Beulah Koale Talking About His Big Bro #AlexOLoughlin

This past week on The Story & Craft Podcast with Marc Preston, he talked with Beulah Koale. They talked about lots of stuff and of course his time on Hawaii Five-0 as well. 

It is worth your while to listen to the full podcast and make sure to click on the link to get to it, but of course, our interest would be of what he had to say about his Big Bro, Al.

While listening to the full broadcast it is easy to understand why Alex and Beulah became friends and will be close for many more years to come.

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We made our own short video of the audio parts of the podcast where Beulah talked about Alex.


Beulah: Me and AlMe and Alex, we were meant to be best friends. So we talk to each other … almost every week, even now.

Marc: Really?

Beulah: Yeah, yeah, I talk to him. He’s my big Bro. Like … I maybe have known him the shortest amount of time. Me and Alex are like this.

And we connected. I don’t know if it’s the New Zealand /Australia thing, but we connected on a different level. 

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Beulah: Every time I go to Hawaii, I will go over to the house and we talk ….

Marc: So he, he stayed … he kind of posted up in Hawaii and kind of made it home?

Beulah: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s got a family there. His beautiful wife. He’s got Hawaiian Kids. You know, half Hawaiian kids. That’s his … yeah, that’s his home.

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Beulah: I walk over to Al’s house and we would just like … I would jump into his ice bath and just hang … you know, hang with the kids.

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Marc:  I know, Alex O’Loughlin, he directed at least a couple of episodes of Hawaii Five-0 I think. What’s it like to be directed by somebody that you are actually acting with, and they give them the reins of an episode? What’s that like?

Beulah: Yeah, it was awesome, because he’s my best mate. But, like … if you look back on those episodes, I was heavily in those episodes. And that was on request. Because he knows I’m his guy.

Like, I got married … I came to New Zealand and got married and I’m … I told the production in advance, I’m getting married during this time, I need a couple of weeks off. And then Al directs an episode, like the week after I get married. And I have to fly from New Zealand. I’m like, “Man I have to … I just got married, bro …”  

So I got married – the day after I got married I fly to Hawaii to shoot Al’s episode. Because that’s how much I love this guy. That’s my …. that’s my guy for life, so. 

I think he always asks for me because he knows, I’ll run through a brick wall for him. And vice versa.

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Link to video:

Thank you again to Marc Preston of The Story & Craft Podcast! for doing this interview.

Maybe Marc or somebody else like him, will sit down with Alex as well, to talk about this career ….. a fangirl can only hope. 



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18 responses to “Beulah Koale Talking About His Big Bro #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    I loved Junior from the start. His determination to work under Steve’s command, his respect for him, his understanding of hierarchy, so SEAL-like, and so far from the attitude displayed by Tani, whom I never really liked (Tani, not Meaghan, don’t misunderstand me). Yes, I liked Junior from the moment he knocked on Steve’s door.

    Then, as I saw Junior epi after epi, I realized there was something special between Alex and Beulah that went beyond the usual “chemistry” between two actors. I could not tell you why I felt these two guys were becoming staunch friends. I just felt it.

    Of course, this was obvious in that last epi when Alex and Beulah say goodbye with a honi. Whereas the farewells with the other members of the team were very well played and credible, that honi was real. Look at Alex’s expression and at his knuckles. They’re white. He’s really pressing Beulah head towards his. Neither of them look as if they were acting. And if they were, then kudos to both!

    And now this interview. Wow! Thank you for finding this for us and for the transcript, FOYeur. Much appreciated as always!

    BTW, what is an ice bath? I’m thinking of a bathtub full of ice cubes, but somehow I find it hard to imagine Alex and Beulah sitting in a bath face to face with ice up to their chest and talking placidly…

    Liked by 3 people

    • They often show ice baths in the locker rooms of movies about sportsmen. I would imagine it is one like that. Some are bigger than others.
      It really would depend on how big it is, if they could fit in it together 😉
      And there are many hours in a day. I doubt if they would need to be in the bath at the same time. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cassiopea 1000

        Beulah says he would jump into Alex’s ice bath and just hang with the kids. So it must be a large one. So after all, my idea of Alex and Beulah soaking in ice together is not that far fetched. I’d personally prefer the shade of a palm tree to have a long talk with Alex and use the ice to cool my drink, but if their thing is freezing together in brotherly harmony, it’s their problem 😋😂!


    • Very well said. 🙂 Thank you for finding that post, Foyeur. I liked Junior and Beulah seems to be a good person. Love to hear him talk about Alex. You can hear how much they love each other. Seems both found a friend/brother for life. That´s rare and just awesome. and I´m so happy for them. ❤
      And ice baths are used in sports, medical and also wellness treatments with suggested benefit such as reducing muscle damage and discomfort and alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness. And it has anti-inflammentory effects, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cassiopea 1000

        Reducing muscle damage and discomfort? Sounds rather like a joke! You put me in an ice bath and my muscles will be contracted for the rest of my life! But now that I think of it, I seem to remember that in an interview, Alex said he used to soak in ice to relieve his back (or another part of his anatomy, I don’t remember) when he was in pain. So there must be something in this. I must try one ice cube next time I shower and see what happens…


    • ITA on your feelings about Junior and Tani. Tani was smug, cocky and a liar, btw. She made me miss Kono even more.
      Beulah’s Junior was awesome. A younger SEAL paying and showing respect to ‘the legend’. And Alex portrayed Junior so well in DNA. Respect and support. Same goes for Grover. Respect and support.
      I think in the final goodbye scenes there have been two real ‘will miss you’ moments. The honi with Beulah and the goodbye to Grover. Chi is a long time friend too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cassiopea 1000

        True, Chi is a friend too, and for once his tears seemed for real. After all, all of them were saying good bye to a page of their lives. So it was a real farewell. For us too 😪😪😪!

        Liked by 2 people

      • I agree with DNA and I loved Junior and Grover, too. I was disappointed about the missed opportunity for a closer McGarrett/Grover frienship for the sake of keeping the bromance exclusive. Both, Grover and Junior, were imo better matches for McGarrett. But I liked Tani, too. She was not perfect. She had her background which caused her to lie because she didn´t trust McGarrett completelly. But she was loyal and cared for McGarrett and the team. And she did what she could do in her own way. That´s imo much better than complaining Dannoying who turned his back on McGarrett in DNA when he was asked what he really thought, leaving his friend, who was about to risc his life, alone without even trying to talk him out of the plan or showing him unconditional support.
        And yes.That final goodbye scene was heartbreaking. It felt so real and maybe it was. It must have been a difficult situation back then and they all just showed thankfullness for having had ten years. It´s good to hear that Beulah and Alex – two brothers in their hearts ❤ – are still in regular touch and when I remember what Chi McBride said about Alex when the letter by CBS was read at the 200 episodes celebration, I guess, they are still in touch, too. Real friends are hard to find and regarding what was reported about Alex over the years, he is one of those people. ❤

        Liked by 2 people

  2. lindae5o

    Thank you for this post and video, Foyeur. Beulah Koale was a great
    addition to the show. I love that Steve and Junior had the SEAL
    brotherhood, and much more, that Alex and Beulah are such good friends.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. CassG

    I love this!!!❤❤❤ You hear the love and enthusiasm when he speaks about Alex. Yes I also agree that there was something that clicked between Beulah and Alex that was special. They had/have a close bond both on and off camera….I love it!!🥰

    Thank you for this….. it was special and yes it would be nice to hear a word or two from Alex…..we can hope.🤗

    Liked by 4 people

  4. coby Duijn van

    Great interview, love the way he talks about Alex. And yes I hope that Marc will do an interview with Alex too. It’s been too sillent around him.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wonderful to hear about Alex. Same goes for the podcast with Steve.
    Feels good to hear that Alex is still out and about. And keeps his friends close. I’m pretty sure he is an awesome friend to have.
    Thanks for this great find, ladies. Especially putting it together in this great video. And btw, I love these video snippets you post on Instagram lately. So well done.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yes, even second-hand news is great news at the moment.
      And yes, Paula is doing a fantastic job with the videos! Her creative side always wants to explore new options. And it helps to tell our Alex stories better I think.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. KathySR

    It’s wonderful to hear how close Alex and Beulah remain, two years after the end of the show. They clicked the moment they met. Sigh, we sure would like to know what Alex is doing lately! Wish those two could work together again.

    Liked by 3 people

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