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#AlexOLoughlin on Organ Donation – 2012


While doing our re-posts, I came across another quote to which we never posted the original article. And to keep our archives as comprehensive as possible, we share it as well.

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Written By Silvia Bizio

(Producer & Journalist and member of the HFPA)

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Now that I am so involved in the short film “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle”, which we are shooting the Dolomites this July, I seem to find so many people who really care about organ donation and dedicate so much of their time to a global awareness of this important issue.

The film, written by Erri De Luca and directed by Edoardo Ponti, is the story of two people who are given a new chance to life thanks to a heart transplant. 

So it was a pleasure the other day to find this common interest in Alex O’ Laughlin[sic], the star of “Hawaii 5-0”, who became involved with organ donation since working on CBS “Three Rivers” show.

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I met Alex (and his co-star Scott Caan) in Los Angeles during a break from “Hawaii 5-0” which is, of course, shooting in Honolulu.

“Three Rivers was pitched to me by CBS and it was such a wonderful script and premise” explains Alex. 

“The script was based on a real person, Gonzo Gonzales, who was at the time one of the leading heart surgeons in Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to this story I learned so much about organ donation,” Alex says. 

“We all know how organ donation helps save lives but I never knew about the statistics and how important it can be.  I heard stories, many stories of people who received an organ transplant, connected with them. We created a team. Unfortunately, the show lasted not even a full season, but it has touched many. I believe we sent a message. I am an organ donor myself.”

Alex joined the organization called “Donate Life”  and dedicates as much time as he can to help spreading the word about the importance of organ donation, but being in Hawaii doesn’t make it very easy:

“Being there I feel far from everything,” he says.

“It’s wonderful to be in the middle of the ocean, but it makes it difficult to stay in touch with what’s going on in the mainland.

I’m still very involved with organ donation and I talk to people about it all the time.

Every year I take part of an event called Taylor’s Gift, in memory of a little girl who died in a car accident, and her parents donated her organs, and saved a bunch of lives.

I hope that with time, as my profile rises, people will start to care more about what I have to say – and do more for organizations like that.”

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My Thoughts

The Taylor’s Gift foundation changed its operation and it is clear that Alex has not been actively involved with it for a number of years already. But it formed part of his career path of charitable causes that he supported and therefor we include it as part of his history.

This however does not mean that we think organ donation as such is no longer part of Alex’s life. Taylor’s Gift is just a small part of it all. Donate Life and other organizations are a bigger part of it all.



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Cute Encounter – @jennycooney and #AlexOLoughlin at #AIFAwards 24 Oct 2013


We are sharing this post from one of the old Alex sites – 

H50BAMF TUMBLR  which later became AOL ww.

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Original post



on H50BAMF

I put these two twitter pics in their own post because her story made me giggle. 🙂  Jenny is an Australian free lanced journalist who was lucky enough to attend last night.

Jenny Cooney: “Lucky me, got to congratulate #AlexOLoughlin on his #australiansinfilm #breakthroughaward #AussiesRule”


**THis is what cracks me up***

Jenny Cooney: “And just because #alexoloughlin’s lovely partner Malia told him to stop making ‘the face’ in that pic- one without”


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I laugh because #1, Go Malia! Every woman with a goofy bf/partner feels your pain and #2, the question has popped into my head several times, especially in the past few months after seeing Alex made the media rounds, I’ve wondered “I wonder how many times she has to tell him to stop making faces???” Bwahahahaha!!

ITS TRUE!! ❤ love them both! That’s when you know it’s real.

Also, thanks Malia because that second pic is too cute. *sigh*


Thank you ESS for joyful report – we kind of miss the old days!

And we add some extra ….

Pictures from the event

You can see the interviews of that day here:

#AlexOLoughlin Ponders Future on ‘Hawaii Five-0′ – 25 October 2013

And you can also read this fan encounter of the event:

Sharing #AlexOLoughlin Adventures with Friends…..


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#AlexOLoughlin Photoshoots Over The Years – Three Rivers Promo shoot -2009

We continue our posts of Alex’s photoshoots.

For some reason, this is one of my least favourite shoots. Not exactly sure why, because Alex looked angelic to me in the Three Rivers days.

These pictures were taken by George Holz for CBS in June 2009




We hope you enjoy the last few days of June – can’t believe this year is already half way ….


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#AlexOLoughlin – In a Different Light ….

“It’s one of the fears that goes through your mind as an actor when you sign such a lengthy contract. But you’ve just got to hang on to the George Clooneys of the world; you’ve got to hang on to the stories of people who have broken away from television.

I dunno, man. It’s all about perspective: I’ve got a great job, I get very well looked after, I’m living the dream at the moment and hopefully, it’s not going to be a negative thing.

My perspective won’t allow me to see it as a negative thing.

And hopefully, I’ve got the chops once this finishes to do something that’s good enough to make people see me in a different light again.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

GQ Style Australia

March 2011

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European Holiday for #AlexOLoughlin

At long last some news about Alex!

Thank you to the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence in Italy for posting this picture!

Thanks for being our guest Alex O’ Loughlin 😍🤗
#hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #vip #guest #lagacio #actor #holiday #thebackupplan
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Hope we get to see some more pictures from there!


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