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#AlexOLoughlin & Joel Edgerton on The Project – GQ Man of the Year Awards 2011.

This is a transcript of a short interview with Em Rusciano of The Project, talking to Alex, Joel Edgerton, Jack Thompson and Charlie Pickering on the Black Carpet at the awards. Unfortunately, a typical news insert where not much was said.

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Carrie (in studio): Some of Australia’s biggest stars are right now walking down the black carpet in Sydney for this years’ GQ Australian Man of the Year AwardsEm Rusciano is there.

Em you’ve got two of the nominees with you. That looks like a tough gig for you tonight.

Em: It’s really tough. I’m in-between a hot chiseled jawed manwich. It’s Joel Edgerton and Alex O’Loughlin. And oh my goodness. Come closer – Boys touch me please. Yeah. Mmmmm.

Em: Joel, how are you liking your chances? Stiff competition – Cadel Evans, our own Charlie Pickering. How are you feeling?

Joel: Well, as long as we’re not riding bikes, I might be okay. I don’t know. I doubt it.

Em: Is it creepy if I say I’d like to see you in lycra?

Joel: Yes. That’s very … it is very creepy. And you don’t want to see it by the way.

Em: I really do.

Joel: No, no.

Em: Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughlin. Alex, what does it take to be GQ’s man of the year besides abs I can grate cheese on?

Alex: I’m not sure. I’m still … Is that what I’m eating? [Inaudibly saying something like, “Sound like I will have to take a bath then]

Em: You can do whatever you want.

Alex: Okay. I don’t think I’ve got the facial hair for it this year.

I think …. I think it’s pretty obvious who’s going to take it home tonight.

Joel: Last year. Last guy …. last guy who won it, had a mustache…..

Alex: That’s what I’m saying.

Joel: So, Alex ….

Jack: Which is why I’m wearing a mustache. It might give me a bit of a shot at it.

A bit late, but …

Joel: Jack and I am forming a syndicate – we want to win it together.

Studio: Somebody else there that should be at work. Is there somebody else?

Em: We just spotted someone here. This cat. Come on in. Charlie Pickering everyone.

[Loud cheers]

Charlie: Sorry I’m late

Em: Yeah Charlie, how are you liking your chances? Now the pose is very important if you win it. Have you practiced the pose?

Charlie: For the offered photo on the cover?

Uhm, yeah. I think I would go for the recently elected “Looking to the future”.

Em: Give us that.

[Laughsfor the studio]

Em: That’s your GQ Man of the Year

I’m just going to go of an perv.

[Some more dialogue in studio]

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