#AlexOLoughlin – Inside His Pockets

Yes, we are still here, still studying …

– Only Alex.

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Even small things – like how he uses his pockets …..

This small ‘study’ with gifs, has been in a draft for 8 years – so I thought it might be time to add some pictures and share it 😀

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Alex as Steve – in motion ….







Yes, we are just silly fangirls having some fun and studying every small detail surrounding this man.

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Because we think he is a great actor and a wonderfully kind person – according to most of those who know and actually met him.

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Definitely not without flaws!

But somebody who worked hard for what he got so far.

Remember to click on the link to Alex O’Loughlin  on iMDB.

And see if we can influence that starmeter for another week.

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30 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Inside His Pockets

  1. Oh boy – hrrm – man! Especially the last two gifs do it for me. Because they emphasize his shoulder-hip ratio.
    And of course you are still here studying this man. We all have shown over the years that we can deal with perfection. Why change that? 😋

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  2. Cindy gasper

    Flaws. What flaws?!!! The man is perfection. Lol. Jk. He’s human I’m sure there are flaws. My favorite is the first one as steve. That blue suit!

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  3. Tanya Long

    I love Alex and seeing him always. His my favorite.

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  4. Sandie Keeble

    Reminds me of the line in The Hobbit – “What has he got in his pocketsies”

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  5. Susan

    Wonder if his Mom told him to keep his hands, out of his pockets? My Mom did!

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  6. CassG

    I have to say the last 2 pics have definitely got it for me!!😍 The hands in the pockets and the swaggering…….my my my….be still my heart!💞💞💞

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  7. lindae5o

    Thank you for these beautiful images. Just goes to show there’s no aspect of Alex that isn’t intriguing. Yummy!!

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  8. KathySR

    There are no flaws here! I wonder if it’s a conscious actor’s choice to put his hands in his pockets. It would be interesting to know what a body language expert could tell us about “hands in pockets.” Or if it’s just an Alex thing.
    WOW! Gorgeous photos and videos.. Keep ’em coming!!

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    • I think it is an Alex thing. You can see from the pictures of him (not Steve) that he does it often.
      But also it gives his hands somewhere to be and not flapping around during a scene. Flapping hands are distracting in scenes.

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      • >>Flapping hands are distracting in scenes.<<
        Oh YES! A big fat yes! Of course you may use your hands to underline what you want to express in a scene, but you (as an actor) should use it wisely to not come out as emotional. If an actor does this arms flailing, hands flapping thing he loses me, I don't believe it.
        Being emotional is not acting. Expressing emotions is!
        As one of the NIDA instructors said: You have emotions, okay. You've got talent, okay. But what you need is skills!

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    • Well I guess a body language expert (what I am not) could tell you some things. But it seems, it´s also an Alex thing. And it´s interesting if you imagine how the same scene would look like with Alex(McGarrett not having his hands in pockets. And I agree with FOYeur. Putting your hands in a pocket gives them a place to stay and not flap around.:-) And about the look: I like all pictures but I absolutelly like the picture of McGarrett in that dark-blue jacket. Loved that one immediatelly when I saw it in the scene.

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  9. Rosemary Mansfield

    Exactly what do we click on at iMDB? I sure do love him! I always look forward to your posts!! Keep up the good work and thank you girls! 😘

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    • Click on his name up here ( in blue) where I mention it – that is the link that you need to follow and get to his iMDB page.
      As easy as that.
      Every underlined blue word on this site is a link to something more ….


    • You don´t need to click on anything on imbd. If you enter that page you will be counted. They count how many people access the page.


  10. kikimcg

    He talks with his hands a lot so maybe this is his way to keep from “hand-talking”. 😍🙌

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  11. Happy Days

    I am in awe of how you notice these little nuances that are there for all to see but we just don’t pick up on it until it is pointed out. You truly live up to the name of this website in the ‘intensity’ of your ‘studies’. Alex rocks the hands in pocket vibe – if there was an award just for this then he would win hands (in pockets) down . . . That last video of him being escorted to meet Wo Fat’s elusive father is the absolute business – the man is a legend, of that there can be no doubt. I chuckled at your April Fool’s post as well . . .

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  12. Karen

    You do study him so well, and I greatly appreciate your devotion. Never been formally introduced to him, but I have been very close, and even had my arm around him. He seems very kind. And he is even more handsome in person, if that is possible. And as an aside, I want to thank the h50 writers for giving us a happy end to the McRoll saga.

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  13. Ily

    Con la camicia azzurra è la mia preferita 😍


  14. Cassiopea 1000

    Hi guys! Are you remembering to “click on Alex” on the IMDB site? I do every day. The pic gallery, with some 600 pics, is really great. When I get stuck on the phone, with the irritating little music and the everlasting message “All our agents are busy at the moment blab la”, or whatever the English message is, I just open the gallery and enjoy. Watching Alex soothes me and when at last a human being deigns to take my call, instead of barking at them, I’m actually an angelical woman. Who needs Trankimazin or Alzam when there are so many yummy pics to enjoy?


  15. The second pic had me thinking.
    He leans so well, so, did you ever study that? I know you did a poll once. But a study? We all know what makes him lean, but what makes him lean so well? He such a great and sexy leaner. Leaning lean – lean leaning by AOL.

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    • I wanted to do the lean study at some stage but got lazy or did not really know how to put the study into words, I guess. Think that us when we did the poll instead.
      Interesting enough, one of Alex’s oldest and best mates, who also studied with him at NIDA and who teaches acting, created this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUrDffmDJVp/
      “The lean is the most intense position for the actor. It connects the storyteller to the earth. To the moment. Without mastering the lean, the character is flawed, and ultimately – so is the actor”
      Not sure if they were taught about it at NIDA


      • What a great quote, FOYeur, thank you.
        And I completely agree. A lot of people said over the years how awesome and in character he leans. Sounds so ridiculous but it’s oh so important.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Only the lean can lean gracefully, harmoniously, elegantly, sensually. Example: AOL. The un-lean, not to say the fatidic pre-bikini season word, but I’ll say it all the same, the fat simply seem to be strategically placed there to prevent the wall from collapsing.


  16. LOL leiCa. What did you smoke? 😛 Can I have that stuff, too? 😀 What amazes me about that maddening man ;-.) is how different he looks each time I see a new, old or new photo. And I think, the only “look” he should care about is looking (and being) healthy which is the most important thing. If he tried to meet our taste(s) he´d certainly go crazy. 🤪​ And we don´t want that, don´t we? 😀 We know that he is a good person and a wonderful artist with an appealing personality which shines through everything. But sexy or whatever look is absolutelly crucial of course. Like “you can only do Jui-Jitsu sexy”. *sarcasm intendet*
    Godd to see you back, btw. 🙂


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