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#TBT – Some #AlexOLoughlin Fun With Mick and Moonlight

Some days I look for something specific in my old Alex files and then a different gem pops up.

Yesterday was such a day. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mick-st-john.jpg

( Promotional picture of Alex as Mick from the original Moonlight pilot – already wearing Mick’s ring)

The gem I found is this old video made by EyeLab to introduce Moonlight and Mick.

Link to old Video

Moonlight – CBS Eyelab promo 1 of 12: Vampires Creepy vs Sexy

  • Here is another funny one they posted at the time:

Moonlight – CBS Eyelab promo 2 of 12: Dialogue Coach

They created some fun with the fact that it was non-Americans who were cast as the leads and they replaced Alex’s voice with another to sound Australian and a different Brittish sounding voiceover for Sophia.

  • Here is a trailer of the original pilot episode of Moonlight:

We decided to do our own remake of the Creepy VS Sexy video and post the result.

In the old video they used footage from the original unaired pilot and Paula replaced it with HD footage from the real Moonlight in our version.

Link to video

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down Moonlight memory  lane with us ……

BTW, I have not yet found what I was actually looking for. 

Guess I will have to go back to the old files again …… 😀 


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