Happy Birthday Alex ♥



by | August 24, 2021 · 13:31

18 responses to “Happy Birthday Alex ♥

  1. kaygeonan

    Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, hottest man on the planet. Hope you have an awesome day. Penblwydd Hapus from Wales Uk xx

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  2. …or in July! But I forgive you this, Paula. I am a generous person.
    Round about 17 years later I am still fan’girling’, Alex! Although I have to say nature is very kind to you. Or maybe it’s your energy and passion and commitment.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, altes Haus!

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  3. coby Duijn van

    Happy Birthday Alex have a nice day and I love your T-shirt.
    Kind regards from the Netherlands

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  4. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people ever! ❤️🖤

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  5. Diane Murach

    Happy birthday! Have some time for yourself and time with the family. Thank you for all the great entertainment.

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  6. CassG

    I wish Alex a very very happy birthday!! 🎈🎉🥳May he enjoy this day and many more to come. May he continue to be blessed and safe and healthy to once again bring to us the fruits of his labor to again cherish and enjoy! Much love to Alex!😘❤

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  7. Susan

    Happy Birthday Alex! Many more. Miss seeing you, every week. Hope you and your family are well. Be safe.

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  8. Tanya Y Long

    Happy Birthday Alex I miss you on Hawaii Five O as Commander Steve Mcgarrett. But you will always be my Steve. What a hunk you are.

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  9. Happy Birthday, Alex! Have a wonderful, relaxing day surrounded by – at least in the virtual world – the people who are dear to your heart with time for yourself as well and a huge delicious chocolate cake despite of all the nonsense like tropical storms and pandemics and stuff. You are one of the most inspirational, humble, funny and gentle people I have „met“. May you sincerely be loved and cherished as a person and as an artist. May this day bring happiness, health and new opportunities in your life and may you be able to achive everything you hope and dream of. Always be blessed! You and your family stay safe!

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  10. liliyabatyuk

    Happy Birthday, Alex! You have done a lot in your acting profession. You have a wonderful family. What to wish in this case? Many new interesting roles in cinema, a good health, and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires.

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  11. Janina Paluch

    Happy birthday Alex,

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  12. lindae5o

    Happy Birthday, Alex!! I wish you only great things. Please come back to us soon. We miss you so much!!!

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  13. amytemple9815

    Happy birthday, Alex. Wishing you a wonderful day. Hope you are getting some much needed rest.


  14. Deborah A Robben

    Happy 🎂 Birthday Alex. Thanks for being a great role model to young people. You’re sexy and extremely handsome. You have a beautiful ❤️ soul.

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  15. Patricia Chow

    Happy Birthday Alex 🍰🎉🎈🎉🎉🍸🥃🍰


  16. Naomi K

    Aloha Alex and Happy Birthday. I hope that you get what you want and need – a week away from everything all by yourself…in the mountains…hills. Hope you rec’d the letter I sent June 10th. You really are an angel’s glow…


  17. Kathysr

    Happy Birthday, Alex. I hope you’re happy, healthy, spending time with loved ones and busy planning future projects for all of us to enjoy in the near future!


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