So This Is How It Works With @Instagram & @Meta (#Instagram #Meta #scammers )

We rarely do a post that is not Alex-related – Well this one kind of still is, but also not. It is about what we have been doing for 10 years and what is being done to us, our fellow fans, and all celebrity fans now!

We have worked for nearly 10 years on our fan page on Instagram, making beautiful posts every day. Creating extra content. Providing information about Alex with pretty pictures and videos and gifs.

With all that hard work, we managed to accumulate just over 24 000 followers over all the years with nearly 3500 posts. For some that might not be much to show for all the years, but we believe that those who follow our page are real followers of Alex – and that is what we want.

But how does Instagram reward us for this loyalty, and work?

They let scammers open up fake Alex O’Loughlin pages with “bought followers”  – nearly 30 000 followers to start with.

Yes, we know those followers are bots and other fake accounts. But by doing that, the fake fan, and fake Alex, accounts create the illusion of being real. A wonderful place to scam the innocent and clueless. With so many followers they must be real right?!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fake-alex-oloughlin-page-on-ig.png


With this policy of allowing scammers to flourish on their forum, they are not only AIDING and ABETTING criminals – they are also KILLING the real fandoms of celebrities. 

We can’t effectively report these pages, because Alex is not on Instagram, and to report a celebrity you need to have such an account to list in your report. Now you can just say, that you know the person and hope for the best.

All these fake Alex accounts look all innocent when you look at it, because it is only pretty pictures  – but it is what they do in private that breaks the law. AND we can’t prove any of it from the outside!

All I can say is I am not taking any of this very well at the moment.

Is this still really worth all the effort ………?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sad-alex-3.jpg

At the moment – yes, it is still worth it.

We have worked to hard on this to just let it go and we will not let others just take the pleasure from us without a fight. 


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47 responses to “So This Is How It Works With @Instagram & @Meta (#Instagram #Meta #scammers )

  1. Ann Berit

    Keep up the good work! You’re doing important things and by being consistent we can beat those scammers. I believe so! I’m from Norway and I’ve been approached by scammers and you’re informing and putting focus on this was the reason I got out of it!!

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  2. Béatrice Nauroy

    je me suis déjà fait aborder plusieurs fois par des personnes qui se sont fait passer pour Alex et c’est pénible à force car on ne fait plus confiance à personne à force de tomber sur des escrocs qui se font passer pour des célébrités juste pour escroquer leur fans

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  3. Yes, it´s worth the effort! Your blog is the best Alex related page on the internet as far as I know and helps to inform people who wants to know more about him and his career. If those scammer are still able to scam people who should know better but are too lazy to read, that´s those people´s probleme. If those scammer were NOT able to scam new people because you put up a warning on this blog and the facebook page, it´s very much appreciated. If those people utilize your name on facebook it´s a shame, but you know, who you are and what you are doing, right?
    I figure, you put up this blog to keep people informed about a very special person. Keep up the good work. It´s worth the effort and very much appreciated!

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  4. You have a very professional fan page. I really enjoy it😊. Bravo to you for fighting scammers👍!

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  5. Maria Dias

    Last weekend there was a documentary in one of our channels (Portugal) about internet scamqs involving famous people and Alex was the star. Basically a woman accepted to share her experience in Instagram with a fake Alex profile. They assured they were Alex and were willing to meet her. Of course money was asked and she realized it was a scam. Then she decided to do some research of her own and, to her surprise, she found out it wasn’t only one fake profile. There are lots of them and they keep mushroomming. From redirecting her to a supposed agent or PR to settle the money issues to the “noble” reasons for the need of money – a child with an urgent transplant to survive, for ex. – everything goes.
    And it wasn’t little money either. From $2000 to $5000.
    Then she started contacting other women there and several had payed thinking they were going to meet Alex. Several were in trouble too. From heavy loans to not having told husbands that they had withdrawn the money from their shared account.
    Yes, this is starting to look scary and getting into a “twilight” dimension.
    On another level, I often intend to comment whenever I come here, but I never did. So, let me thank you for the wonderful hours I spent and spend here. Thank you very, very much. Don’t stop. 😊😘😊

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  6. Lynn Bucy

    Regarding today’s email –When Will This Stop—Count me in with those standing behind you, the legitimate fan page, and thank you for trying to stop the scammers. Let Alex lovers of this page unite and try to help!

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    • Thank you Lynn
      There are a number of other wonderful fan pages around – and we are at the moment trying to get everybody to work together to fight this in our community.
      The more fans that are educated, the more will fight this problem head-on on our social media pages.
      A united front on this is our only hope.

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  7. Suean

    Dear Foyeur, Please keep up your column. It’s the best, on the internet. I don’t even look at all of the scum, out there. Really enjoy your info, and pictures. Thank You!


  8. Hello
    I am contacted on telegram, instagram, facebook and it’s starting to be painful if I can help you with pleasure

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  9. Barbara Lovercheck

    Keep up the GOOD fight!


  10. Beth

    Do not give up. Thanks to you is that we have news of Alex. And don’t let them win. Be strong.

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  11. Cassiopea 1000

    You know I’m a complete illiterate when it comes to social media, so feel free to laugh at me if the following question is plain dumb: Has the person whose name is being used for fraudulent or malicious purposes no possibility at all to legally report the misuse of their name or image, so these scammers are penalized? If not, the feeling of impotence at realizing gullible fans are forking out money using your name must be awful!

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    • They post those scams in groups or put up a new group for the sole purpose to scam people. You can not find out who is the person behind those scams because they use fake accounts. On social media it´s very easy to disguise who you are ny giving false personal information and fake names. So the only thing we can do is warn fellow fand and report those posts and pages. But facebook often doesn´t care.

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    • The warning pages and sites that report about the scammers – post numerous pictures of people whose pictures are stolen and being used. Apart from celebrities, they love to use pictures of guys in the army for scams, because they have easy stories to tell about their lonely army lives for the scams.
      In the case of a celebrity like Alex – he does not have any control over any of his pictures anyway – much less what scammers will do with it.

      He’s said MANY times in public interviews that he is not on social media, but fans do not listen or believe his own words – because the scammers tell them different stories of why he has now ventured onto social media to talk to them. Some even believe that he wants to marry them.
      What more can he do? Make another public statement that they would also ignore?
      Many fans just want to click “like” on a pretty picture of Alex, and they could care less to really learn more about him. BUT they also want to speak to that celeb who they do not really know anything about – so they believe and soppy story without question – AS LONG AS THEY THINK THEY ARE TALKING TO HIM!
      Like, in my previous post, I said that I wonder if it is arrogance or ignorance that would make one believe that Alex is actually spending his time talking to them?

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    • I just want to add that there are literally thousands of scammers working on one celeb’s fans – who should the celeb sue? Every single one of them? Or the syndicate they work for in a foreign country? And how will he know they scam? If even fans can tell the difference between real fan pages and fake fan pages – how will he know that? Spend all his time hunting them? How? In a place that he does not even want to be in the first place?
      In 3 weeks I have already compiled a list of nearly 400 scammers on one Alex group alone, and the list just grows every day of another few posting scams for that day.
      Hope that answers some of the thoughts you have. 🙂

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