Some Random Thoughts … To Fellow #AlexOLoughlin Fans

You can call this a follow-up post to our previous one. But maybe it will become a series of posts to help some of our readers and fellow fans to navigate the treacherous waters of the internet as well as a fandom.

Of course we don’t know or have all the answers because we ourselves are learning every day. But we have picked up a few things over the past 10 years that we can elaborate on and I will therefor share some random thoughts. Maybe it can help some new fans along the way ……

For those who might struggle to read more than a few paragraphs, I suggest you do not read further. Our posts might not be for you in the end. 🙂

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Definition for the day:

Hypocrisy – a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.

General Tip of the day :

Before you very loudly announce your utter disgust at our honesty about using Alex’s image from fan pictures and not crediting them for it, we suggest you thoroughly  scroll through your own social media pages and accounts. Otherwise you might come across as a hypocrite.

  • Just check if you have ever cropped somebody from their own picture – we think that amounts to about the same as just using Alex’s part of a picture.
  • Also make sure that you did not maybe share or post a picture where other people have cropped fans and others from their own picture. (Finding original picture and source will help with that)
  • And while you are busy with that, maybe check if you credited the fan or person in the picture properly with time and date. Crediting is just as important for real full original pictures – otherwise you might be robbing the fan or friend of their day with Alex. Sharing the original source is maybe the best idea here, because then you can’t make a mistake about it. (But do make sure that you actually know what the original source of a picture is – please note that Pinterest is not a source!) I have seen crediting mistakes on nearly every post on one account in particular – it might just be that the “disgusted” person is the culprit here.
  • Also check if you might have unknowningly posted some fan manipulations, where fans were cropped out, that might look like a real pictures. Sharing them is just as bad as making them. The only foolproof way for knowing that – if you are not sure about a picture, find its original source or don’t post random pictures  at all …..
  • If you struggle to find original sources, our site here might be a good option to locate some of them. There are a few years where we did not update news and there might be a gap with information there, but for the most part a lot of picture sources are on here to find.

(PS: Saw something funny yesterday – one fan actually cropping Scott out of  her own picture where she was between Scott and Alex in an earlier version of it. I wonder if she was also wrong for doing that; posting only herself and Alex together? Scott must have been really  hurt when he saw the 2nd post! (Please read with sarcasm))

On other hand for those who are not totally disgusted with us and just want to be a fan who enjoy and share pretty images of Alex … for the most part, no judgement from us for just enjoying yourself and please don’t bother to check anything.

Fandom tip for the day:

  • When you comment and express you opinion, make sure you know what a certain subject is all about and who and what you are supporting.

That is one of the main reasons why we made our previous post. Not to find some form validation or support for ourselves, but to tell followers who we are and where we are coming from. And I know even with my long lamentation some will not have a clue what it was actually all about. And others might choose not to see what was said, just because we might be too dispicable for them to begin with, I guess.

Please take us at our word of our policy,  then we cannot disappoint you somewhere along the line. Everything we have ever done and written is out in the open and in public domain for all to see – Either here or on our other social media pages. Maybe scroll through our pages here, before you either support us or not. We thought people knew us by what they can see, but it seems that a few were surprised with it all.

What I am therefor suggesting is – find your own line in the sand and see what you can live with and what not. And if anything on here is not clear, we are always here to answer questions. I might sometimes come across as abrupt (some might even call it bitchy and I will not argue with that), but I will always be open to a clear thorough argument or debate or comment. You don’t have to be too courteous either – I sometimes find that suspicious.

Paula on the other hand is far more easy going, trusting and care free. And definitely not a bitch as she has been called by some of the super fans – I can promise you that!

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I will look around the fandom for some inspiration on which subjects to cover next with my random thoughts.

Knowledge is Power.



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3 responses to “Some Random Thoughts … To Fellow #AlexOLoughlin Fans

  1. Claire

    Ah I see I get it now. Blimey some people are way to sensitive and way to critical !!! Chill out, it’s all just a bit of fun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. coby Duijn van


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well said.
    And btw, some bitchiness isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. Sometimes it helps calming down the heartrate.
    Yep, hypocrisy and bigotry can be found among the self-proclaimed superfans.

    Liked by 1 person

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