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#AlexOLoughlin – Staying Afloat

This is the transcript  of an old 2012 Australian magazine article, seemingly missed by most fans at the time – including us.

Thank you for the wonderful friend who shared it with me today.

You are a star!

There were similar articles and video interviews from that day, but some unique things said in this one as well.

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Juggling fatherhood and a staring role in Hawaii Five-0, Alex O’Loughlin leads a “very full” life – but he hasn’t a clue how he does it!

by Jenny Cooney Carrillo

for TV Week

Posted Jan 2013

(Interview done in November 2012)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is international-press-day-2012-big.jpgOne of the pictures of Alex taken at a press photoshoot on the day of the interview in Nov 2012

Alex O’Loughlin looks exhausted, but he has good reason. The 36-year old Hawaii Five-0 star and his girlfriend, Malia Jones, recently became parents to a baby boy, Lion Kahano O’Loughlin.

“If I’m not making any sense, please forgive me!” 

the sleep-deprived actor tells TV Week in an exclusive chat shortly after flying in to Los Angeles.

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As well as welcoming a new baby, Alex has a full house back in Hawaii, with Malia’s three-year-old son, Spike, and his own 15-year-old son, Saxon, who moved in earlier this year.

“I’m learning what happens when you put a 15-year-old and a three-year-old and a two-week-old together,” he grins.

What you learn is: There is no such thing as perfect parenting. Not only do you feel like you’re in a losing battle, but with children you are covered in poop half the time, too, so there is no integrity or dignity!”

The down-to-earth Aussie candidly admits he’d given up on love before he met Malia, a former champion surfer and swimwear model.

“I’ve always wanted another child, but I never met anyone or it just wasn’t right,” he confesses. “Then for whatever reason, the stars lined up. I guess when you’re ready, life just gives you what you are ready for!”

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That includes Alex and Malia’s very modern family of three boys.

“I’ve always wanted Saxon to be living with me,” Alex reveals

“As it so often happens when parents separate, the boy gets to a certain age and you need to be with your dad for discipline, because Mum can’t control you, so it was time for him. Spike’s a handful too, but I love him so much.”

Obviously content in his life right now, Alex admits, however that 2012 wasn’t all smooth sailing. Back in March, he checked into rehab for a prescription painkiller addiction triggered by injuries he sustained at work playing Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.

“There was so much action and I thought I could keep up with it all, but it was unrealistic,” he reflects.

“I pushed it too hard and got hurt. Then I got hurt again and then I got really hurt and it was a wake-up call. Thats how I had to learn, I guess, and now the stunt guys don’t even ask me to do any of it, so it’s a relief.”

While there might be less stunts from Alex this season, he does hint that there’s plenty of relationship drama ahead for his character, with things getting complicated  since Steve discovered his mother (played by Christine Lahti) is still alive.

“It’s a great season because he’s moved into this phase with Catherine (Michelle Borth) where he thinks he could settle down with her, then mum comes back – so now he’s got some heavy mummy issues,” Alex teases.

“How do you navigate through an intimate, loving, trusting relationship with a woman when the first woman in your life lied for 20 years and you thought she was dead but now she’s come back?”

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It’s a complicated relationship on screen, but off screen, Alex is full of praise for his TV mum, an Emmy-winning actress best known for shows like Chicago Hope and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

“Christine is amazing and a highly decorated actor who is a great asset to the show,” he says.

“Her character is actually the cause of the death of McGarrett’s father and she opens a whole Pandora’s box for him that means we’ll definitely see her returning throughout the season.”

The NIDA graduate who got his Hollywood break in vampire drama Moonlight and also starred with Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy film The Back-Up Plan, is also happy to sing the praises of another co-star – Scott Caan, who plays his on-screen partner, Detective “Danno” Williams.

“It’s like being placed in an arranged marriage,” he reveals. “It took a while to get comfortable because we are both Alpha guys that have different views and are pretty sure of ourselves. But, we’ve become good mates now.

We spend a lot of time together and laugh a lot, so the journey we’ve taken as Scott and Al has transferred into the bromance of the characters.”

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Although, Alex chuckles when TV Week mentions that Scott had told us that Alex likes to complicate life.

“I guess that’s what you call it when you buy a house, get a puppy and take on a new lead rol at the same time,” Alex says.

“Maybe it’s because I always need to be challenged, but the amazing thing is that I seem to pull it off and I don’t know how I do that either. My life feels very full right now.”

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