#AlexOLoughlin Photoshoots Over The Years – Gary Friedman (2010)

Another interesting old photoshoot with Alex on 19 April 2010, this time by Gary Friedman for the LA Times article on 27 April 2010.

Again not many pictures available from it, other than the ones used in the article.

We post different variations of the four pictures that were released.

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LOS ANGELES: Actor Alex O’Loughlin poses for a portrait session at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the Los Angeles Times on 19 April 2010 for photographer Gary Friedman.

You can find the LA Times article here:

The Performance: #AlexOLoughlin in ‘The Back-Up Plan” 

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15 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Photoshoots Over The Years – Gary Friedman (2010)

  1. coby Duijn van

    Beautiful pictures, lovely interview. I didn’t know he smokes.
    Thanks for this post.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands

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    • We presume Alex stopped smoking cigarettes in 2010. That was the last time that we ever saw a packet of cigarettes with him.
      After that, he mainly smoked cigars on occasion, that we know of.


  2. Okay, girls. The Candelabra Photoshoot. Just kill me. Thank you.
    And the last pic. Paula, that was you, right? Why? Le Sigh.
    Lutsch mich rund und nenn mich Bärbel. (Good luck with the translator on this.)


    • 😂​🤣​🤪​🤣​ OMG leiCa. You kill me!

      Thanks for the photos and for posting that interview again, ladies!

      That article just made me thinking – yeah again. 😴​🙄​😇​ 😉
      They talked about Alex already being aware how important “an image” is in Hollywood. When I read and watch his early interviews and appearances, I always had the feeling, he built an image with one hand and destroyed at right away again because he is too honest and down to earth person. He also said, he wants people toleran to know him a little more. And I really love that and admire him for his honesty and that we are allowed to see the real man behind the actor. I know, in Hollywood this can be a real probleme because many people don´t care about the real person and just want to see the image. And when I read, what behaviour Alex had to “accept” by fans (f.e. when he “dared” to take painkillers to be able to work and had to go into rehab – and obviously dissapointed some so called “fans” because they realised, he is only human *sarcsm intended*), I´m sad and have mixed feelings, too. As I wrote, I like the man behind the actor which means, his honesty in what he says – also when he tells things who don´t fit his public image – and how he allows us to see private pictures like the ones he posted during the last two years f.e which were not professional PR pictures. “Stupid” or dangerous to be honest in professional terms because he might not meet our expectations? Maybe so. It´s a dicy subject. When I write this, I´m thinking about Alex´s words about “true fans”. I think, true fans can see beyond the image and like the person. But how important is it to attract people who are not “true fans” and care more about the image”? And how do those fans become “true fans”? I think this blog we are on right now is a good answer. When I got interested in Alex I started my own research here on this blog and the more I read, the more I liked him as a person. Only later I found out, he is a wonderful, talented artist, too. So no matter what he is going to do in the future, i will follow. And “just” because one young, crazy, innocent Aussie wanted people to know who he really is. I hope, he will not see the need to hide too much in the future although I know, he cherishes his privacy and wants to speak through his work. But I know, without him showing some bits of who he really is, I probably wouldn´t be here anymore.

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      • That should be: “He also said, he wants people to learn to know him a little more.”


        • I have seen so many fans come and go over the years. Some look very involved and dedicated, but most fans are fickle and move on.
          Many even started fansites, but only a few stayed on for more than a year or so.
          Many fans just get involved because of a certain character – and as soon as the actor end being that character they move on.
          I have seen many who moved on because they did not like Steve and what he stands for, others moved on because Alex got married, etc.
          I hardly expect many to stay on as long as we have – maybe it is unnatural?

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  3. lindae5o

    I laughed when I read Alex had ‘appeared’ in Three Rivers.

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  4. Really nice photos. Very professional.

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  5. Debbie

    He just can’t take a bed picture. The man is absolutely adorable. He is just perfect, he makes my body bubble. I just can’t get enough of looking at him. I wish Hawaii 5-0 was still producing, thank goodness for the reruns. I’m waiting for his big movie break, it’s coming. Thank you to Alex( sorry you will always be Steve to me) for all the entrainment and enjoyment.

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    • Well, if you ask me he may take a bed picture anytime. 😉 (I know, stupid autocorrect, but this one’s funny.)
      And for me he will always be Alex O’loughlin the great actor who makes his characters come to life.

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  6. Alexsgirl1

    i wonder why he looks so sad in these pictures when you look at his eyes.


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