They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin Is Dedicated And Then Some …

Some recent mention of Alex by Peter Lenkov

March. 2010. First day of shooting the pilot for Hawaii Five-0.Alex arrives in his full dress. Medal salad glistening. Looking like the formidable SEAL I imagined when I was writing. One of the crew leans over and whispers to me “He’s so handsome. He looks like a male stripper just before he rips off his uniform”. 😳 He was right. Alex won the DNA lottery… and that can be a negative for many reasons on a show like this… but AOL’s acting… his dedication to the character… keeping it honest… is what got us to 240 episodes.

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In my opinion Peter Lenkov has been saying wonderful thing about Alex since the end of Hawaii Five-0, but for me personally it is kind of too little and too late. Maybe if he had shown more of this appreciation over the course of the 10 seasons, there would have been more than 10 …..


Some pictures to remind us 

And some gifs

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Alex and Jean Smart on H50 set – 6 March 2010

So great to see Jean winning the latest Emmy and also the Golden Globe last week as “Leading Actress in a Comedy Series” for her wonderful performance in Hacks. It is a pity her talents were only used for 4 episodes of H50.



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33 responses to “They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin Is Dedicated And Then Some …

  1. After seeing Lenkov’s post I was wondering if you would mention it here. 😉
    And yes, ITA, it is too late. It always annoyed the heck out of me that he never praised Alex yet every grain of sand rolling on the beaches of Hawaii. Even after esp. terrific performances, after all Alex’s VoEs, he didn’t say anything unless some fans asked him about it. That bugged (and still bugs) me so much. Alex never phoned it in (like others did), Alex never got special treatment (like others did), Alex always showed a ton of commitment (like others didn’t) and showed a zillion facial expressions, telling the story with just one look (like others didn’t). And yet he always has been kind, humble and down to earth, never made fun of the show and showed any kind of disrespect (like others…. you get me.)
    Thanks for this post.
    Alex made this show. No Alex – no 5-0.
    And looking at these wonderful pics and gifs says it all. There is no Andy, no Mick, no Vincent, no Alex. Just Steve.

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  2. CassG

    I am in total agreement with you FOYeur….too little too late!
    On another note just how handsome is he in a uniform huh??♥️♥️ Always loved seeing him period but when he put on this uniform or the white one OMG!!😍😍
    Sorely missing him and all the talent he has to give. I remain hopeful though.😌
    Thanks much FOYeur for the pleasure.😊

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  3. I just read it and didn´t believe my eyes. Does Lenkov hate Alex so much or think so low of him to write, he looks like a male stripper? That´s disgusting and disrespectfull. Lenkov forgets who was for a huge part responsible for H5O success and not because that person took his cloths off. 😡 I wrote a comment on his instagram account. Btw. I just remembered what Lenkov did to Lukas Till, who didn´t train his body to look like Lenkov wanted. This post shows once again how abusive P.L. is. I just hope, he won´t succeed to damage Alex´s further carreer with his “nice” comments. Alex is neither only suitable as an action hero, nor is he a sex symbol/male stripper! Alex is a really fine and dedicated actor who still looks gorgeous. Period!


    • Well, seems I didn´t write this comment thoroughly. It was apparently not Lenkov himself who made that “stripper” comment. But he heavily utilized Alex as a sex symbol and apparently taking advantage of Alex´s not setting boundaries in what he was willing to do. First P.L.writes, Alex is only suitable as action hero and even wrote, Alex was wrongly cast in Moonlight and Three Rivers what you can read in several early interviews and now this post sounds like he is praising Alex but comes across disrespectful towards him. Strange. What is that post teally about?


      • “read”. Seems, I´m still to angry to coment, Sorry.


      • “What is that post really about?”
        I understand how you feel about the post. But as you can see with the heading of this post, I choose to read it as if the first part was just to introduce the last sentence … “Alex won the DNA lottery… and that can be a negative for many reasons on a show like this… but AOL’s acting… his dedication to the character… keeping it honest… is what got us to 240 episodes.”
        I think by that he means that a pretty face and a beautiful body might sometimes get in the way of a good actor and his performance on a show, but that in the end, it was Alex’s acting skills and dedication that made the show last so long.
        And for me, THAT is a great compliment.

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        • Well, yes. If he really meant it that way, it was indeed a great compliment. But after reading what he said for years and the way he acted (f.e, remember Lukas Till who obviously was not sexy enough for P.L. which is imo a contradiction to what he writes now – just to mention) and the way he took advantage of Alex not setting staunch boundaries, making him take his shirt off over and over again I highly doubt it. Well, let´s rest that case. I hope, Alex will be on a new project when he is ready and receive the praise and respect he deserves for what he is: A highly talented and dedicated artist and a good, intelligent man.


          • Cassiopea 1000

            What I read here at my end is that Lucas T. felt constantly under pressure, because so much of the show rested upon his shoulders, and this was the cause of the conflict between him and PL, who expected much more from him, esp. on a physical level. Physical as regards strength and fitness, not in the sexy sense. The author suggested that LT was not mentally prepared to sustain the weight of a show of that caliber.

            I know absolutely nothing about LT and have nothing against him. I have not even watched one MacGyver epi nor any of his works, so I don’t know if the author was right in his assessment or not.

            But it may well be that PL expected from LT what Alex gave so naturally: physical and mental strength, integrity, commitment, drive and professionality. Well, when you’re used to excellence, you tend to be unsatisfied with second bests. Of course, this is only my unbiased opinion. Okay, biased opinion.

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            • I guess, we will never know what really happened with McGyuver and it´s actually not our bussiness to know internals. What I know, regardless of what it is about, is that people perceive things in a different way. What I also know is that with showbiz you never hear the real situation because it´s a world of make believe. So I as a viewer/fan can only draw my own conclusions based in the pieces I hear. And even they must not be necessarily true. There are some facts though which can not be ignored.
              I don´t care about P.L. as long as I don´t feel he crossed a line esp. regarding Alex. H5O was a great show and I respect what P.L. did. And you were right with what you wrote in your last post. We, the fans, wanted to see those scenes and we got them. Hollywood at it´s best. I´m just not sure if you always have to give people exactly what people want of whether you can also do it in a different way without loosing fans.
              And yes, I think P.L. expected from LT what Alex was able to give with huge mental and physical strengh, integrity and commitment. And you can often read that actually didn´t always came naturally although Alex, as Scott Caan said, is an natural leader. I don´t know how to write this without being misunderstood: P.L. was glad to have someone like Alex, who was not only fit but was also willing to take a lot of weight on his shoulders and take responsibility and be conciously willing to get injured and give all what he was able to give without taking care of himself …. . He is not only a wonderful actor and director but also a tough man with lots of integrity and courage… . But I think, you can´t expect that and I don´t know, if it was good for Alex in the end. So putting pressure on someone and not see or care about that person´s limits and boundaries imo can be abusive. There is always more than one way to get things done.

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  4. Nancy 13

    I think Peter was very jealous of Alex. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Alex, they have cheered up my day. It’s finally “warmed up” here to 16 degrees from minus 5 this AM. A snowstorm/ice storm is coming, so the pictures of Alex will help keep me warm! thanks again.


  5. Tanya Long

    I hated to see Hawaii Five O end. It was one of my favorite shows and great actors and actresses. I esp love Commander Steve Mcgarrett played by the handsome and sexy Alex O Loughlin.


  6. I completely agree with you on that. Alex was always saying good things about him in all interviews it would have been nice if it had been reciprocated!
    Also I think that he should have taken better care of his leading man, then I feel that Alex wouldn’t have wanted to stop playing Steve McGarrett. Plus I don’t think that it helped when Scott Caan was allowed to be paid the same money for doing less work than Alex!

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  7. Susan Schoppe

    Total agree. When you don’t appreciate someone whether it’s a family situation or someone who makes you a success in business, they will only stay for just so long. I’m surprised Alex stayed as long as he did but that’s what a loyal person like Alex does.


  8. Kathysr

    Alex is drop dead gorgeous in dress blues and dress whites. He takes my breath away. Thank you so much for these beautiful pics of a supremely talented actor who always gave 150%, never phoned it in and injured himself in his commitment to making Hawaii Five-O a great television series. Did Peter Lenkov ACTUALLY SAY that Alex was miscast in Moonlight and Three Rivers? Alex was great in both shows. He single handedly made vampires sexy! And I 100% believed him as the dedicated physician who saved lives by performing tricky and delicate organ transplants. I can’t believe that Peter actually said those things IN PRINT. What an idiot!!!

    I’ve loved Jean Smart since DESIGNING WOMEN, way back in the 1980’s. She was also hilarious on Fraser. She’s a great comedic and dramatic actor. She won two Emmys for Fraser, an Emmy for Samantha Who (I loved that silly show) and now for Hacks.

    Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos. I’m patiently waiting to see what Alex will do next.

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  9. He is amazing actor he any new plan to back on tv


  10. No matter the circumstances around peter lenkov , I can’t tell you how happy these new pics made me. The gifs are an awesome edition. Thank you so much for this post!!


  11. Cassiopea 1000

    No one can accuse me of being a big fan of PL, though I must say that he knows how to create and run a show, and I agree with FOYeur that over the years, he has been faint-hearted in his appreciation for Alex and his work. BTW, what wonderful things has he been saying about Alex since the end of H50? I’ve heard of none.

    One of the things that I resent most is the time he spent with Chi (a whole long dinner, as an extra DVD feature) singing the praises of Chi and his wonderful writing of an epi which, IMHO, was nothing else than a boring family meeting with nothing to do with 50. It hurts me that Alex didn’t get at least the same treatment for DNA. But as regards this comment, I don’t think PL is being disrespectful to Alex and I agree with FOYeur. It was a compliment!

    I don’t think either he used Alex as a sex symbol in H50. Let’s be honest: it was we fans who begged for shirtless scenes, who spent keyboard hours commenting on his pants, his shirts, his strutting. It’s only understandable that PL gave us a little of what we demanded. After all, these shows are all about audience and money, not art. You know, they want a sexy hero, let’s give them a sexy hero. And we enjoyed it, let’s admit it! And the truth is that once the show was well positioned in the market and had a solid fan base, and we focused our attention more on Alex’s acting and less on his good looks, the “sexiness” of the character faded away.

    I didn’t know that PL had said Alex was wrongly cast in ML and TR, but it sounds odd, as he says in a DVD feature that Alex can do anything he wants, comedy, action or drama.

    In any case, thanks for sharing this comment, FOYeur!


  12. Kathysr

    Peter Lenkov is in the outhouse in Hollywood. He’s being banished and shunned. He’s trying desperately to get back into the good graces of his industry. So suddenly he’s full of effusive praise for Alex. LOL,. it’s a little transparent to me. In reading interviews and watching videos during the actual production of the show, Peter had faint praise for Alex. I agree with all the posts here that he didn’t say a lot of wonderful things about Alex at the time. He did at the very beginning of the show to promote it, but then he fell silent afterwards. He said nice things at SOTB events but little else.

    Was he just too busy creating the other two shows for the networks? Benign neglect?: I was always astonished at how little promotion, publicity, print articles and interviews Hawaii Five-O got in the ten years it was on the air. I’d search high and low and could never find anything. I was hungry for interviews with Alex. NCIS had cover articles in TV Guide once or twice a year for ten years running. Crickets for Five-O, and it was high in the ratings.

    Very strange way to promote a hit show.

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    • I completely agree with you. After the initial promotion at the beginning, there was nothing, unless it was because Alex was ill or his son was born or to say something Alex only at sotb. He only called him the big kahuna the first few sotb’s but then stopped.
      He did a heck of a lot more promotion for McGyver and Magnum PI than he ever did for Five 0.

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  13. I never commented much on what happened 2 years ago and I won’t. We know nothing, just hearsay, someone said this and someone said that, someone heard someone saying, some accuse, some defend…
    All I know is that this site is about Alex and I was genuinely pleased reading that PL for once praised Alex. It made me happy (although too late, as I said) and I don’t suspect ulterior motives.
    I am with FOYeur, what he said was a great compliment especially in this context concerning Alex’ awesome looks. As I wrote as a comment to PL’s post: he did not only win the DNA lottery. He won the lottery in decency, commitment, humbleness and talent.
    And that was appreciated. Finally.

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  14. Happy Days

    Happy New Year to everyone in this community and thank you, you most luv-er-ley ladies for continuing to invest your time and effort to bring us your posts – I hope you know that for every dim-witted troll there are many, many grateful like-minded AOL fans who appreciate each and every post you put up on the site. PL went from a position of enormous power and influence (and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that he created a divisive and challenging working environment for those not lucky enough to be part of his ‘inner sanctum’) to almost nothing overnight – that must have been a very bitter pill to swallow and I suspect that he craves the need to stay ‘relevant’ in probably the most fickle back-stabbing industry on the planet. He only has himself to blame and I am still astonished that CBS, undoubtedly a highly misogynistic and polarising network, actually discovered the balls to oust him instead of continuing the sweep these disturbing allegations under the carpet. I always found his effusive praise for almost everyone except Alex, his leading man and driving force for the show, quite perplexing. Maybe Alex distanced himself from the ‘Boys Club’ culture and PL responded by being petty and deliberately reining in his praise of Alex as an actor? The only certainty here is that we can never know for sure what happened behind the scenes but full credit to Alex for never phoning it in and striving so hard to keep the show going so that all the locals kept their jobs. In the audio commentaries of selected episodes it is usually another producer or director who leads the way in praising Alex’s acting/dedication/physical agility/emotional connection with the character and then PL belatedly joins in before rapidly turning the conversation back to himself or whomever he had managed to get on the show as a guest star that week. A little off point, but he usually then blathers on about how he has watched a particular episode ‘like 100 times’. If this is the case then how on earth did he not notice in the series finale that Daiyu Mei told Steve that his father and Wo Fat had never met when we have the ‘soundless’ covert video recording of the two men shaking hands and deep in conversation with Governor Jameson in the Governor’s office in 2×01? They even made a massive deal of the recording by having the ongoing saga of Joe supposedly having it analysed and then bringing in Kensi from NCIS LA to lipread the conversation. Seriously? Really . . . .seriously, just what kind of bone-headed lack of attention to detail was going on in this show from TPTB???? Apologies, back to the case in point . . . I think PL is actually trying to pay Alex a compliment but most likely couldn’t resist throwing in some secret ‘insider’ gossip because it would appear that he loves to look like he is the ‘in’ guy. They even made a joke of this on the show in the stunning ‘Ina paha’ episode where an imprisoned Kamekona turns to McGarrett, looking rather splendid as always in his Navy uniform, and says words to the effect of ” . . . and who might you be, the Stripogram?” I think PL needs all the friends he can get now he has been cast out into the showbiz wilderness after being sent packing on the first bus out of CBS to ‘Obscurity’ so my take is that he meant this to be complimentary and so I am pleased. Too little, too late you ask? Most definitely, but better than nothing at all.

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  15. Karen

    Have not commented here in forever, but wanted to put in my 2 cents. First, thanks so much for the new pics. Even though I fell hard for Lucifer and Tom, Alex is still the most beautiful man ever created. Anyway, we watched all seasons of MacGyver only because there was nothing else to watch at that time slot. I never thought it was a very good show. Magnum is much better. And as far as H50 is concerned, PL and the writers knew what the fans wanted, and gave it to us…especially in the last minute of the series. I loved the ending. Thanks to whoever gave that to me.


  16. brinleyparke

    Where is this quote from?


    • If you click on Plenkov at the beginning of the quote, it will take you to the original post on Peter’s Instagram page.
      However, Peter changed the wording after fans took him on about it.


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