#AlexOLoughlin – You caught me in a transitional period of my life …

Because we feel this is important for fans to know, we want to re-share this part of Alex’s interview in 2020 with PacBleu.


I got like three scripts that I am playing with a little bit. And three … They are three very, very different stories. And, one’s a television script and two are films. They are not at any point worth …. they are not developed enough to share right now.

But …. I think this period of time – because I have been working so long, really without breaks. This time has been kind of like a healing time for me. Like, it’s been great to just do nothing and just focus on the kids and Malia and myself, as well. And just kind of get quiet. If that makes sense.

Read a lot of books. I have been reading a lot of books and reading other people’s scripts. And just sort of trying to see where …. Because I don’t know what’s next …. I don’t know … I don’t just want to jump on something next.

When you do a show like this, for this long, you can become … You’ve got to be careful what you do next.

And I don’t know if I’m going to do anything next. I don’t know. So it’s .. I’m a little kind of in no man’s land.

You caught me in a transitional period of my life.

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My Thoughts

Of course a lot could have changed since then but …..

  • Alex indicated that he was busy writing 3 scripts at the time. (1 for TV and 2 movies)
  • He regarded this time as a healing time after the long hard years carrying the load of being the main character on Hawaii Five-0
  • He sees is as quality time with himself, his wife Malia and his sons.
  • He has been reading other scripts as well – so he is looking to act again if the right one comes along.
  • And he is giving himself the time to decide what to do next.


  • Of course you can watch and read the full interview here:

#AlexOLoughlin & @PacBleu – Transcript of Full Interview

  • And you can catch up on the small bits of news of Alex since the end of Hawaii Five-0 here:

#AlexOLoughlin ‘s Diary (# 7): Beyond #H50 (April 2020 – ….. )

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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – You caught me in a transitional period of my life …

  1. Thank you, FOYeur.
    Everybody who has written something, stories, books, whatever knows it is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of time.
    And I am sure his mind is not going “oh, that poor leiCa girl over there in Germany doesn’t know what I am up to these days, I can’t have that, let’s go out in public and tell everything I do every day.” 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • LOL leiCa. Are you sure he doesn´t think all the time how he can share every single thing with his dedicated fans? 😀 I think, it´s futile to discuss what he may do or may not do. It won´t change a thing. If he is going to do anything in public that we can watch and support in the future we will be happy to do so. And everybody, he included, should know, he is not forgotten even though the show is over. But it doesn´t make sense to speculate whether, what or when he will do anything in public again. – O.K. I declare guilty of having done so, too. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. marcerizo

    “…Maybe as a little experiment we can all pitch in to see, by each of us clicking on there at least one a day, how the rating will change by next week? Just to keep him in the minds of other filmmakers. 😀”

    I’m totally in… At least one click each day for a week… Let’s see what happen!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. coby Duijn van

    Thanks for this transcript it was an amazing and honest interview.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands


  4. Cassiopea 1000

    Ah, yes, that’s true, he’s in a traaaan…siiiii…tiooooon….aaaal period of his life. Mmmmfffgrr! There should be a law forbidding to turn transition into eternity! Okay, okay, sometimes I just have to let the steam off.

    Obviously, we don’t need to know every little thing he does every day. I mean, what’s the point in knowing he wore a blue shirt on the 7th of March? Neither can we expect him to say publicly ‘Hello, leiCa from Germany! I do appreciate your supporting me so loyally!’ (I hope he never says so. You’d have an emotional impact that could send you to the ER, leiCa, and I’d have an unendurable fit of jealousy!).

    But a little hint now and then about his projects would be nice. Nothing elaborate, no, just a few words to reassure us. Of course, if he has decided to keep quiet, we must respect it, but… it’s though.

    As to speculating. I’ve always thought it was a complete waste of time, but when you have a vast imagination like mine, speculations come to your mind in an insidious way and catch you unaware. You’d laugh your heads off if you knew the scenarios I have created unwillingly in my mind to explain his silence. If one was pure madness, the other was plain stupid.

    So, while we wait as well as we can, let’s visit Alex’s IMDB page with assiduity. I see there’s a fake index finger on sale on Amazon. I’m going to get one presently!


  5. Oh lol Cassiopea 1000. How can yopu write this? Want to send all of us into ER for laughing too hard? 😀 No, I DON´T want to hear about the scenarios you created inside your head. Madness AND stupidity? OMG! Need some nice, tasty pills and maybe a straitjacket, too? 😉 Hey, you know what? Let´s write a horror movie and offer the lead role to Alex. Didn´t he say he likes those kind of movies? – — Oh well, I think, I´ll book myself into our psychiatric unit. It´s getting crazy now. Wanna join me? We could form an Alex obsession group in there. 😵🤪


  6. So, Antje and Cassiopea, you want to talk about madness and story ideas? Here’s this:
    I always thought Alex would be an awesome pharao from ancient Egypt.
    So Amenemhet (written as you would talk: Feather, duck, guy with a whip, scarabaeus, scarabaeus) is a loved pharao and because these pyramids do what they do he is transferred into the future. It gets complicated and funny because he has no clue what all that stuff is.
    Meets a wonderful woman, falls in love, kind of settles in but still, it is not his world and his time. When he gets the chance (because some scientist/archeologist knows how) he travels back to ancient Egypt. The woman who loves him so much understands and gives him her necklace as a reminder.
    Time jump. The woman has a wonderful dark haired little boy (tsk tsk) who gets really sick. Needs a bone marrow donor. Finds one. Heals. Yeah. Everyone’s happy.
    Now the woman wants to know who the wonderful donor is and wants to meet him.
    Turns out he is a scientist at the Archeological Society in Leicacity. They meet and guess how he looks like, hm?
    And surprise surprise he is wearing a very special necklace he tells her he has inherited from a long gone ancestor, a necklace his egypt origin family history says was special for his forforfor…father.

    Welcome to my brain.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Wow, leiCa! Your brain is so… interesting? Productive? Inimitable? I don’t know how to describe it! It should be studied at the Harvard Medical School or the Johns Hopkins! ‘Amenemhet (written as you would talk: Feather, duck, guy with a whip, scarabaeus, scarabaeus)’? Of course! How else would you write it? LOL LOL LOL!

      I boasted of having a vast imagination, but you beat me! Your story is solid, and a terrific movie could be made out of it. I particularly like the idea of Alex as Amenemhet with a short skirt scarcely covering his long legs and lots of make up on his eyes, enhancing his lashes and hazelblue eyes! He has said that once he had plaid a character, he was not interested in playing it again, and as he has never been a pharaoh, I’m sure he’d love to star in “your” movie!

      Though a horror movie written by antje could be great too. Plenty of possibilities there! Alex could give us his full catalog of Alexpressions (fear, courage when facing the “horror”, whatever the “horror” you have in mind is, short-lived relief when he thinks the worst is over, despair when he realizes that “it” ’s coming again, tears of joy when he finally can save his love… The list of Alexpressions can be endless!).

      You know what? Since Alex seems to have been hit by a crisis of idleness of Biblical proportions, you two just must start writing your movies in double-quick time, so you can submit them to him in the next few weeks. They’ll be that good that he won’t be able to reject them. Then we’ll have two new projects to look forward to!

      (What a relief to know he’ll never visit this site! I wonder if he would be flattered or think some of us belong to the loony bin LOL!).

      Liked by 1 person

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