Photoshoots With #AlexOLoughlin Over The Years – #H50 Set Visit October 2010

In October 2010 the media visited the set of Hawaii Five-0. Spoiler TV took some pictures. Technically this was more of an interview than a photoshoot, but it produced a number of pretty pictures that we would like to share.

There was a comment yesterday about how sad Alex looked in the pictures of one of the photoshoots. My answer was that he looks that way on most, especially the pictures chosen for publication always look very formal.

I think this is a good example of how his face can change within minutes, showing all kinds of emotions in one session. Most of the magazines choose the more serious looking pictures.

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These pictures are also different in the sense that Alex was not posing like in a normal shoot – the shots were taken while he and Scott were being interviewed.





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Cast picture



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7 responses to “Photoshoots With #AlexOLoughlin Over The Years – #H50 Set Visit October 2010

  1. Tanya Y Long

    Love all the pictures of Alex and he does have many faces which keeps me guessing what he is trying to say. He has a very nice smile and I notice he looks GOOD in blue it matches his eyes. I just love looking at him in every pose. also, with Danny, Chin, Kono, Groover an Mc Eddie. Also Adam.

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  2. Cassiopea 1000

    All these pics from photoshoots over the years are a joy to watch!

    I’ve never seen one pic where Alex didn’t look good. Normal for pics from photoshoots where only the best ones are published, but even in pics coming from other more informal sources, he manages to look handsome.

    No need for him to have his stomach in, his chin out, his head scientifically turned just those few degrees to show his best profile, his hands in his pockets to conceal his love handles, his right leg skillfully stretched and placed on the right spot in the forlorn hope people will think he has long legs, to try to smile appealingly so he doesn’t look vacuous, to be sorry he did not used mascara lavishly and now his eyes will look lifeless, to wonder how on earth he will look on the pic wearing that horrible teeshirt which he loved a few hours before… Ah, yes, it must be cool for him to know that whatever he does, he’ll look handsome, even when he is in goofy mode!

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    • Lol, you crack me up! But you’re right describing how we normal folks try to even get a mediocre picture.
      >>I’ve never seen one pic where Alex didn’t look good.<< And you know what's even worse? I know some people who met and talked to him. Everyone of these lucky ones told me that he even looks better in real life. Way better! That is hard to handle, we can only try… 😉

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  3. Right with the first picture my brain stopped braining…

    After recovering I must say that he is always so expressive. In interviews and in acting, he never phones it in.
    But the most adorable interviews he is so extremly passionate in are those about Feed. On stage, or while being questioned. Esp. these interviews and press days are so Alex.

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  4. CassG

    Pretty pictures……so true. These pics are some of the choicest of the choice. Love the expressions captured.
    I must also say that I love when he crosses those amazing arms of his (sigh) which is so characteristic of him.
    I know I’ve said it before but if I ever were able to see him in person I don’t think I’d be able to contain myself esp if he looks better in real life.🥰

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  5. coby Duijn van

    Beautiful pictures wauw he is so gorgeous. I think while interviewing him gifs the most natural and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands

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  6. Nancy 13

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures! I love when he smiles. Sigh.


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