#AlexOLoughlin Photoshoots Over The Years – Three Rivers Promo shoot -2009

We continue our posts of Alex’s photoshoots.

For some reason, this is one of my least favourite shoots. Not exactly sure why, because Alex looked angelic to me in the Three Rivers days.

These pictures were taken by George Holz for CBS in June 2009




We hope you enjoy the last few days of June – can’t believe this year is already half way ….


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Photoshoots Over The Years – Three Rivers Promo shoot -2009

  1. There are no bad pictures with this man, but I get what you mean. Maybe it is because these pictures are so obviously edited, I never like the pics that have his face ‘softened’ for a lack of better word. Smoothed, maybe.
    My favorites are the Watch magazine ones, and those from Rodolfo Martinez. The pool, the dogs…

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  2. Oh and I am okay with the end of June. Vacation and birthday not far away. I love July. ;-P


  3. coby Duijn van

    The pictures are beautiful and ofcourse Alex looks good, but somehow it’s not really natural. The pictures you post while he gave an interview are so much better.
    So I agree with you. Thanks for this post anyway.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands


  4. Cassiopea 1000

    I like these pics, but then the picture where Alex doesn’t look good has not been taken yet, nor will it ever be. I think his “softened” face is due to the lighting, not to editing. I’ve seen other pics with enhanced light contrasts to make his face look more “chiselled” if you see what I mean (it’s clear that none of us is a photographer. Our technical vocabulary is rather of the poor variety 😀). But never mind. A pic of Alex = A joy to see. And that is a theorem and no mistake!


  5. CassG

    Thanks for brightening my day FOYeur!! Seeing Alex certainly does that. It’s a beautiful and perfect summer day made even nicer by seeing these pics!😍😊


  6. Dawn Russell

    Alex was absolutely gorgeous in Three Rivers played a doctor with “heart”


  7. It´s difficullt to get a bad picture of someone who is as photogenic as Alex. But I see what you mean. Those pictures look kind of “artificial”, without much soul. I think, there are other photoshoots about “Three Rivers”, a show, that I love a lot, which come across odd. Like the ones with the scalpel which feel more like an advertisement for a horror movie to me. 😎​
    Well, have nice summer folks. We are going on vacation to the Netherlands the day after tomorrow. Can´t wait to see the sea again.


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