It’s All About #AlexOLoughlin For Us

 I wrote a whole other post this morning in reply to something I saw on social media today. It does not have anything to do with Alex, but an issue of some concern to us.

After some dicussion we decided to keep it back to see what develops around the matter before we publish it. And lets hope it will not become necessary to do that.

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Things moved our focus too far away from what we are all about. 

Our reason for being here is to share Alex and to have fun with other fellow fans!

We want to apologize for shifting that focus this past week and will keep things lighter and all about Alex for the days to come! 🙂 

Hope you all have a good weekend!!


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25 responses to “It’s All About #AlexOLoughlin For Us

  1. Sometimes, Alex leads us to other things. Nothing wrong with that as long as the way leads back to Alex. 😉

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    • I think he inspires a lot of fans along the way to many wonderful different things. And that is great!
      It is just when the noise around the fandom becomes a bit deafening, one somehow loses focus of what really matters.
      If only we as fans could focus on the positive and tolerate each other’s views better, we could be a united front against the real issues that threaten the community. Things like scammers and dangerous individuals who others think are innocent fans, but who actually damage Alex’s image along the way.

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  2. Alex has shifted my focus a lot of times. And it has always been a good thing.
    At the end of the day it always comes back to him. He’s the reason I did/do/started this and that!

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  3. Cassiopea 1000

    OMG! My head is spinning!

    After reading your previous posts and this one, I feel like I’ve lived my Alex fan life fondly sitting on an illusory little pink fluffy cloud. But you have drawn me back to nasty RL.

    I thought that being a fan, a fan of Alex in our case, was a matter of entertainment, enjoyment, fun, harmless naughtiness, and many other delightful moments. But it seems it is a much more complicated affair.

    Maybe the molecules in my brain are out of order, but I cannot understand why some fans, too many fans in fact, are this vindictive, rude, and toxic. With some luck, they’ll tire of his inactivity and will turn their nastiness to other celebs (poor they!) and their fans.

    As to us, let’s enjoy this fine, upright man, let’s enjoy what he gives us, even if it little, and let him be a source of pleasure to us! And let’s enjoy this site, its lovely fan-art and its always welcome posts! That’s what being an Alex fan is about, isn’t it? The rest is plain rubbish!

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    • You don’t see half of it.
      Sometimes I wish I could share everything that has been sent and said to us over the years.
      That will really get your head spinning.
      Thanks for sticking around. It is always good to have some humour from you.

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      • Cassiopea 1000

        Don’t tell us there is more than what you have shared with us. It’s bad enough as it is!
        Well, you have our full support and you know it! Chin up! 😘

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  4. CassG

    Listen FOYeur sometimes you have to do what you have to do to clarify or make a point. No apologies needed. That being said I’m certainly more than ready to enjoy and have some fun with the subject at hand….Alex. Looking forward to it.🥰

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  5. coby Duijn van

    Thanks and have a good weekend too.
    Aloha from the Netherlands

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  6. Tanya Y Long

    Alex O’Loughlin is and always be my Commander Steven J McGarrett. Love him and all pictures of him I love to see. Have a good weekend.

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  7. amytemple9815

    Enjoy the pictures and the interviews. Keep up the good work😁👍.

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  8. marcerizo

    In my opinion, this matter can be summed up in one way – sorry if it seems too simplistic. There will always be toxic people in the world. People who look at the speck in someone else’s eye without realizing there’s a huge stone in theirs. The hardest thing in the world (and what sometimes seems impossible) is to let the words of these people go away with the wind. FOYeur and Paula, there are many fans (including myself) who follow you and appreciate your work and effort to keep us up to date, despite the lack of news from Alex these days. Thank you for giving us small happy moments, through of your fanart, your transcripts, comments and curious notes. There is no need for apologies or explanations. Thanks guys. I’ll never tire of saying it.

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  9. Happy Days

    Ladies . . . I wasn’t sure whether or not to comment as I wanted to be supportive but also did have something to say on this. In the end, I thought that I would post and I hope it is taken in the spirit that I am intending -namely to offer my own support to you both. I don’t know what it’s like to be the focus of an anonymous stranger’s unpleasant comments as I have not built my own website and put it out there for all and sundry, and I don’t even bother with Twitter/Facebook etc. I can only imagine that receiving a barrage of nasty and hateful comments and messages would very quickly sensitise me to the slightest of criticisms and make me deeply upset and quite defensive when I saw some snide remark that was clearly directed my way. Sadly, you can never change how some people think if they are hard-wired to act in a certain way. Like when dealing with a psychopath – appealing to their ‘better’ nature (they don’t have one) and countering their pettiness with well-reasoned arguments (with perfectly logical and valid facts) will never work and so I wonder for your own sakes if it is better if you don’t even try? All of your loyal readers can see how much it bothers you when someone takes a photos and manipulates it without crediting the original or, and this is pretty much unforgiveable – not least because of the general awesomeness of Alex’s own body, grafts Alex’s head onto someone else’s body to create a false impression of an event. I really can understand your frustration and the overwhelming urge to ‘mentor’ these people so they act in a more honourable way with at least the tiniest bit of integrity. But, alas, I fear that all it does is make you even more of a target for yet more hateful abuse. I really got the sense that after your recent post about the correct crediting and manipulation of photos that you had reached a similar conclusion and so decided to leave it alone. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation, I think this is the adult thing to do – not least for your own mental health. They will do what they are going to do . . . so let go of what is probably a great deal of anger by this point and just let them. I applaud your resolve to try and go back to your original concept of sharing some Alex loveliness with a healthy dose of silliness and fun. I understand that the trolls may have tainted this for you, but don’t let them win. As I have said before, you have an army of supportive readers to counter each and every one of those sad sacks. Much respect, Ladies – you’ve earned it.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      I wish I coul “Like” your comment many many times!


    • Hi Happy Days
      Thanks for your words of support ….
      But one of your sentences makes me think that you will not be as supportive when you understand it correctly.
      You said:
      “All of your loyal readers can see how much it bothers you when someone takes a photos and manipulates it without crediting the original or, and this is pretty much unforgivable” <<<< We were actually accused (and were guilty as charged) of this and I have given our reasons for why we do not always credit the person of the original picture. Because we sometimes use it in a post and the original picture and the facts surrounding it have got nothing to do with the original picture.
      My argument continued that some of the accusers condone manipulations that are far worse than ours but only chose to call us on it. The whole fandom crops pictures without credit in any case – which amounts to the same as an image of Alex used in fanart.
      But, in this case of one specific picture, with the accusers involved, there is a long history of arguments in the H50 fandom.


    • Just to add and illustrate. The picture in this post above for instance is a fan’s picture from 2012. Although they were not in it, it is more or less the same as cutting the person and not crediting the original. But we feel in a post like this, the original picture is not involved here – this is not a news post of sharing that original post from the fan and reporting on that occasion.
      As well is this picture from 2012 we used in the previous post where Alex was with 2 kids:

      And this one from 2016 where a fan was in front of the surfboard:

      …we used in that post of explanation.


  10. Happy Days

    Ah, I see your point and perhaps did not properly convey what I was meaning through my own clumsy choice of words – hence my initial reluctance to post in case it didn’t come across as intended – this is always a risk when writing something without the full context and when you don’t have the added benefit of non-verbal communication. I can see that it is indeed a most complicated situation. However, and this is what really matters, your obvious desire to respectfully celebrate all things Alex for your own enjoyment shines through (and because you have chosen to so generously ‘share’ via your posts then it also brings people like me enjoyment as well). I know I can trust you to not post unsubstantiated rumours or posts that intrude on Alex’s and his family’s privacy and love it when you unearth an article or video that I have never seen before – the spoof Moonlight promos had me laughing out loud – how I wish we had them for H50 as well. I hope that all this unpleasantness with other fandoms/individuals who have chosen to find issue with you won’t stop your enjoyment, although I imagine that it is not at all nice to open up yet another nasty message. Like the other people who comment here, I felt compelled to show some support when you are left feeling upset by people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to vent their hateful bile. The tone of your recent posts had me worried that all this conflict was becoming a burden and was actually taking away the very pleasure of what should be a fun hobby with like-minded AO’L fans and that made me sad for you, especially given the state of the pandemic world where there has been so much loss for so many people. It’s easy for me to say don’t take it to heart when I am removed from the reality of an inbox full of hurtful comments, but I genuinely hope that it gets easier to press delete and move on . . .

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    • Thank Happy Days
      ” this is always a risk when writing something without the full context and when you don’t have the added benefit of non-verbal communication. ”
      Your words here are so true. The online world can be tricky. Most who read it would not even know where it all came from. But we thought to share how we feel about it all clearly so that fans would not be disappointed by not knowing how we operate. We have nothing to hide.
      And your other words:
      “and that made me sad for you, especially given the state of the pandemic world where there has been so much loss for so many people.”
      It is so true.
      At the beginning of the pandemic, I thought that with us all being in this together in it, it will make people more tolerable and even nicer to each other (especially in a fandom) – but not ….
      And in fact, this whole argument about this specific picture all started with a fun post with fun fanart where we tried to bring this sentiment across.
      But we, unfortunately, chose to use a specific picture then for a fun edit, for which we were called bitches a year later.
      And somebody even shared the link from the Twitter conversation with us to show us the scorn directed at us. We don’t follow those people and could care less what they said online. But to see it in so many words, did not bring out the best in us to respond nicely back to it …. unfortunately.

      You can read that post which we originally made here.


  11. Kelbelle

    Yes Foyeur and Paula we just don’t want you to go! Please. Eva😊
    And for the record, I am jealous of any fan who manages to get within the same space as Alex, photo or otherwise

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    • Thanks, Kelbelle
      Always nice to hear from somebody from the “home country”.
      For the moment we are still okay being here. It just gets lonely when most of what you see on social media out there, is a not-so-nice fan-world.
      When the other sites were still around, run by intelligent and rational ladies, it used to be a lot more fun. I miss them all dearly. The interaction with the other sites was always great!!
      Just glad for those who are still here with us, who still know how to have some fun with it all.

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