Transcript: BTS of #H50 Season 6 with funny man #AlexOLoughlin

Just another old video that we needed to do a transcript for. 

Alex is so cute and funny in it.


Alex: Oh, Hi … Hi

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Sorry, I was sleeping.

How’s it going guys?

We’re going to have a little walk around. We are wrapping up Season 6.

I think … what are we at? Hundred and Forty Seven (147)* now? It’s pretty crazy.

(*It was actually episode 143)

This is Episode 25 of Season 6 and I thought we could go and say ‘Hello’ to a couple of people who make it happen.

So let’s go. Come on in here. 

Jeff is our key in make-up. And he is the guy, who almost from the beginning, has made the show look as incredible as it does. And as believable as it does.

[Short clip from make-up of Episode 6:01]

Jeff: You are ready for your close-up sir.

Alex: Yeah, Jeff. Why don’t you say ‘Hi’. And be … be friendly.

s6 set tour 3

Jeff: Hello audience. Thank you for looking into our world. This is the make-up and hair trailer. I’m the make-up department head on the show. And I’ve been here pretty much since day one. When it comes to  … [Grace Park fixes his hair by adding a clip in it]

Thank you. You’re fixing it? Does this look better? 

Alex: That was Grace Park, just destroying the shot.

Jeff: Anyways. Yeah, I’ve been here since day one, pretty much, with Alex O’Loughlin here, making him look this handsome. He comes in here looking quite trollish, in the morning. And we make him taller and we make him fitter. And we make him more handsome. He’s bald – completely. And he’s about 60 years old.

Alex: Enough Jeff. Thank you so much for your time.

Jeff: [Laughing] Bye

[Alex moving over to the hair stylists]

Alex: This is one of my wigs. [Lots of laughs]

It’s my take home wig. I come in here wearing this. Then they take that off and then they put this wig on. [Pointing at his real hair]

This is Tena ..

Tena: Hi.

Alex:  ….. Parker who is the head of our hair department. And Joanne works very closely with her.

Joanne looks after Danno.

They are really good friends as well as co-workers. So this is a very important place for us delicate actors.

Okay, let’s go.

[Alex moving on to the next location with set PA]

Alex: This is Phoebe. Some people call her Phebe. 

Phoebe: Phebe.

Alex: Thank you Phoebe. 

[At the door to the main stage]

So this is the main stage.

 [Whispering] It’s the back way.

[Enters the main stage set]

So this is our very hardworking and dedicated crew. These guys are the first to arrive and the last to leave every day. And if it wasn’t for these guys, on every shoot … television for film shoot, we wouldn’t have any TV or film to watch.

s6 set tour 7

This is Michael Neumann one of our two first AD’s [First Assistant Director]. This guy runs this show and makes sure everything happens the way it is supposed to happen.

[Clip of some filming]


He does half the amount of episodes I do. So he works half as hard as I do.

[Alex jokingly pushing Michael away to welcome Brian Spicer]


This is Brian Spicer. Brian is directing this episode. What do you direct? Like 6 a year? 

Brian: Five (5).

Alex: Five a year.

[Clip of Brian busy directing Episode 6:01]

Brian is not only one of our talented directors, he is also  the producing director (co-executive producer) of the entire show.

So Brian makes sure when other directors don’t ….

Brian: ….. they don’t look you in the eye.

Alex: They don’t … they can’t. That’s in my contract now. So, that’s all fixed up.

Brian: Yeah.

[Jokingly looking at his small shirt]

I don’t know about these youth shirts. This is like a youth medium. 

Brian: They said you wanted smaller shirts, to make everything else bigger.

Alex: I don’t have to work out anymore. I just put on these smaller shirts.

[In a different location to Ronald Wright (Boom Operator) ]

Alex: You’re the boom guy, among other things. And you also set up all our body mics.

Ronald: Yes. all the body mics

Alex: And I do very, very, very little voice over stuff with this team of sound guys. The least I’ve ever done in any job.

So can you tell the guys about that a little bit.

Ronald: Well, the body mics are to protect all the dialogue of what has been said. And then whatever we can’t get on the body mics, we try to put a boom over the top outside the camera frames. So we can capture all the dialogue. Even all the effects that are even being done by our actors. 

Alex: The other thing is to know about Ron. His clearly …. he’s a big beautiful specimen of a man. And he’s like best hugger on set. So if I’m having a bad day we just go in for one of these. Are you ready.

Ronald: Yeah, I’m ready.

Alex: Here we go. Oh …. [Beep]

It’s amazing.

Ron, enough … that’s enough.

[Moving on to other members of the crew (Brian Wallace & Moku Ribuca ]

Alex: Guys can you talk a little bit about what you guys as grips do on a film set.

s6 set tour 8

Moku: What we basically do, is make Alex look good.

Yeah, we defuse light and  spread it out. Shape it, to make it look perfect. As actors always look perfect, it’s because of us. 

Alex: Which is actually true. Actors don’t always look perfect, but when they do, it’s because of these guys. 

[Looking at a suitcase full of guns with Jennings Fowler]

Alex: I see you have a suitcase full of guns.

Jennings: We do.

Alex: Are they real guns?

Jennings: They are real. These are real guns. We just don’t use any real bullets, because that would be very dangerous. We do use blanks very often because as you know we shoot a lot of guns in this television show.

Alex: Right.

Jennings: But, they are real guns. They just have plugs in them. There’s no bullets in this clip here. Where I show other people.

There’s no bullet’s in the chambers, see. You see?

Alex: Yeah. Let me hear it? Looks good.

Jennings: Right.

Say … Can you say goodbye to people?

Jennings: Goodbye people.

s6 set tour 11

Alex to Perry Daniel (Prop Assistant): Can you say goodbye to the people?

Perry: Goodbye people.

Alex: Bye.

And Perry, I’m sorry we didn’t get more time with you.

Perry: I don’t know anything, but he’s the gun guy.

Alex: Perry knows quite a lot ….

Perry: I know about license plates, okay.

Jennings: Yeah.

Alex: Which I think we all agree, are less interesting.


s6 set tour 9

Alex: Okay guys. So I … I’m clearly not very good at this.

But I’ve had a really good time taking you guys around the set today. And introducing you to a few of the …. There are so many more people I wish you could meet, because it takes a village to … to do something like this. To make a show like this.

But we really appreciate all these guys that tune in every week. And we love you. And hopefully many more years to come.



Link to Video


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78 responses to “Transcript: BTS of #H50 Season 6 with funny man #AlexOLoughlin

  1. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. I don’t remember this. Was it a DVD extra? Alex is so adorable !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marcerizo

    Thank you FOYeur, for this!!!! This is a fun way to help us through this looooong wait; to help all of us who long to see Alex in a new movie or show. Let’s keep waiting, in the meantime, let us watch more material like this, to help us patiently endure this endless hiatus in Alex’s career.
    Mahalo nui loa

    Liked by 1 person

  3. D. Havard

    Damn I miss 5 0. Reruns are nice, but remember how great it was waiting for the new season to start. Sob!

    Thanks for the memories.


  4. Nancy 13

    Thank you for this! It made a smiley day out of just an “ok” day today.


  5. Kathysr

    Thank you! I never got the DVDs, so I’ve never seen any of these wonderful extras. Thank you for transcribing this delightful behind the scenes video narrated by Alex. As always he’s funny, charming, adorable and gorgeous.


  6. Great, funny guy, who doesn´t take himself serious and gives credit to all his crew. Like him a lot. And his tour was really interesting. ❤
    Thank you for posting this, FOYeur. It made my day.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. LOL. And did you realise Alex was making fun of us poor German speaking people (and maybe of a couple of other country`s people)? He said, some people call that hairdresser lady “Phöbe” instead of Fibi (both German way of spelling). How dare you, Alex? 😛 😉 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Cassiopea 1000

    Back and as good as new! Modern surgery is simply magic!

    And a nice surprise on my return! Thank you, FOYeur! Nothing like a new post to speed up recovery!

    I have the DVD and watched that extra, but at the time, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. There were so many exciting news all the time! But now, in these days of scarcity, it is very welcome and I fully appreciate Alex’s sense of humor, his non-star attitude (and by S6, he must have been aware that he was carrying the weight of the show on his shoulders), and his constant flow of kind words, even if they are hidden under a goofy coat.

    He really leaves you with only two options: to love him or to love him. What else?

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Alexoloughlinlover

    I miss Alex so very much


  10. Cassiopea 1000

    A fan commented to PL that Scott had a new show and asked him if he knew if Alex had a new project. PL answered “Not that I know of”.

    People in the street are asking me to refrain from sighing so deeply, as I raise the dust from the pavement and ladies look as if they had combed their hair with a coffee grinder…

    Oh, Alex, Alex…!


    • Of course, that would be his answer.
      He is not Alex’s keeper or agent and would not know his affairs.
      And also he know that it would be too unprofessional to answer on behalf of Alex.
      Until official announcements of projects are made it is nobody’s business what Alex is negotiating or doing. That only creates rumours and could be bad for such projects.
      So don’t be too disheartened – his answer means nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Cassiopea 1000

    Hi Paula,

    Even if Alex is giving you an extended (and unwelcome) hiatus and you are rather invisible these days, we don’t forget you!

    So I wish you a very, very happy birthday, dear Paula! And if you eat anything chocolate, as I hope you will, think of me and eat a bite to my health 😀😀😀!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Cassiopea 1000

    September 16. That was the date of your last post. This is painful. Very painful. Not that you, FOYeur, can do anything about it, given that the man is obviously getting a perverse pleasure from keeping us in the dark. Or can you?

    As I see it, desperate situations call for desperate measures, so could you please:

    1. Take a quick trip to Diamond Head (I’m sure you know exactly
    where to go, and if you don’t, it’ll take YOU two minutes to find
    out), and drop by his house.

    2. Make sure he’s alone at home, just in case.

    3. Extract information from him at any cost. If he doesn’t spill the
    beans willingly, you are entitled to use wofatty techniques. That’s
    why he must be alone at home, just in case it gets messy. You may
    have to be heavily insistent, he being as talkative as an anemic
    oyster these days.
    3.1. Tip: Visit the Kaimuki Ace Hardware store, in Waialae Ave.
    They have plenty of tools and devices you can use as
    boosters to “help” him talk. After all, the end justifies the
    3.2. Don’t forget to get the receipts. As you know, all your
    expenses will be refunded you upon presentment of your
    expenses sheet to the treasurer of the Alex’s Enraged Fans

    4. Take a few days to recover from the jet lag after your return trip.
    We trust you to take only the days you need. Please don’t start
    reveling in the memories of the blessed hours you will have spent
    with him, thus extending our agony. Especially if instead of wofatty
    techniques, you have successfully used the cuddling and
    pampering ones.

    5. Upload a stunning post with all the news. It will be received with
    fruition, as if it were the very last can of Long Board in the Gobi
    Desert, believe me! And don’t forget that if he has been partial to
    cuddling and pampering techniques, all the details of the
    interrogation will be requested.

    This is only a suggestion of mine, of course, but I am sure that most of my fellow fans here, if not all, will agree with me that drastic measures must be taken. Life without Alex is as exciting as the study of bryology. I mean, what is the survey of the structure and reproduction in living pteridophytes compared to a new pic of Alex with a mischievous grin? Or much better still, to Alex with a new project?

    FOYeur, now you know what you have to do. So just do it! Don’t do it for me. Do it for us all. Please!

    Liked by 4 people

    • lindae5o

      Thanks, Cassiopea 1000. I am now on the verge of real despair. If we don’t hear of anything new for Alex by the end of the year, I think it will send me right over the edge.
      I recently re-read this sites’ article, (I think from October 2016) about Alex’s views on Hollywood, and not wanting to leave Hawaii. It gave me chills!
      We have had the great pleasure of seeing Alex in all his projects for the past thirteen years. Being part of the fandom, and anticipating each weeks’
      appearance was pure joy. Now, withdrawal is painful.


      • It has actually only been less than 2 months since we last saw something new from Alex – it is not that long (only 7 weeks). 😉 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • lindae5o

          I was referring to news of a new project for Alex.


          • Well yes. He is a great workaholic. Reads what we write and jumps out of his cozy armchair to jump immediatelly on a new project to satisfy our burning demands. Just give that man a break. He worked his butt off and now deserves time for himself doing Jui-Jitsu and stuff he likes and getting completely back on his feet after one year of laziness and of just messing around with his family 😉 How can he survive Foyeur´s torture if he is on sleeping mode? 😀
            To reply to your post: I think, he wants to work. Otherwise he would have told he´s retiring and also would not appear in public anymore. We know, what a private person he is. I guess, he is just not ready yet to work or has not found the right project yet. And honestly: If he is not ready yet but begins too early it´s not good for him. We should stay patient until further notice. As long as he did not say, he´ll quit working as an actor, I will wait.


      • Cassiopea 1000

        Lindae, at long last someone who understand me! Real despair, going over the edge, the chills… All these are the only words my vocabulary is made of these days.

        If FOYeur thinks that the “something new” she mentions (see below) is enough for us real, loyal, genuine, authentic, heartfelt, unwavering fans, she’s very much mistaken. Plus she doesn’t have any sense of time. Her “only 7 weeks” are being endured by us as 7 geological eras. Ah, well, nobody’s perfect, not even our FOYeur.


    • Dear Cassiopea
      Well, I preempted your request and took that trip a while back. Hang glided from Diamond Head and when a freakish wind hid me, I crash-landed in their yard. Been held captive here since then (hence my silence)
      We have been exchanging lots of thoughts since then – no need for any torture methods. He was quite willing to answer all and any questions.
      Think I will ghostwrite his memoirs – we are still negotiating on the terms of it.
      Also took loads of pictures – especially some of the tattoos we do not normally see ….. 😉 Maybe one day I will be able to share them – a girl can always dream.
      I borrowed one of the kids’ computers just to get this message out – since I saw your desperation. (hopefully, when I start to write the memoirs, I will be able to get my own and maybe post more again)
      Not sure how long I will still be captive here. But I am sure you will understand that I am in no hurry to escape.
      😀 😀 😀
      Regards F

      Liked by 4 people

      • Cassiopea, FOYeur, Ladies! You are killing me here.
        Hanggliding into pterydophytes! Means hanggliding into something I never knew existed. LOL.
        And please FOYeur, don’t use wofatty torture technics. It wont work. Maybe just sit on his kitchen counter and dannoy the hell out of him. Don’t think he is a Saint like Steve.
        (Or maybe you could be just totally awesome and talk about *cough* *ahem*….. meeee? Ask him if he would be interested in exploring the Luke Anderson story a little bit further? He just needs to learn some German. ;-))

        Liked by 1 person

        • Dear leiCa
          Of course, your name comes up on a regular basis in our chats. He’s been asking about his greatest (naughtiest, funniest) fans … and no conversation about it is complete without adding your name to that list…. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          • *giggles* I’m flattered.
            But don’t tell him everything. Please….

            Liked by 1 person

            • I try very hard not to reveal too much about anybody or anything. But it is an exercise in futility. He just bats those eyelashes at me and all my resistance crumbles. I just blurt out all our secrets 😮


              • Oh dear. If you do so we should be prepared for the infamous “death stare” or to be teased to death like that poor reporter lady from Australia who needed to bribe him with Australian goodies to survive his naughtiness (I hope, you brought some of these with you.).


            • Cassiopea 1000

              I don’t know if you should feel flattered. Unknown to you, I have appointed you treasurer of the Alex’s Enraged Fans Association, so eventually you’ll receive all FOYeur’ s bills. Paying them comes with the number of times she has mentioned your name to him, so get the cash ready!


        • Cassiopea 1000

          I’m lost. What’s that Luke Anderson story? And that learning German thing?
          (BTW, I haven’t the foggiest idea about what a pterydophyte is. But it sounded great, didn’t it? 😄😄😄)


          • I always loved the Luke character, so heartbreaking and so well acted. So I decided writing a long a55 story to make him happy twelve years later. (He went to prison at the end of the show, I had to contemplate that. So Alex age would be perfect)
            And I wrote it in my native language.
            I looked these pterythings up. And the poor suckers produce neither flowers nor seeds.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Cassiopea 1000

              I looked up Luke A. before asking but found he is a) a real basketball player; 2) a real drummer with the Elevation Worship music band; 3) a real winner of one of the British editions of Big Brothers. No idea yours was a character. I’ve looked up a55 too, and it’s a highway in France, which doesn’t help, LOL!

              But never mind. I’m sure the “epi” you wrote would be a huge success if shot and aired. You’re much better at writing that the so-called writers who harped on at us about the restaurant stuff. I say!

              Liked by 1 person

            • Now you make me curious. What is that Luke Anderson story? *scratching head*


            • Cassiopea 1000

              Thanks for the YT tip, leiCa. I am trully an unilluminated. And me thinking I knew it all about Alex LOL! I’ve watched the show, of course. Jesus, Alex can act!

              Will Alex ever finish a show or moving in splendor? I mean, shot to death in Mary Briant. Dead in Whiteout. Doomed in ML. Having to live for the rest of his life among smelly oysters and the smelly shoes of his crazy girlfriend in OF, or among smelly goat cheese and smelly napkins in TBP. Leaving paradise with a woman who is prone to breaking his heart every few months in H50. Left to die slowly in Feed…

              Like antjekreutz, I’d like to know what sequel you wrote. I can’t see Luke has many options, he having practically been caught in the act of murdering a man. What have you done with him?

              Liked by 1 person

              • What have I done? Well, in short:
                12 years later, out of prison (In my world the guy he shot survived).
                Met his 12 year old nephew who adores him.
                Opens a diner in his mother (died when he was in prison, never visited him) ‘chocolate dog cafe’.
                Names his diner Luke-Ullus, an idea of his nephew, who is awesome btw.
                Reconnects with his brother and sister in law.
                Meets his nephew’s soccer trainer Kayleigh.
                Loooove happens.
                But his past interferes. Gets injured but fights, saved by Kayleigh.
                Then saves Kayleigh, survives again.
                Comes to the conclusion at the end that maybe, just maybe he will no longer be UnLucky Luke. That he has the right to be happy. Finally.
                Writing a sequel of my sequel these days. Drama baby. But he is awesome!

                Liked by 2 people

                • He his awesome indeed. That scene when Luke had the car crash and right after that crash apparently still being in a state of shock, he came across like a young, vulnerable child and not like the murderer he just became. It´s impossible to not like someone like him and feel you just have to protect him.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • THAT scene! After the car crash, that did it for me. That’s what the Alexpressions do. From an angry, kind of abandoned son, to murderer who does not care about the other or about himself, who just wants it to end, to lonely lost, hurt little boy. “I miss him so much”. In this scene you could see the crack in his hardened shell. That where the pain comes in and – in my sequel – that’s where the light comes in. And that’s his opportunity for redemption or salvation. With the help of people who really love him, a sensation, a feeling, an affection he never had since he witnessed his father’s murder.
                    But all in all UnLucky Luke is a love and crime book, with a traumatized, insecure hero. It’s not Goethe, Schiller or Brontë. 😉


                • Cassiopea 1000

                  Wow, that would be a plausible, valid sequel. It would give Alex good stuff to sink his teeth into. Somewhere along the story, I imagine you have worked on all the mental process Luke has gone through to leave behind the bitter, distressed, vengeful, unmanageable boy to become a man with some sort of happy, even if complicated, future before him.

                  Wow, I just can see Alex playing with his array of Alexpressions! Great!

                  You’re really taking forever to submit your script to him. In English, bitte, or it will take him forever to read it in German!

                  Liked by 2 people

                  • leica already offered her couch for German lessons. 😛 😉 I agree: It would be interesting to see Alex in a story like this. He did a similar story already in “The Invisible”. So maybe not different enough for him. I wished, he would do a story one day in which his character comes from a pretty “low” situation healthwise, emotionally, or …. and really has to decide whether he gives up or starts to fight and also show that struggle.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • But for Marcus Bohem we didn’t get any background. He was just ‘there’. What is a shame if you ask me. Alex showed a glimpse of how torn this character was. He gave him dimensions.

                      Liked by 1 person

              • Oh, btw. You forgot poor Eric. EEEK!


              • Hm, not having many options? I don´t know if this is true. I don´t know about Australia´s system of justice but over here in Germany he would be released from prison longest after 15 years, probably earlier. And if he is willing to change his life and be able to f.e. go back to school or decide to do something else he would have almost every option he wants to have. That would probably not be easy but he could do it. He had to overcome personal obstacles, prejudices of the community towards former prisoners and maybe struggle to stay away from former “friends”. But you can achieve a lot if you really want it and be dedicated to do it. And there are people out there who are willing to help you achieve your goals, too. Too idealistic? Maybe. But I believe, it´s possible. Lots of people have proven it is.


                • Btw. I didn´t write anything yet. I´m actually not a writer. But if I had to write a sequel, I probably would write it the way I mentioned: Since he was probably traumatized by what had happened to his dad and tried to stay on top of it by becoming a criminal and took revenge by that muder he commited – at least that´s how I perceive the original story – he might need a reason to change and/or someone who helps him deal what had happened and the hard feelings involved. In my story he comes out of prison and starts to fight for a new future with the help of people who are willing to support him.

                  – The other (not) option would be that he stays the way he is, still lost, furious and bitter for what had happened to him and goes back into his old life. That would very likely lead to him getting back to prison or even getting killed. Or on a more”harmless” note becomming addiced to drugs or alcohol (which of course could be a “wake-up call” for him)


                • Cassiopea 1000

                  Ah, then you think like leiCa. Her story is all about what you say. It must be your German minds.

                  Whereas my Spanish one tells me that a boy who has gone through the terrible experience of seeing his father shot, who has felt he was abandoned by the system, who has turned into a reckless young man with revenge as the sole drive in his mind, who is able to murder a man in cold blood, and who has spent 12 or 15 years in prison with who knows what sort of criminals, is past redemption.

                  But I like leiCa’s story. After all, it’s fiction. If we have seen McG jumping from the top of a tunnel onto a moving truck without batting an eyelid, we can believe that Luke can have a happy future.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • So you don´t believe in second chances or rehabilitation? Just asking. Over here it´s a real issue. Well, not everybody believes in it but our system is built that way. But I also think, it´s personal choice to think that way. If you believe in it many things are possible. You just have to make the system work and also offer support to the one who needs it.


                    • Just to add: “Support” can also mean not to have prejudices towards convicted fellons. If everybody is against a person that person needs huge strength to fight regardless of how people think about him or her. Everybody can make personal choices to not see “the bad person” because usually there is a reason why a person became what he or she is now.
                      Oh well. Sorry Foyeur. This was completely off topic now.


                    • Cassiopea 1000

                      Of course I believe in second chances and rehabiliation. But I aso think that some people are past redemption.
                      But it’s true that we are too much off topic now, so I won’t go further on this subject. Let’s stick to the idea of Luke having a bright future!

                      Liked by 1 person

      • Cassiopea 1000

        Crash-land directly in his yard! That was brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that myself?

        But, oh FOYeur! I never thought I would say that, but I will: I hate you! Here you are, captive in his house, exchanging lots of thoughts with him, bursting with loads of pictures we haven’t seen and plenty of info we know nothing about, and you are not even trying to escape to share all this with us.

        Mind, if I were in your place, I wouldn’t dream of escaping. What is more, I would weld myself in the middle of his drawing room to be sure I don’t miss him as he comes and goes. But then, I don’t have your responsibility, which is to treat us with Alexian stuff on a regular basis. You know, you cannot run such a great blog for so long and hope to skip out on us that easily!


  13. FOYeur, I think it’s about time to make a post about Luke. I know, Paula told me that screens are hard to do, because the original dvd is no longer available and the quality we get is greasy, but still.

    How can it be that there are still fans who don’t know about this role of Alex? He was awesome.
    For those who don’t know search Black Jack, Sweet Science on YT. It could quench your Alex thirst. 😉
    FOYeur, heal the unilluminated (is that a word?) 😜😇

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Oh FOYeur, we became totally off topic here. I hope that is okay. It is all Cassiopea’s fault… She started it. 😋😉

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Cassiopea 1000

    Hi guys, I have a “technical problem” when I open the Intense Study. Instead of getting this post, the page opens with one of last June (#AlexOLoughlin’s Diary (#7): Beyond #H50 (April 2020 – …..)”. No matter what I’ve tried, the result is the same. I don’t get this last post.

    Is this happening to someone else too or is it only me? Any one here with Jerry Ortega’s skills who could help me, please?


    • LOL
      You can blame me. I have set it up like that. People keep asking what he is doing and that is the page where we post all his new movements since H50 ended.
      So I have set it as the home page. I will change it again when we make any new posts 🙂


  16. lindae5o

    For anyone who doesn’t know already, there is an Alex O’Loughlin calendar
    for 2022, on ebay.


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