The #AlexOLoughlin Community of Fans

Why do any of us take part in a fandom? I think it is a question we should all ask ourselves. By answering it you might get a better understanding of why you are here and how to associate or interract with other fans.

For me, participation in the Alex fandom started 10 years ago. Something about him caught my attention and I wanted to know more, and it kept me interested for all these years. And of course sharing that interest with so many others made it more fun. The community of fans who adore him as a person and enjoy his work, is what it is all about.

(Picture: Alex and Kerry Armstrong in Oyster Farmer)

Because I had loads of free time back then, Alex and the investigation of everything around him became my hobby. Paula and I became friends and we decided to share all that we can find about him with others. (But please note we started this site and the connected pages, only after a year of doing lots of research about Alex) Our main aim being to have fun ourselves by sharing the most accurate information about him,  accompanied by all the best footage available. And while doing so, also play around by creating something (many of you are familiar with Paula’s pretty creations, which should never be confused with real footage).

With our sharing, we pride ourselves in investigating to find what is most accurate. We normally do that  by finding the original source. Our aim being to share only what we know is verified. Of course that is not always possible and then one usually goes for what is, based on the evidence at hand to be, most likely the truth.

(Picture: Alex and Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan)

At times we made posts as investigation, where we did not know what happened exactly and where we tried to find the truth. But those posts we always left open for fans to interpret and decide for themselves. We did not aim to claim it to be the truth. Unfortunately and especially with language interpretation some took those as real and verified.

We have made many mistakes over the years and have always welcomed any notification of it in order to make corrections, provided that there is a good source to back up what is the truth. Over the years many have made wild claims without any proof and then it was met with our doubts. But those were normally times when people made up stories of situations surrounding Alex’s personal life. In such cases those type of unsubstantiated rumours where met with the distain it deserves.


Whenever there is time, I go through old posts to upgrade them and to find incomplete facts that were shared because we did not have all the particulars available at the time, and then to correct it. I also try to find old links that got lost and with that update what we have done over the years by also adding links back to original source material. But that is an ongoing process and takes time to do.

I want to invite any of our readers to please let me know if they come across anything that is not accurate or any old videos or links that are no longer working. For us, the Alex community has always been our helping hand to get the correct details. A few weeks back we received information from an Austalian fan that one of the magazine names we used was incorrect. I really appreciated that advice but was just sad that it was only discovered 6 years after we posted it and only through a re-post on Facebook. Of course I made the correction immediately.

I know some dates can also be confusing, especially when a movie was shot in 2003 and only came out in 2005 – what is the correct date there? For me, the date that it was shot in is the actual date in that actors life. That is why most of the time we would post date of filming rather that date of release. I apologize if that is confusing because it is a bit of a grey area.

I find it weird that some fans feel insulted when you try to give them correct information when they have had it wrong on their posts on IG or Facebook etc. I do not understand the concept of not inviting to know and share what is true and accurate?

Last year I tried to help a new account when she gave wrong information, by providing her with the correct information – her first response was to say thank you, but then suddenly the next day she threw insult after insult at me. It is so weird that people assume you think you are better than them, just because you want to help them?

My advice would actually be – if you do not know the exact source of a picture, don’t make up your own story and give the incorrect date and occasion of it. Just post the picture! Better to say nothing than to mislead others.

Needless to say I decided to ignore that account and of course she keeps on making up her own inaccurate stories on her posts. I find it amusing but also irritating. Should one just leave it and  let it go or still try and do something to correct it. Because I was met with such an attack at the time, that I decided it is not worth my time to get involved. For the most part all we can do is to keep on posting the correct information – specifically to correct  those wrong posts maybe? (You might catch some of them on our social media pages in thecoming days)

I know most fans do not really bother or worry about accuracy of when and where a picture was taken, or when and where what was said by Alex. Most just want to see all the pretty stuff. But as a site owner with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages connected to it, I feel it remains important to post the correct information. We do not just want to share news. We want to share correct information because  we owe it to fellow fans and future fans.

So please do tell us if you find any of the facts about Alex we have posted over the years to be faulty. Getting such information directly is far better than to  see wild accusations on posts somewhere.  And it is also hurtful to see suggestions that we think we are better than other fans, just because we have studied and know and remember certain details. We are not better and we definitely do not think so! But it is kind of difficult when you know things, to keep yourself from commenting and trying to help.


There are many people in the fandom who know more than us and who have been around for much longer and we have always valued ther input. Those who lived the events at the time it happened, always understand the details around situations so much better than those who came in later. Just as we have now experienced most of it this past 10 years and know what we know. But that makes none of us superior or better than other fans.

I know, just as I do not like certain fans for some reason of my own, there are those who can’t stand the sight of us. That is part of normal life. We can’t be loved by everybody. But we can at least remain civil. Whether we like each other or not, let our aim as loyal fans of Alex be to share him, while valuing accuracy.

We all make mistakes, but it is how we handle them that define us.



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36 responses to “The #AlexOLoughlin Community of Fans

  1. I completely understand and agree with everything that you have said.
    Why put something out there when you know that it’s false just to make it seem like you are closer to a celebrity than you are. I can never understand that.
    I understand making an error and correcting it when you have reliable and verifiable information just exactly as you have said.
    I, myself, found Alex when Hawaii Five O started here in Northern Ireland UK. But then looked for everything I could watch and as much information as I could find and to be completely honest, your site and the Moonlight Forever site are really the only ones that I trust for information.
    Please keep up the great work you do here.
    With being in the UK, obviously have no hope of ever meeting our guy, I really appreciate everything that you do ❤
    Best wishes from your friend in Northern Ireland 💚🍀🍀

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    • coby Duijn van

      Thanks for your like


    • Thank you so much for your kind words.
      – “Why put something out there when you know that it’s false just to make it seem like you are closer to a celebrity than you are. ” >>> The problem with the posts I talk about specifically here, is that the person just writes what she thinks is true and believes that she knows the facts. Even contradicting herself in separate posts of pictures taken at the same time. Just making up stories.
      – Just as a note here while we are talking about accuracy. There is a difference between Hawaii Five-O and Hawaii Five-0. The original was written with the letter O and Alex’s version is written with the number 0. (One small detail and I hope you also take it in the way I talk about here – it is just me sharing something that I know and can be picked up while doing all the research and not all fans know it) 🙂

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      • I don’t mind at all you correcting me and I appreciate it
        Praying for Alex to get the rest he needs, the treatment for his back he requires and also pray that he decides to come back to us with another amazing character to once again show us the amazing talent he has.
        One thing though I know is that I will be on this website until the day he decides that he doesn’t want to do this anymore.


  2. coby Duijn van

    That is a long story. I love and like everything you post, it’s a lot of work and I thank you for doing it. It’s a pitty you can’t post any new pictures and news about Alex like what he is doing these days. I sure would love to know. Maybe after this crazy pandamic.
    I thank you for all your work and beautiful pictures and videos and information about this great actor and beautiful person.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands

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    • Thank you Coby.
      Yes, we did post everything new that has been available on public posts since the pandemic started.
      But even before the pandemic, there was not much available of Alex during the hiatus periods when he was not working on set. It is very different with a celeb like him who is not on social media.
      But let’s hope for some news soon. :smile

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  3. amytemple9815

    Well written😊👍. I commend you for your professionalism involving this website. I joined to know more about Alex’s career. I don’t need to know about his personal life. That’s his business! As much as I would like to have him acting again soon, I want him to get the necessary rest that was so obviously needed during the last few seasons of Hawaii Five-0. If I worked over 12 hours a day most days of the week for 10 years, I would be burned out too😝! Any sincere fan like would be respectful of this which is who you clearly are. Keep up the good work👍😊!

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  4. Nancy 13

    Thank you & Paula for all your hard work all these years. This is my favorite site for Alex info. Your posts brighten the dark days of winter storms, just like watching H50 did every Friday night for years. I love to see the palm trees & ocean & sunshine on that show. You guys always do your research. Don’t let the trolls bother you. we the Alex fans, all love you & this site.

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  5. mamayorkie

    Brava my friends. I salute you.
    Truth will always be rewarded, no matter how long or painful the journey.

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  6. For me fandom started when season 9 of H5O was up on German tv I watched a couple of older episodes and the one when McGarrett met his mother for the first time caught me. I just wanted to know, who that awesome actor was. So I started a research and found your blog and started to read and learnt about the man and watched Alex´s other roles and realised that he is an awesome man and a wonderful actor.
    And without your blog, I probably hadn´t been able to do that research. So thank you for all your efforts and for keeping it respectful and being commited to the truth. Your efforts are highly valued!
    Those last two years have been a bit difficult for us fans – grrr, how that sounds – since there are not many news. But after 10 years of hard work, Alex absolutelly deserves his rest and time for a normal life and I´m happy when he sometimes allowes us to get a glimpse of what he is doing. He wouldn´t need to do that.
    Writing this I know, I will stay here and wait patiently for whatever he does in the future and what he allowes us to see. He is a good man and a wonderful artist and absolutelly worth any wait. And as long as he doesn´t say, he´ll quit acting, I will stay. And I too know, Hollywwod and that hard acting bussiness is not easy and there are more obstacles than we as fans know of. But I trust that a man and artist like Alex who still is very attractive – and I know, how he marketed himself in the past and hope, he won´t be utilized again the extreme way he was utilized, in the future – who is also a talented, dedicated artist, will make his way as long as his health is not causing him too many problemes and if he is meant to do so. And for his own sake I hope, he will lead a long, happy and healthy life regardless of whatever he is going to do in the future. Funny: I was never that interested in a fandom but that crazy man 😉 not only made me interested in a tv show but also caused me wanting to know more of the person he his with all due respect for his privacy of course.

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    • Thumbs up!
      You rookie. 😉
      I discovered Alex in round about 2005. We aged together. One better, one normal. LOL. To my defense: We had a different starting point.

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      • When and how did you first join the Alex fandom? I do not really know how well things worked online in the old day (before 2011) and I always wonder how it developed over the years.

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        • Well, at first, after seeing him as Will, I was a fan in my heart. Not much internet those days. So I just tried to find some glimpses of him in magazines but no such luck until 2007. I saw a big photo of him announcing Moonlight and I think hubby’s still deaf from my scream! Then I joined the communitiy ‘moonlight forumieren’ which was only about Alex, transformed into AOL International (Forums are dead these days, we have it still ‘on’ but not much going on) and the rest is history. It changed a lot in my life, I started writing again, learned how to post pics and other stuff, occupied myself with the Let’s pic(k) Steves 😉 from season 4-10 and from season 8 on even tried it in English, and met a lot of other fans from all over the world who became friends. Just because of one man and actor. And hubby? He likes Alex too and thinks I chose wisely. He once said that if I had chosen this annoying sidekick of Steve’s looking in the mirror he would have to re-think our relationship. LOL. Yeah, low self esteem is not his problem.
          I tell you a secret. I got an awesome poster of Alex from a friend some years ago. It’s Alex face made of a million little pics of him. And hubby helped me putting it on the wall. I really think I chose wisely. Husbandwise and fangirlwise.

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          • Thank you for your road with Alex fandom response. It is always interesting to hear stories of it unfolding over the years.
            Definitely also changed a lot in my life as well.
            I kind of not really chose it – it just happened.

            I am still planning to do the BlackJack thing in the next month or 2.
            Still hoping we could maybe do a collaboration post with it. Your English is a lot better than mine! 🙂

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            • I disagree about the English thing 😉
              We can do this Luke post together. Next month would be too early as I am pretty busy (with Luke, lol. And other stuff). Let’s try it around April/May, because another problem is that my DVD drive on my PC and my other region free drive are both broken and I think it wouldn’t be that bad watching the show again, minus the totally boring stuff of course.
              Rrrroiiight? (As Luke would pronounce.)


  7. Oh wow, this is a perfect post! I totally agree with everything. I am a fan since forever (since Will) but I am pretty sure you know more about Alex than I do. Or you are way more organized 😉
    Yes, we all make mistakes, that’s human. But there are fans, at least they call themselves fans, that are lacking one important thing as a fan. Respect. R. E. S. P. E. C. T. Towards the object of your admiration and towards other fans.
    But some ‘fans’ are pathetic. Run down the actor you claim to love, insult his talent, his professionalism, his commitment and his integrity as an actor and as a humble and kind human just because the ending of a show doesn’t fit your fantasies? Well, here ends my respect.
    I will stay here. I like it here. It’s fun here. It’s fair here. I was called a lot of names because I wasn’t (and still am not) into special ships, esp. from one part of the shippers. Never happened here. Love you all!

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  8. Cassiopea 1000

    After reading the first lines of this post, I started to get alarmed. I thought “Oh my God! This is it. This is the post where she says that she and Paula have decided to put an end to this site”. Then I wondered what triggered you to post this now, during this barren journey of Alex’s. I also wondered why you felt you had to explain yet again the ethics that prevails in the running of this site.

    I’ve said it here several times and don’t mind repeating it, the thing I most appreciate with you is the seriousness and reliability you put in every post. You have written something inaccurate over these past 10 years? Possibly. Unfortunately, you don’t have a direct line with Alex to check all the facts first-hand. Well, errare humanum est, and an inaccuracy, esp. when you correct it afterwards, is a very benign sin compared to the blatant, sometimes disgusting, inventions you can see elsewhere.

    How making a thorough, accurate job can turn against you is beyond my understanding. In what posts have you ever said or hinted you were better than others? Or are there secret messages to be read between the lines where you boast about being better?

    We fans can only thank you for your wonderful work, for the endless hours you and Paula have spent keeping this site alive, interesting, funny, accurate, and respectful to Alex.

    Alex has his fans, but you know, you have yours too. I’m one of them!

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    • Please never be alarmed when you see the first sentence in a post.
      If we do decide to end it all – we will just not be here and the site will be missing if we decide to leave 😉
      Not so much explaining our ethics, but highlighting that we do not think we are better than anybody else. And everybody makes mistakes, but how you handle it.
      Yes, we have made loads of mistakes. Sometimes just by mistake, with a typo. Other times when we did not have all the information of a situation. Sometimes wrong info from other old sites. Even articles that have incorrect information about Alex.
      Oh yes, the disgusting inventions are plenty – normally around things that can never be verified, but just passed on as fact among toxic fans.
      But then there are some who just constantly make up their own stories around pictures. No real harm in it, but over time they create confusion. And that is my main gripe at the moment.

      In what posts have you ever said or hinted you were better than others? Or are there secret messages to be read between the lines where you boast about being better? <<< I can be very adamant when I know what I know. Unless there is concrete proof to the contrary. Anybody can be wrong and I will debate and investigate anything with logic. But apparently standing up against nonsense, is not a good thing, I guess. 😀

      This post was just something I needed to get off my chest. Over the years the fandom gets a bit heavy to handle …..

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  9. CassG

    FOYeur thank you for this great post! There is no doubt that this is the place to be for Alex. This post expresses exactly the caliber of work that you and Paula create here. Giving it to us correctly and beautifully and not hesitating to inform us of anything that is or was incorrect. It doesn’t get any better than that. 😊

    I also have to tell you that I also came into Alex fandom in 2010 with pretty much those same feelings about him. Before I came here after being a few years into H50 I felt frustrated not being able to find a good fan base so that I could express all these feelings and emotions. I am not a part of social media so what to do?? When I did find you my other half was elated so much so that he took me out to celebrate. He said he was ecstatic that I found a fan base finally and that he wouldn’t have to incessantly hear about Alex and H50. I mean imagine that??😘

    Hoping to hear something good about a future project for Alex as he is sorely missed. In the interim I look forward to hearing from you from time to time as it certainly enhances my day.😊

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  10. lindae5o

    Thank you Foyeur, for this great post!! It attests to the integrity of how you and Paula have operated this site.
    I have been hooked on Alex since I saw the first TV ads for Moonlight, back
    in 2007. My addiction grew from there.
    I hope Alex is well physically, and plans to resume his career at some
    point. Being able to see him weekly on TV was a real treat, and provided
    real emotional support. It’s difficult tot get used to his absence.

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  11. Is this the same person who tried to intimate me on another social media site by saying that they were part of his inner circle?
    If you really are you would know that Alex appreciates all of his true fans that have followed his career for years and has said in numerous interviews that, “If it wasn’t for my fans watching, following and appreciating my work, I wouldn’t be here”.
    Also if you really are a part of his inner circle, I don’t think that his wife Malia would appreciate you calling yourself, Alex’s new girlfriend.
    FOYeur I think that this person is a troll and should be treated as such!

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    • Already dealt with it. She has been trying this stunt before. Actually harassed and threatened us on e-mail, on our IG page and here a number of times before.
      Yes, she is a troll.
      Sorry to hear that she tried to intimidate you. Hopefully, the site where she tried to intimidate you and all other fans will deal with her effectively and immediately.

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      • FOYeur if no one has said it before, I’ll say it now, you are absolutely flipping amazing and that’s the reason, well apart from the gorgeous Alex of course, that we all love, respect and appreciate everything that you do for us all on this site ❤

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        • Truer words have never been written!


        • I’m not doing anything special.
          Just wish I could do more to guard fellow fans against this type of insanity.


          • Nothing special? Lol, yeah, dream on. I think I speak for all of us when I say: Wrong!
            (For that insanity: I saw what she wrote in my notifications. Well, happy to know that I am in the age of knowing. 😉 And if this pandemic has shown us one thing it’s that there a lot of deranged people out there. But it is okay on insta. People are nicer there, at least I’ve got the impression. Only had to block one person who I think is blocked here too.)


      • Hey, seems I always miss all the fun. 😀 Thanks for dealing with that kind of posts.


    • Ah, the inner circle girlfriend…
      On a nice day I think she has problems. A lot of…

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