Social Media Confusion & #scammers In The #AlexOLoughlin Fandom & @Meta – #Facebook and #Instagram offers ineffective reporting!

We kind of want to apologise for all these anti-scammer posts which we are doing at the moment. Up until a month ago we largely wanted to keep our Alex haven here out of it all. But once we saw what is really going on, we just could not stand back and keep a distance anymore.

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Nearly 4 weeks into actively hunting fake pages and reporting fake accounts, scammer pages, and posting warnings in groups on Facebook. This is not what we signed up for as fansite admins, 10 years ago – but it has become part of our daily fan life.

There is utter confusion out there. Fans do not understand the concept of a REAL ALEX PAGE, a REAL FAN PAGE, a FAKE PAGE, or a FAKE FAN PAGE. 

We know the readers of this page might not be the ones who are confused, but we thought to explain it in any case. Hopefully, somewhere somebody can use it to understand better and become involved. (But I guess some would just be more confused)

  • A REAL ALEX O’LOUGHLIN PAGE – there is only one real page on social media – Alex’s official Facebook page created in 2010 – mainly run by his assistants and publicist to raise awareness for the charities he was involved with at the time. It has not been updated for years. But the one thing that I am grateful for about that page – it makes reporting Alex imposter pages somewhat easier on Facebook than on Instagram where there is no official page.
  • A REAL ALEX O’LOUGHLIN FAN PAGE – that is pages like ours, created by real fans, sharing pictures and news about Alex. Most of these pages are already a few years old. But how do you recognise these fan pages? They NEVER try to act like they are Alex or offer you any direct contact with Alex. Most have a clear description in the bio of the page.
  • A FAKE ALEX O’LOUGHLIN PAGE – they use Alex’s name and promise you that they are real. They make comments as if they are Alex. And they will quickly try to get you into a private talk with them. And that is where they can play mind tricks on you with all sorts of fake information, like fake, IDs, Fake driver’s licenses, fake, divorce papers, etc. Or fake fan club fees.
  • A FAKE ALEX O’LOUGHLIN FAN PAGE – that is a page that acts like they are fans, but they will pretty soon also try to get you into direct contact with them and offers some sort of scam of a membership card, or a private chat with Alex, etc.
  • A FAKE ALEX O’LOUGHLIN FACEBOOK GROUP – A fan group, started by scammers to post their scams.
  • A REAL ALEX O’LOUGHLIN FACEBOOK GROUP – They allow posts of Alex only. NO spam posts and no scam posters are allowed.

BUT with this last group, we have the biggest problem now!! Some fans started fan groups a long time ago, but now they have left it unmanaged. They are overrun by scammers and nobody is protecting the fans on there against these posts.

And with it, scammers and the uninformed stubborn fans who couldn’t be bothered about real or not, are slowly killing the Alex O’Loughlin fandom on Facebook and Instagram.

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Nearly all real fan facebook groups have gone private to protect themselves against scammers. And apparently, even in some of them, scammers’ posts are allowed. The few groups that are still public belong to either scammers, or to fans who left the fandom without closing down their groups. Unfortunately, because those groups are not managed, scammers enjoy the party!! Posting warnings on the groups and reporting them is not effectively working – yet.

It is actually heartbreaking to see what is happening in those groups.

  • Scammers post pretty pictures of Alex and “fans” cheer them on to scam uninformed naive people.
  • Scammers post the weirdest sh!t and fans just don’t care! They happily respond with comments.
  • Scammers create new fake “fan” pages that post pretty pictures on the groups to lure the innocent to scams, but so-called “fans” couldn’t care less, and they cheer them on with a standard comment of “pretty pictures” and “awesome”!

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At this moment in time, it feels as if there are more active scammers in the Alex O’Loughlin fandom than real fans …….


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36 responses to “Social Media Confusion & #scammers In The #AlexOLoughlin Fandom & @Meta – #Facebook and #Instagram offers ineffective reporting!

  1. Lynn Bucy

    Thank you for all you are doing to try and shut down the scammers. It’s unfortunate that social media allows scammers to run rampant, rather than shut them down. I appreciate the efforts that you are making, as I am sure the ‘real Alex fans’ do. I have reported several of them on Facebook, a few have disappeared, but the majority of them are still up and active, which is unfortunate to those who don’t know any better than to believe some of them. I count myself among the ‘real’ members of Alex’s fandom, and am trying to do my part to get rid of some of the scammers. Again, thank you for the efforts you are making, and for keeping those who who read this page informed.

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    • Thanks, Lynn
      If you are interested I can send you an invite to our action group on FB.
      On there we try to coordinate our efforts of reporting for maximum effect.


      • Lynn Bucy

        Thank you, I would really like to be invited to the action group. I had sent you a request the last time when you originally sent the email about it, ( I replied through email as it said I could ) but I never heard anything after that. I have a different email on FB than the one I use for this one. How would I go about getting it to you?

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        • I think the difference in e-mail might have caused it. We will either have to become FB friends or you can send me the email address that you use on Facebook to our blog e-mail address:
          Then I can invite you again.


          • Lynn Bucy

            I sent you an email this morning with my FB email. Can’t wait to hear from you! I tried to ‘friend’ you , but couldn’t find any way to do it! Will have to wait for the invite~~Will it come through email, or FB? ..thanks!


  2. I highly commend you in your efforts to shut down these fake pages👍.

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  3. coby Duijn van




  4. jenny roos

    Thank you Foyeur for your dedication, constant efforts to stop bored people. I would like to assist you, but stopped using social media. Good luck to everyone helping.

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    • Thanks, Jenny
      I think if Facebook and Instagram keep on helping criminals and give us inadequate tools to defend ourselves – we will all soon have to leave them.


  5. Maybe it´s possible to keep a balance about posting about scammers and about Alex? I think, It´s very important to inform people about those scam and you do a great job. Thank you! It´s very much appreaciated! And I too think, we are also here to promote Alex´s career and inform people about him. So maybe time for a little more Alex now and than post again about scammers?


    • Writing this, i didn´t mean to say we should stop fighting those scammers. I think, posting comments and your “I´m not on social media” video of Alex seems to have an effect already. But we/I also see attacks on fans on the internet already. They are criminals and we are trying to destroy their game. At the moment I´m not yet willing to bow down on them and let them scam fellow fans and utilize Alex. Not yet…. .

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    • Some things about scammers need to be said and explained – and I feel I have done it now with the few posts over the last month. One month (with 3 posts in this time) given to it – in the 119 months, we have been doing this so far.
      My feeling at the moment is that this site has got 10 years of more than 2400 posts and loads of information about Alex. None of it goes away and it is always here informing about Alex, for anybody who is interested and willing to explore. And can be shared by anybody all the time anywhere.

      We also still do daily reposts on FB and Twitter of these old posts to remind fans about all the information that is on here.
      In between all that we also do at least one video post on IG & FB each day.
      I kind of think there is still balance there …. 🙂

      For now, at least we are in a battle for survival on social media. If we cannot inform fans about what goes on here on our blog via social media – no posts here will be shared anywhere. It will vanish somewhere amongst a lot of scammer activity like it is happening at the moment.

      Having said that – I do agree totally with you that things should not become too one-sided, and our motto has always been that we are here to enjoy Alex with our fellow fans and to share him.And that we will always do!

      If there was any present news about Alex, I would not even be giving the scammer issue any time at all and would be focused on Alex’s activities 100%!!
      It takes time to dig up and finish a post about some of the old things we have not yet covered here – and sometimes all we get is just questions of why we post old news and nothing new.

      SO dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t

      NOT that I have given any thought to NOT be posting old stuff. There are still loads of things we can post about Alex’s past – I actually have about 200 unpublished drafts about stories to do on here waiting.

      AND having said all that – I also think that by showing our support for a general and larger problem of scammers among celebrity fans – we show the world that although Alex is not doing anything – he’s got dedicated and active fans who still care about him. Anybody in the industry who would look around at his fanbase and popularity would at least see we are still here with an active and large voice.
      Just look are what happened in Portugal news – ALEX was actually mentioned in that news insert – and that is not bad for an actor that has not been doing anything active in the industry for 2 years.

      They saying goes – ‘All Publicity Is Good Publicity’

      (It got a bit long – but I wanted to explain my thoughts on it all properly because there might be more readers here with the same concerns as you.)

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      • Wow! 200 unpublished drafts? You are really working hard. My comment was not intended to offend. I´m sorry, if I did. And I agree with most of what you wrote.

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        • Yes, some interviews, articles, photoshoots, events, etc. Some might be interesting posts others maybe not. Always difficult to know what people would enjoy and what not.

          You did not offend – Paula has the same concerns. And I just needed to explain my thoughts on it all (for myself as well)

          Sometimes disheartening when you go to all the trouble to do a post like this to explain – and then somebody on the FB post of it asks – ” What are Alex’s official Facebook pages?”
          Also saddens me to see how the scammers misuse all the pretty pictures of Alex that we have shared with so much love over the years. Many with great excitement about the occasion. I kind of feel I do not want to share more – just for them to piss on it even more ……

          Think I will step back from it all for a few days.

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  6. I completely understand and agree with everything that you have said here.
    I, myself have tried to report those that I have seen to Facebook, but as you have said, Facebook just doesn’t seem to want to work with us and are allowing these trolls to keep on doing this.
    I’m with you 💯 and please know that even if I don’t respond to your emails, I am still here and trying to help you with this issue in any way I can, even if it’s not just that much.
    Love and appreciate all your efforts on our behalf ❤️

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  7. lindae5o

    Thank you for your continuing efforts, Foyeur, regarding the scammers. I welcome everything and anything you are able to post about Alex. Your
    site is the best!!

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  8. KathySR

    Just an observation from me. In Alex’ total media absence over the past two and a half years, a vacuum of information has been created. No new. Sadly, it’s being filled by an ever increasing number of bold scammers, con artists and fakes. We love everything you do here. It’s a pleasure to visit this site and enjoy the amazing information you’ve shared with the world

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      You have a point here. If there were real news from Alex, scammers would find it more difficult to create their rotten fake news.

      It’s been three months now since we learnt Alex had signed with Atlas Artists and John Burnham. I am not familiar at all with the kind of work they do, but aren’t they supposed to keep their representees (is that a word?) “alive” in the show business, even when they are not actually working? Is not that precisely one of their main objectives? Alex has been for too long in the dark, of his own volition or not I don’t know, but if he wants to pursue his artist career, shouldn’t he start to make an appearance?

      Sorry, the heat has melted my positive neurons. I’ve only the negative ones left, and they’re working full time.


      • I think I did explain in my posy back then.

        What does it all mean? #AlexOLoughlin Signs With Atlas Artists and Former Agent John Burnham

        His publicist (not his agent ) is responsible for his media coverage – but like it is here with us, it is rather difficult to make news when there is none. What can his publicist tell the media to write?


        • Cassiopea 1000

          Okay, then. His publicist, not his agent. But “…it is rather difficult to make news when there is none”. That’s just what I mean. Should not his publicist generate news precisely when there is none? Make him go to show business events and have media covering his appearances, even on a small level, just to give him the chance to explain that he has enjoyed his much needed hiatus, bla bla, but that now he’s considering several interesting projects, even if it’s not true, I don’t know, whatever. He won’t need a publicist when he’s in full work. The media will go to him without been asked. It’s NOW he needs a creative publicist, to remind TPTB what a wonderful actor he is, and to keep his fandom alive. I feel there’s such a thin line between stardom and oblivion that it worries me.


          • That is what his agent does. They remind TPTB who he is and get him scripts and projects to look at – UNTILL HE finds something that he likes. He does not have to be in the news for that to happen.


            • Cassiopea 1000

              Well, I guess you know more about the intricacies of the show business, and that you are right and that his agent is taking care of TPTB. But not only Alex, but other actors as well, like Chi McB, to name just one, have said time and again that they would be nothing without their fans (with more appropriate words). That’s where a publicist should step in.

              Maybe I’m oversensitive to this subject as I overheard a conversation as I was having a drink on a terrace. It seems that these three women had been H50 fans, but we have had plenty of new shows in Spain since it ended. They started to discuss the actors of all these new shows. One of them said that the best one was by far ‘Steve’ no matter what, another one agreed, but none of them could even remind his face. The third one said her best one was now xxx from one of these new shows (I don’t remember his name), and she recommended her two friends to forget ‘Steve’ and turn their attention to xxx. And they agreed! Wham! Two fans lost over a cup of tea. I felt as if Alex had been discarded like an old pair of socks.

              That’s what I mean when I say publicity is needed. Two years after the end of H50, they could not even remember his face! And why should they? There are lots of new faces on their screens. I know you will say that being a H50 fans differs from being an Alex fan. But had these two had some news from him, they would remember him, or so it seems to me.

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              • For us to worry about these things is futile.
                It is Alex’s career and his choices of how to handle his affairs.
                We do not know what happens behind the scenes.
                All we can do is support him when he is back in business. You can’t force popularity if there is nothing ……
                To fret about it, in my opinion, is of no use.

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                • Cassiopea 1000

                  You are absolutely right! But I’ll worry all the same. Worrying about things I can’t control is one of my specialities. But, as I say, you’re right!


              • April

                I think you are right in some way about people tend to forget names or faces from former shows, especially when that celeb is no longer on the screen so they focus more on new actors from new TV shows that are currently on the air. Is like I may had a favorite show when I was younger or many years ago but taht was then and this is now, if you ask me for the name of the actor of some show I liked many years ago I may had forgotten cause that celeb I dont hear from him anymore or he is not active and there are no news from the celeb anywhere so I focus on other actors taht caught my attention of new shows. But that is my case.


  9. Christina

    Hi I have a question. No new words on Alex returning to film or any new upcoming TV or Movie project that he may have in the works and in the near future? I mean we havent heard from him in quite a while and while other H50 stars almost never took job breaks and they are still doing other TV gigs, so I was wondering if there are any news about Alex. He is a talented actor, and he proved himself on H50, so I wonder why he has not done anything new recently or in teh past year. I bet he wanted to have soem time off to spend time with his family after H50 that is understandable and he was entitled to take time off, of course, but I guess it is time he could return with new projects under his sleeve so all his fans could see his pretty and fresh face again on TV.


    • Hi Christina
      I have answered this question a number of times in the past. But I guess you are new here and have not read a lot of what is on here.
      You can read what he has been up to since the end of H50 here:

      You can also read some thoughts about it all here:
      I hope it helps to answer your question.
      And makes sure to read some of the comments in the posts as well. There you will also see some of the answers.

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      • Christina

        Thanks for your reply. I I saw the links you shared with me but even if he had been like active doing some other stuff in his personal lives and still they had been posted, like doing photo shoots with the Metallica dude, running into fans, among other things done in his free or personal time and had been posted on the internet, which those things are good as well. My focus was more on the work/job part of his life, like soon get into acting again and film something or anything and see him one more time on the tv screen, as so far there are no news 100% out there about him coming back to film something again. There is an interviewed that you link there back in 2020 where he says something about he is in his transition part of his life and he mentioned something about some scripts but that was 2020, we are in 2022 and still no news about him returning to liek filming anything. That is what I was wondering if there are some fresh news about him regarding his job returning to the TV or movies. I guess fans will have to keep waiting until he decides to reappear, maybe in the year 2030 (just kidding!!! LOL!).


  10. Recently someone contacted me claiming to be Alex. I knew it was not him. I went along woth it for a day and managed to gather a little ifo and a list of about 50 others he tried it with.

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  11. Jean M. Short

    Thank you for keeping this website pure and safe. I fully support your efforts to do so. Mr. O’Loughlin deserves all the privacy he wants.

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    • Hi Jean. Thank you.
      Yes, Alex’s privacy and the regard for that goes without saying – but this all is more than that.
      This is about scammers who use his name to scam his fans for money by acting as if they are him.


  12. paulrita72gmailcom

    ALEX O’LOUGHLIN deserves so much Praise 👏 Credit & so much more
    I’m so HONOURED 🎖 🥇 🙏 to be one of his Fan’s 👋 ❤️ everything he has been through he ALWAYS put people before himself and he never thinks about himself ( which personality HE should) 😉 Alex is
    I’m Extremely Truly PROUD of you.


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