Jennifer Lopez is ‘So Down To Earth, Grounded’ Says ‘Back-Up Plan’ Co-Star #AlexOLoughlin.

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, producer, clothing designer, dancer, perfume maker, mommy, wife and — need we go on?
With all these job titles and responsibilities the starlet has to be a bit of a diva, right? Not quite!Alex O’Loughlin, her co-star in her new movie“The Back-Up Plan” (out today!), insists that not only did he fall under the spell of
“the J. Lo glow,”
he also was impressed by her humbleness.
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“She’s such a cool woman, you know?”

Alex explained to Hollywood Crush.

“She’s such a cool person. She’s so down-to-earth, she’s so grounded.”

After paying her even more compliments

(“She’s so present, she’s a really good listener”),

Alex told us that when he first met his leading lady, he was really looking forward to seeing how she’d be outside the limelight of Hollywood and inside her own home.

“It’s just that you hear so much about someone and there’s a curiosity there, but yeah, [I was surprised at] how normal she is.”

Perhaps Jennifer’s humility comes from being a mom? She told MTV News,

“When you have a baby, it’s almost like every kid in the world becomes your kid. You understand what it is to care for a child and love a child so deeply.”

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Twenty-five years ago Alex became a father.

My guess is that, just like with most people, becoming a parent had a big impact on his life!

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Being a husband and a dad are the two most important things in my life.

And nothing else matters, you know, beyond that.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Watch Magazine Interview 

June 2017


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9 responses to “Jennifer Lopez is ‘So Down To Earth, Grounded’ Says ‘Back-Up Plan’ Co-Star #AlexOLoughlin.

  1. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. I love how Alex is around little kids. During HF-O, any photos of Alex with kids or babies, were always the most fun to see. I’m
    sure he’s a great Dad.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cool people recognize eachother. 🙂 When I read this, what comes to my mind is how different his private life probably is compared to the life in the lime light. I wonder, how difficult it is to get this together and also protect your family from the effects of stardom. I don´t know, whether I would like to read some things about my dad on the internet and stuff. And yes, those pictures are awesome. He certainly is a good dad and husband – and, as Steve Kaplan said – a good human being.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Well, I suppose it depends on what one reads about one’s father. But when you are in the limelight for whatever reason, you’re bound to be praised to the skies by your fans, and pulled to pieces by your haters, and as you cannot escape the binomial love/hate, protecting your family, esp. your kids, must be a priority. Hence Alex’s decision to keep his personal life private, a decision I applaud even if it’s in detriment of my healthy curiosity to know more about him. Much more. In fact, anything. To know if he had tea or coffee this morning for breakfast would be better than his maddening silence!

      BTW, antjekreutz, were you not in the Netherlands, eating cheese and drinking advocaat?

      Liked by 1 person

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