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#AlexOLoughlin An Intense Study

The past few days have not been easy for us. To close down all our social media pages, including this blog, and to maybe run it in private from now on, is definitely not what we are about.

From day one (more than 10 years ago) our motto has always been that we want to share the best (most accurate) information about Alex, accompanied by the best pictures and footage available, for EVERYBODY to enjoy – no restrictions.

We have always been an open book and what you see is what you get. If we change that now, then we will not be true to ourselves or what we stand for.

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We are here to enjoy Alex O’Loughlin and his career. One of the biggest problems at the moment is that nobody knows what direction his career will be taking. It is not the easiest task to be a fan site, sharing about him, and constantly hearing how we need to promote him even more.

Nothing any fan does or doesn’t do will have any effect on Alex’s career. That is all up to him – it is HIS choices and his management team who determine that. We as fans can only share what is there to share. Just as much as it is not part of his affairs what fans do and how they conduct themselves – it is also not our place to try and tell him what he should be doing with his life and career.

The next big problem at the moment is the total lawlessness on social media and the lack of any control by its operators. And here I mainly mean Facebook and Instagram that is busy selling their “soul” to scammers and gangsters. Unfortunately, they are the largest forums where anybody can promote their “business” including fansites and fan groups like us.

My biggest frustrations over the past 2 months have been to explain things to people across language barriers and across levels of commitment, intelligence and internet savvy. And unfortunately, the inability to do that is neither mine nor their fault – it is just life.

For those who might be in the dark we want to explain the events, as they happened over the past seven weeks here for us. It all started with this post:

No! #AlexOLoughlin is NOT Trying To Chat with You on Facebook

Trying to explain to people that there are 2 Facebook groups that have got nothing to do with us, but are using our name while being unmanaged and allowing scammers and spammers to use it at will for their schemes – was a bit hopeless to do.

From our side, we have tried everything in our power to close those 2 groups down (reporting them daily for violations onthem) and by posting warnings there, to get fans on there to stop supporting the scammers – but to no avail.

I have also written numerous complaints to Facebook about it and of course, there is no reply back from them either – yet. 

A few weeks after that we reported on what is happening on Instagram:

So This Is How It Works With @Instagram & @Meta (#Instagram #Meta #scammers )

And also tried to explain some of the confusing facts to people who most probably do not want to be confused with facts, because they just like pretty pictures.

Social Media Confusion & #scammers In The #AlexOLoughlin Fandom & @Meta – #Facebook and #Instagram offers ineffective reporting!


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Then the biggest shock came when we realised that “actual (so-called) fans” are reporting real fan pages on social media (Facebook) and getting them closed down, and that while we were only able to rally a few souls to report scammers.

At least four longstanding fan pages that I know off, have been closed down since December – and most probably just because they pissed off the wrong person. (And I guess by saying that – we will be the next target as well)

Over the years many of us in the fandom have disagreed about a lot of things – but we have always had enough respect for each other to let the other do on their own pages what they want. We do not all like the same stuff or enjoyed the same part of the shows or Alex. What type of a person are you, if you start to rally others up with your own made-up lies, just to get rid of those who do not agree with you?

Why not rather fight the common enemy and not each other? Closing down fellow fans who are sharing their love for Alex freely with others, is in nobody’s interestleast of all for Alex who they claim to supposedly promote. People who do that are just showing us all that they are here for themselves and nobody else – definitely not for Alex or the benefit of fellow fans.

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Then last weekend it came to our attention that a fake Alex O’Loughlin page on Instagram is using our bio and link to this site on their fake page – acting as if they are us.  Also posting many of our reels and pictures. mThus far Instagram has not responded to reports to take them down, because they are not using our exact name – therefore the reporting algorithms on Instagram do not pick them up as imposters.

After the failed reports of the fake page linking to this blog and also with the whole issue of Facebook pages going down, we decided to take a break for our own peace of mind and remove our Meta pages (Facebook and Instagram) and this blog from public view.

Since then we opened our Instagram page to private followers only and yesterday we started to invite and allow private viewers to our blog here …….

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But last night, I was lying awake thinking about all this nonsense and came to the conclusion that by doing that, we are robbing everybody of full access to what we want to share freely. All the wyle while we might unknowingly allow the culprits to actually have access here, while real fans suffered the consequences . Who knows who is behind any name on the internet. No innocent picture of innocent-looking name can really be trusted!!

For that reason, we will move back to “normal” by opening up all our pages and allowing full access to anybody, and everybody. And apart from regular warnings on our own pages about imposters who use Alex’s profile to scam people, we will no longer be active on other groups (even the ones who have our name) where we have no control. If there are still fans who want to be scammed and who do not listen to the warnings, then there is really no more we can do.

Thank you to those who supported us during this time. And thank you to those fan page and fan group admins who allowed me to help them combat the scammers. I will, during the week, most probably leave all those groups again, as real life is keeping me busy at the moment and it takes away my focus of rather doing stuff here on our own site. And I owe it to my blog partner and friends to stay focused on what we do here.

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We welcome back everybody to all our pages – and if we lose the pages due to the actions of malicious people, we can at least say we tried our best to protect our hard work of the last 10 years. We loveto share Alex O’Loughlin with other – and that is what we will keep on doing …..

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.



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