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They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin Is Dedicated And Then Some …

Some recent mention of Alex by Peter Lenkov

March. 2010. First day of shooting the pilot for Hawaii Five-0.Alex arrives in his full dress. Medal salad glistening. Looking like the formidable SEAL I imagined when I was writing. One of the crew leans over and whispers to me “He’s so handsome. He looks like a male stripper just before he rips off his uniform”. 😳 He was right. Alex won the DNA lottery… and that can be a negative for many reasons on a show like this… but AOL’s acting… his dedication to the character… keeping it honest… is what got us to 240 episodes.

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In my opinion Peter Lenkov has been saying wonderful thing about Alex since the end of Hawaii Five-0, but for me personally it is kind of too little and too late. Maybe if he had shown more of this appreciation over the course of the 10 seasons, there would have been more than 10 …..


Some pictures to remind us 

And some gifs

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Alex and Jean Smart on H50 set – 6 March 2010

So great to see Jean winning the latest Emmy and also the Golden Globe last week as “Leading Actress in a Comedy Series” for her wonderful performance in Hacks. It is a pity her talents were only used for 4 episodes of H50.


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