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They Say …… #AlexOLoughlin Is Nice Beyond Words

While doing research for another post, we came across this beautiful story again.

Posted in July 2012 

“I met Alex in Sydney in November last year when he came to get his GQ award.

It was raining cats and dogs but it didn’t deter Alex to sign everything and take photos with whoever asked him. He was nice beyond words.

Not just to me but to all – and he doesn’t know us from a bar of soap. I just couldn’t believe the time he took to meet EVERYONE that wanted to in all in that rain (it was brutal). And all we did was to go there.

Oh another small thing – before they stepped out from the awning of Opera House into the rain to go on the black carpet, he shook the hand of the umbrella guy and said “Thanks mate!”.

I mean it wasn’t for show or anything, I just saw it as I was close.” 

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It was originally posted in July 2012

by Facebook page Amazing O’Caan

The GQ Australia Men of the Year Awards took place on

22 November 2011 in Sydney.


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