Cute Encounter – @jennycooney and #AlexOLoughlin at #AIFAwards 24 Oct 2013


We are sharing this post from one of the old Alex sites – 

H50BAMF TUMBLR  which later became AOL ww.

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on H50BAMF

I put these two twitter pics in their own post because her story made me giggle. 🙂  Jenny is an Australian free lanced journalist who was lucky enough to attend last night.

Jenny Cooney: “Lucky me, got to congratulate #AlexOLoughlin on his #australiansinfilm #breakthroughaward #AussiesRule”


**THis is what cracks me up***

Jenny Cooney: “And just because #alexoloughlin’s lovely partner Malia told him to stop making ‘the face’ in that pic- one without”


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 102413-aifawards-alex-and-jenny-cooney-twit.jpg

I laugh because #1, Go Malia! Every woman with a goofy bf/partner feels your pain and #2, the question has popped into my head several times, especially in the past few months after seeing Alex made the media rounds, I’ve wondered “I wonder how many times she has to tell him to stop making faces???” Bwahahahaha!!

ITS TRUE!! ❤ love them both! That’s when you know it’s real.

Also, thanks Malia because that second pic is too cute. *sigh*


Thank you ESS for joyful report – we kind of miss the old days!

And we add some extra ….

Pictures from the event

You can see the interviews of that day here:

#AlexOLoughlin Ponders Future on ‘Hawaii Five-0′ – 25 October 2013

And you can also read this fan encounter of the event:

Sharing #AlexOLoughlin Adventures with Friends…..



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6 responses to “Cute Encounter – @jennycooney and #AlexOLoughlin at #AIFAwards 24 Oct 2013

  1. Tanya Y Long

    I love ALL pictures of Alex O’ Loughlin. He is so handsome and Sexy I just love looking at him. He is one fine Commander. Always my Steve J Mcgarrett. Hugs and kisses.


  2. For heaven´s sake: He is not Steve McGarrett! and I´m looking forward to see him in another and maybe completelly different role. – sorry, couldn´t be quite.
    I agree with you ladies about #1 and #2. 😀 Lovely pics. All of them. 🙂 And it was nice to read that old report again. It feels, like it´s been a loooong time ago.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I feel ya!!!
      One can post a pic of the man himself, of him as Luke, Will, Mick whatever. There are always – freaking always – people commenting ‘My Love McGarrett’ or something like this.
      I’ve seen comments like this even under AOLIS posts about Alex not being on social media. They simply don’t care, don’t read, just watch and drool. And that pisses me off, and now think about how Alex feels about that…

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Really enjoyed the pictures😊. Especially the ones with Alex and Malia. They really make a cute couple😊.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. It was fun to read these posts again. Alex and Malia were
    so gracious. They looked beautiful together.

    Liked by 1 person

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