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Transcript: BTS of #H50 Season 6 with funny man #AlexOLoughlin

Just another old video that we needed to do a transcript for. 

Alex is so cute and funny in it.


Alex: Oh, Hi … Hi

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Sorry, I was sleeping.

How’s it going guys?

We’re going to have a little walk around. We are wrapping up Season 6.

I think … what are we at? Hundred and Forty Seven (147)* now? It’s pretty crazy.

(*It was actually episode 143)

This is Episode 25 of Season 6 and I thought we could go and say ‘Hello’ to a couple of people who make it happen.

So let’s go. Come on in here. 

Jeff is our key in make-up. And he is the guy, who almost from the beginning, has made the show look as incredible as it does. And as believable as it does.

[Short clip from make-up of Episode 6:01]

Jeff: You are ready for your close-up sir.

Alex: Yeah, Jeff. Why don’t you say ‘Hi’. And be … be friendly.

s6 set tour 3

Jeff: Hello audience. Thank you for looking into our world. This is the make-up and hair trailer. I’m the make-up department head on the show. And I’ve been here pretty much since day one. When it comes to  … [Grace Park fixes his hair by adding a clip in it]

Thank you. You’re fixing it? Does this look better? 

Alex: That was Grace Park, just destroying the shot.

Jeff: Anyways. Yeah, I’ve been here since day one, pretty much, with Alex O’Loughlin here, making him look this handsome. He comes in here looking quite trollish, in the morning. And we make him taller and we make him fitter. And we make him more handsome. He’s bald – completely. And he’s about 60 years old.

Alex: Enough Jeff. Thank you so much for your time.

Jeff: [Laughing] Bye

[Alex moving over to the hair stylists]

Alex: This is one of my wigs. [Lots of laughs]

It’s my take home wig. I come in here wearing this. Then they take that off and then they put this wig on. [Pointing at his real hair]

This is Tena ..

Tena: Hi.

Alex:  ….. Parker who is the head of our hair department. And Joanne works very closely with her.

Joanne looks after Danno.

They are really good friends as well as co-workers. So this is a very important place for us delicate actors.

Okay, let’s go.

[Alex moving on to the next location with set PA]

Alex: This is Phoebe. Some people call her Phebe. 

Phoebe: Phebe.

Alex: Thank you Phoebe. 

[At the door to the main stage]

So this is the main stage.

 [Whispering] It’s the back way.

[Enters the main stage set]

So this is our very hardworking and dedicated crew. These guys are the first to arrive and the last to leave every day. And if it wasn’t for these guys, on every shoot … television for film shoot, we wouldn’t have any TV or film to watch.

s6 set tour 7

This is Michael Neumann one of our two first AD’s [First Assistant Director]. This guy runs this show and makes sure everything happens the way it is supposed to happen.

[Clip of some filming]


He does half the amount of episodes I do. So he works half as hard as I do.

[Alex jokingly pushing Michael away to welcome Brian Spicer]


This is Brian Spicer. Brian is directing this episode. What do you direct? Like 6 a year? 

Brian: Five (5).

Alex: Five a year.

[Clip of Brian busy directing Episode 6:01]

Brian is not only one of our talented directors, he is also  the producing director (co-executive producer) of the entire show.

So Brian makes sure when other directors don’t ….

Brian: ….. they don’t look you in the eye.

Alex: They don’t … they can’t. That’s in my contract now. So, that’s all fixed up.

Brian: Yeah.

[Jokingly looking at his small shirt]

I don’t know about these youth shirts. This is like a youth medium. 

Brian: They said you wanted smaller shirts, to make everything else bigger.

Alex: I don’t have to work out anymore. I just put on these smaller shirts.

[In a different location to Ronald Wright (Boom Operator) ]

Alex: You’re the boom guy, among other things. And you also set up all our body mics.

Ronald: Yes. all the body mics

Alex: And I do very, very, very little voice over stuff with this team of sound guys. The least I’ve ever done in any job.

So can you tell the guys about that a little bit.

Ronald: Well, the body mics are to protect all the dialogue of what has been said. And then whatever we can’t get on the body mics, we try to put a boom over the top outside the camera frames. So we can capture all the dialogue. Even all the effects that are even being done by our actors. 

Alex: The other thing is to know about Ron. His clearly …. he’s a big beautiful specimen of a man. And he’s like best hugger on set. So if I’m having a bad day we just go in for one of these. Are you ready.

Ronald: Yeah, I’m ready.

Alex: Here we go. Oh …. [Beep]

It’s amazing.

Ron, enough … that’s enough.

[Moving on to other members of the crew (Brian Wallace & Moku Ribuca ]

Alex: Guys can you talk a little bit about what you guys as grips do on a film set.

s6 set tour 8

Moku: What we basically do, is make Alex look good.

Yeah, we defuse light and  spread it out. Shape it, to make it look perfect. As actors always look perfect, it’s because of us. 

Alex: Which is actually true. Actors don’t always look perfect, but when they do, it’s because of these guys. 

[Looking at a suitcase full of guns with Jennings Fowler]

Alex: I see you have a suitcase full of guns.

Jennings: We do.

Alex: Are they real guns?

Jennings: They are real. These are real guns. We just don’t use any real bullets, because that would be very dangerous. We do use blanks very often because as you know we shoot a lot of guns in this television show.

Alex: Right.

Jennings: But, they are real guns. They just have plugs in them. There’s no bullets in this clip here. Where I show other people.

There’s no bullet’s in the chambers, see. You see?

Alex: Yeah. Let me hear it? Looks good.

Jennings: Right.

Say … Can you say goodbye to people?

Jennings: Goodbye people.

s6 set tour 11

Alex to Perry Daniel (Prop Assistant): Can you say goodbye to the people?

Perry: Goodbye people.

Alex: Bye.

And Perry, I’m sorry we didn’t get more time with you.

Perry: I don’t know anything, but he’s the gun guy.

Alex: Perry knows quite a lot ….

Perry: I know about license plates, okay.

Jennings: Yeah.

Alex: Which I think we all agree, are less interesting.


s6 set tour 9

Alex: Okay guys. So I … I’m clearly not very good at this.

But I’ve had a really good time taking you guys around the set today. And introducing you to a few of the …. There are so many more people I wish you could meet, because it takes a village to … to do something like this. To make a show like this.

But we really appreciate all these guys that tune in every week. And we love you. And hopefully many more years to come.



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#AlexOLoughlin Training with @EganInoue

Thank you Egan for demonstrating some BJJ moves with Alex!!

Technique Sunday, since we weren’t able to gather this weekend, here’s one of the moves Sensei Egan was going to cover…more to come!

We can only hope that there will be more to come …….

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