you can say you tried. If a course of action is not getting the desired results then you can either keep repeating it until you are completely spent or accept that, despite your best efforts, it is just too big of a problem to overcome. The latter course of action will unfortunately allow the shameless impersonators to continue to take your content and use this to extract money from the unwary but for your own sakes and sanity then let them – and I am not trying to minimise for a moment just how galling this must be after lovingly building up your very own ‘intense study’ pages. Have a whacking great big banner at the top of your landing page with a ‘health’ warning like you find on a pack of cigarettes and perhaps just go back to all the fun stuff that you originally set out to do when you started on this epic AOL journey so many years ago. Otherwise I fear that the jealous haters will have won after all and that would be a crying shame. Much love to you and your army of rational AOL fans who just want to enjoy the general awesomeness of this lovely man and maybe make lifelong friends along the way . . . .

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  11. Cassiopea 1000

    You know what, FOYeur and Paula? Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. So let the scammers play their evil games. Hopefully they will soon tire of Alex and will look for someone else to keep their nauseating minds busy with. Or better still, they will be banned from all social media forever and ever, amen. Let the gullible fans who don’t want to take a hint revel in their brainless fantasies. Their problem, not yours. And let’s hope that Alex is blissfully unaware of the misuse of his name. You have done all what you could to cut off this sh**t, so nobody can ask for more.

    As to us, the loyal, unconditional, and respectful fans, we are ready to resume our merry trip into Alex’s universe with you both. Viva FOYeur! Viva Paula!

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  12. Kathysr

    This is the best Alex O’Loughlin Fan Site in the world. True, loyal, discerning Alex fans have already found you and visit regularly or they will discover this site. Once here, I doubt they will go anywhere else.

    We got a nibble! A new Alex siting! Alex, are you perhaps writing a screenplay for a theatrical film?

    This site is extraordinary. You are appreciated more than you will ever know and far more than we can express in words.

    Thank you for allowing us to follow and enjoy Alex’ career and to get to know him as the great guy he is.

    Liked by 3 people

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