#AlexOLoughlin About Fans

“I love, love, love my fans and appreciate them so much.

It’s a very, very strange experience having people you don’t really know, know you and express great emotion to you.

It’s validating to a point, but it’s also really bizarre.”

– Alex O’Loughlin 

Boston Herald

May 2011



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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin About Fans

  1. Tanya Y Long

    LOVE YOU Alex O’ Loughlin. You will always be my Commander Steve Mcgarrett and Fine as wine. I look at the reruns of Hawaii Five O. You got better lookin as you got Older. Not that you were’nt fine already. Just more Seasoned.


  2. LOL!!Oh Darling Alex. I have had a number of “BIZARRE” moments with you then and you were never less than patient and charming to me and the rest of your fans who were nearby. YES I KNOW THAT ALEX HIMSELF WILL NEVER READ THIS!!Just a little shoutout to all of you who love him..

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  3. Having people run after me, talk about me or recognize me at all would scare me to death. But I think, if you choose to do a job like Alex does, you have to deal with it to a certain level. And if you are not only highly talented but want people to know you a little bit and you are the kind of personality that Alex obviously is – o.k. and if you look good, too – it´s no surprise when people act crazy. 😉 But I can understand, why it´s a strange experience. So it´s up to us to respect his privacy in every aspect and find a balance between admiration and support for his career and crossing a line.


  4. Cassiopea 1000

    How right you are, antje!

    I was in that restaurant dining in Paris and at the table next to ours was a famous French singer. Well, he could not eat at all, and neither could his two friends. He was continually interrupted by fans who wanted an autograph, and some had no qualms about pushing away his friends to get a better selfie. I was totally disturbed by these behaviors and thought it was a poor way for these fans to show their “love” for that singer.

    Some celebs don’t know how to control their ego and sometimes they are downright rude to their fans. They should know celebrity does come with annoying situations! Then you have patient and charming celebs like our Alex, as pommienana explains, though I am sure that there are times when he is inwardly exasperated by such devotion! After all, he’s only humane!

    Ah, true story: Yesterday afternoon we had a miserable weather. Rain was pouring and as I saw we had a new post, I thought I would have a look to cheer me up. Well, the moment I saw that pic that Paula had chosen wickedly, a huge lighting fell upon my building and the power went out. Even though it played havoc with my computer, I couldn’t help laughing. I was like, Oh! No power station can resist so much beauty!


  5. I think, it´s sometimes difficult to know where the line is. That fan behaviour you observed would be an absolute “no go” for me. Do I like Alex? Yes, I do. He is a lovable and interesting man. Would I approach him when I´d meet him in public? More no than yes. But it depends on the circumstances: I don´t want to bother or stalk him. And if the circumstances are good and we started to talk, I would not ask for an autograph or photo. Don´t need that. I remember an interview where he stated that people around him change because they think, he has changed (paraphrasing here). If that´s true, i think, it´s sad. How can people who know you for a long time think, you have changed just because you are in public´s eye now? I mean, being in the public´s eye probably change people. Some become arrogant, some more cautious. But if you like someone for a long time, you have to be able to see who that private person is and what comes as the result of being in the public´s eye and deal with it. — O.K.´I´ll shut up now. This rant is longer than I wanted already.
    About controlling your ego.: Doesn´t everybody have to control his or her ego? I mean, I can´t run around being rude with people, too. Of course, “celebreties” are more exposed to the public and have more people invade their privacy and that can be difficult to process. But I wouldn´t mind them saying “stop! This is close enough.” After all, fans don´t own them although some think, they do and get upset and rude when they are told “no”. Time for a reality check. When I read stories about people meeting Alex, I see, it´s possible to be nice and honest at the same time if you know how to tread people. And yes, we are all human.
    Enjoy the beauty and have a nice saturday. 🙂 I have to get ready now.

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