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Interesting new /old picture of #AlexOLoughlin

Once in a while an old picture of Alex, that we have never seen before, pops up

– this is one from the Moonlight days.


#alexoloughlin Lake Hollywood photographed by @patrickpjcorcoran #hawaii50 #actor #portrait #hollywood #aussie
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#H50 SOTB 2018 – #AlexOLoughlin with iHeartRadio Honolulu

Another short little interview with Alex on the red carpet of SOTB for Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 in September 2018

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Scotty B: The Man – It’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 – Can you believe it?

Alex: I …. It’s very hard to believe.

But I’m one of the men. There’s a bunch of men involved in this

Yeah, but I can’t believe it. It’s incredible. We’re still here and we’re still doing it.

Scotty B: Now the accent, obviously you’ve used it for this long. Does it come in and out effortlessly at this point?

Alex: My American accent?

Scotty B: Yes.

Alex: Yeah, I mean it’s funny, my wife, who’s around somewhere  looking stunning – she tells me that on Friday night I’m like fully American and then by Monday morning I’m an Aussie again.

So, it’s sort of like … it’s like the tide. You know what I mean? But yeah, it’s not a thing …. it’s just … it just … I don’t think about it.

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Scotty B: Well I know that you’ve done a lot for the folks here in Hawaii. Not just stuff that people see. But I know we’ve had some devastation at times, and we’ve had to help with.

And you … you guys at Hawaii Five-0, and specifically you, have always been there to help out. We appreciate it.

Alex: Thank you man. No, it’s a pleasure. Anything we can do, we want to do.

And, you know, the community here is as important to us and the employment that we bring to the community, as anything else. You know, and the success of the show is .. is .. is inclusive of that stuff at an equal emphasis, as anything else.

So you know, whatever we can do, we want … we want to be a part of it.

Scotty B: Hey, we appreciate you. Good luck with Season 9.

Alex: Thank you. Thank you man. I appreciate it

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You can also watch the interviews with the rest of the cast here

Full Video:


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#AlexOLoughlin at the #H50 Blessing for Season 7

Yesterday, 5 years ago – the H50 Season 7 Blessing took place. 

When we originally shared the footage of the Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Blessing of 6 July 2016, we did not have the transcripts of the videos ready yet. 

Billy V from Sunrise at Hawaii News Now was broadcasting live from the beach.

These are the interviews he did with Alex.

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Facebook Live

Billy: Hi gang. We know you’ve been waiting and we apologize for the wait. And we’re about to go live on TV, but we’ve got a couple of moments, so we’ve got the one and only Alex O’Loughlin here.

So we’ve got a bunch of people … oh, look at the hearts and likes that are all going up …

Alex: Is that for you? 

Billy: That’s live. No that’s for you.

Alex: Look how many hearts you get.

Billy: That’s you.

Alex: No, that’s me. That picture is me. But these hearts are going towards you.

Look they’re flowing into your chest.

Billy: How are the off season? How was the off season? What did … what did you do, real quick?

Alex: It was ….. I didn’t do much. I ate my way across Europe. So, you know …

Billy: [Laughing]

Alex: Which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Billy: Did you enjoy Italy?

Alex: I did – Italy and France.

Billy: Okay, how was it?

Alex: Beautiful! Perfect.

Bill: Okay, now that you are back home … last time we talked you were building house – with family.

Alex: House is built. Family is safe inside house.

Billy: Okay. Very good.

Alex: Yeah. It’s good.

Billy: Message for all of the fans that are watching right now on Facebook live.

Alex: Thank you so much for sending all those hearts and loves and thumbs to this man here. 

Billy: [Laughing]

Alex: That’s so good of you.

Billy: He’s so gracious.

But we’re so happy that … that you’re here. We’re so happy that you’re back for Season 7.

Alex: I’m very, very, very glad to be here.

Billy: Okay, Alex O’Loughlin – we are going to do this for television. But that’s special for you – Exclusive for Facebook live right now, online.

Okay, we’ll be back in a bit.

Thank you Alex. We’re going to go for TV here …… 

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The rest of the video is just visuals of their TV interview

Full Video:


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HNN inteview

Steve: Today, right here in Hawaii.

Grace: And they’re having a Blessing to kick off production. Billy V is live at their top secret location. Billy.

Billy: Yeah – real top secret. If we show you one of the buildings, it will show you how top secret that is. But that’s another subject all together. 

From Steve Uyehara to Steve McGarrett over here, it’s Alex O’Loughlin on the beach – Good morning sir.

Alex:  Good morning. Good morning.

Billy: Aloha.

Alex: Aloha.

Billy: And thank you for … for being here, – back for Season 7.

First tell us how was the off season?

Alex: It was very nice, thank you. Yeah, I actually took the off season off and went abroad with my family. It was .. it was very nice, thank you.

Billy: Can we ask where you went?

Alex: You can, yeah. I went to Italy and France. We were there for a month.

Billy: Nice.

Alex: Yeah.

Billy: Drink a lot of wine?

Alex: Just everything. All we did was …. we consumed our way across Europe in a .. in a … in a gluttonous way.

But it was great. I feel very relaxed and ready. Ready for work.

Billy: You’re back here on the beach and a little bit of ua helele’i  …. Little bit of a blessing and you said earlier that kind of reminds you of home. 

Alex: Yeah, home as in here, you know. Yeah, it’s beautiful.

I love coming home and … to Hawaii and having these … these a …. these little sprinkles on us in the important moments. 

It’s funny … it sort of doesn’t … Every time we do something important. Whether someone is born, or we’re burying someone special or we’re blessing in the show, it’s like … you know, ke akua is right there with us.

So I like that.

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Billy: Let’s talk about Season 7 real quickly. How much advance do you get onto what will happen? 

Alex: Very little.

Billy: [Laughs]

Alex: I’m only … I was going to say, I’m only a couple of scripts ahead of you guys. So I don’t know what Peter has in store for us.

I’m sure he has all sorts of love and torture and a combination of the both.

Billy: Okay. 

Alex: Yeah.

Billy: At the ending of the season though, you and Danno share some … some … some bromance moments there, in which he  helps you out.

Alex: Yeah. I’m kind of getting over this relatively large, you know, operation and …. but now I’ve got to listen to him complain about giving me an organ for … for the rest of our lives.

So, this is the … you know .. it’s going to be … it’s going to be tedious and annoying, I’m sure for McGarrett, pretty … pretty … pretty quick.

Billy: Alright. Well, we’re glad you’re here. Season 7 – we look forward to it.

And do you actually start filming today?

Alex: Yes, I do. Yeah, I got to go and take this shirt off and put another one on and do all that stuff.

But it’s good. I’m very happy to be here.

Billy: Okay, just the fact that you said that you’re going to take your shirt off, Grace Lee is now smiling back in the studio at Hawaii News Now.

Grace: [Laughing]

Billy: Alex, thank you so much. 

Alex: Thanks buddy.

Billy: Right. We’ll talk to you in a bit.

Alex O’Loughlin down here on the beach ….

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And the rest is footage of the actual ceremony and the gathering afterwards

Full Video:

Hawaii News Now also posted an online article, summarising the event. 


Blessing ceremony kicks off seventh season of #H50

Published: Jul. 7, 2016

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) – It was a heartwarming reunion as the cast and crew of “Hawaii Five-0” stood side-by-side on the shore of Waikiki Beach amid a light mist, reconvening for the official start of filming of the show’s seventh season.

“I love coming home to Hawaii and having these little sprinkles,” said actor Alex O’Loughlin, who recently returned from a European trip during the show’s off season.

O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett in the hit CBS series, was among several cast and crew members who arrived Wednesday morning for a traditional Hawaiian blessing at the beach near the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The show’s executive producer, Peter Lenkov, as well as actors Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia also helped mark the start of a brand new season.

“I’m stoked,” Park, who plays Kono, said about starting the new season. “I feel like there’s so much we’ve learned and we have under our belt and I want to make the most of it.”

“I don’t know what Peter has in store for us,” he said. “I’m sure he has all sorts of love and torture and a combination of the both.”

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Lenkov added that he tries not to reveal too much to the actors so that they don’t get too ahead of themselves in the story.

“I think they like it that way,” he said. “I think they look forward to reading each script and getting surprised, seeing where their character is going.”

Park, however, said she tries to provide as much input into the storyline and script whenever she can. In this case, she said her main concern was how the show was portraying violence to a family-oriented viewership.

“I love the action, and it’s fun and it’s extraordinary … but at the same time, there’ s a lot of family, so my concern is that what is the message we’re portraying and what do we want families to see all the time,” Park said.

Whatever happens, it promises to be another exciting, action-packed season. Although a Sunset on the Beach red carpet premiere date hasn’t been set yet, the show typically begins in late September.


2016 July 6. photo by Craig T. Kojima On Wednesday July 6. Hawaii 5-0 Blessing at the HIlton Hawaiian Village lagoon area. Cast gathers for blessing on beach.


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#AlexOLoughlin with ET Canada -#H50 SOTB Season 9 (2018) – Transcript

As a follow up for yesterday’s post, another interview just a short while after the one that they recorded on set.

And also another interview from 2018  that I somehow can’t recall seeing before today.

This time Alex does talk about Meaghan.

And on that note, we also want to congratulate Meaghan on her baby that’s on the way.

She got married last year after H50 ended and today she revealed the news, with pictures that show how far she  is into her pregnancy already.

We want to wish her and her husband the best with the little one!

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Transcript of the interview

Reporter: Canada loves this show. What do you want to tell them?

Alex: I want to tell … I got to … dude, I want to tell Canada that Scotty Caan railroaded me in our last interview.

I was doing a bit about Meaghan, talking about herself, and then he dropped in like, how awesome she is hammer … and I didn’t get … and it was like, good moving on … and I was like wait, I didn’t get to say how great she is.

But I … I …. Listen, we’re so grateful to have her, since we’re into Canada.

She’s amazing. She’s brought such a breath of fresh air to the show, that it really needed. She … she filled some shoes that needed filling. And that were… I mean, she came in …. It’s really hard to come onto a show that’s established and running hard. And you know, it’s hard man.

I’ve done it on other shows and she just bounced right in and …. and took over that role.

And we really appreciate her off camera as well. She’s a delight to work with and … and very talented.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sotb-2018-et10.jpg

Reporter: Your ninth time out here. What can you tell us about the crowd that show up year after year?

Alex: I mean, it’s …it’s … it’s … it’s crazy.

I’m so grateful for all the support. Here’s the thing I always say. If people … if people stop watching this, I don’t have a job, you know. And so the fact that not only people continue to watch, but to show up. And they .. and they … People fly from all over the world to this. It’s … it’s … it’s nuts.

I … I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to the people that do that. And also the local people that show up, on a Sunday this time. 

Unfortunately we … we had a bit of potential inclement weather coming in, and so I … I fear that some people that had come out for it, might have had to head back on the tickets that they had bought.

But for those people, we miss you guys. So thank you.

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For me – this is the Alex we love and adore ……


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#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – Talking about #H50 (2018)

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Alex: [Talking about the first episode of Season 9] Well, they’re going to put me into an orange suit. And we’re gonna … we’re gonna go it ….

It’s a big …. it’s a big …. It’s based on the original pilot of the show actually, which I never saw.

Which is kind of interesting, ‘cos television and story telling … television was very different back then, than it is now. So it’s kind of like a combination of strange old style sets have been redone. And … and … and this new show that we do now, but ….

Question: What else is coming up in Season 9 that fans can be excited about?

Scott: [Sighing deep] … aah, you know ….

Voice: 200th episode

Scott: What’s that?

Voice: The 200th episode. It’s the 200th episode.

Scott: Oh yeah, we’re dressed like, you know …. like we’re from the 40’s. So we have this really interesting …. I mean you  …. I don’t want to say it’s interesting. You guys got to be the judge of that. But we flash back to the 40’s and we get to play these characters from the 40’s. Which is …

Alex: Yeah, it’s good.

Scott: It’s a tough question to ask us. Because we’ve been doing so many episodes that they all just seem like the same thing. So … you know what I mean, it’s all just a big …..

Alex: Which I’m at …it’s … it’s this … that’s why this one kind of stands out a little more to me, because it’s essentially …

Scott: ..because we are dressed funny.

Alex: … because we are dressed funny. And it’s a dream sequence so we’re kind of talking funny a little bit too.

Scott: yeah.

Alex: And it’s just ….. We were able to kind of just … make a little bit of a departure  away from what we do each day and do something a little different, that’s still sort of in the ballpark. But it’s fun. I’m having fun. You having fun?

Scott: Right now? Yeah.

Question: [Laughs] So, you know since we’re from Canada, people want to hear about Meaghan. She’s been here a year, into her second season. How’s that going?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cast-producers-200th-celebration.jpg

Alex: We’re not going to talk about her. We’re talking about us. She did a 75 minute interview talking about herself. 

Scott: I love Meaghan. I love Meaghan. She … to me she’s a … a … she’s the reason to watch the new episodes, because … for us it was like a breath of fresh air – an awesome, talented, funny young lady to hang around with and act with. And so,  i’m … I’m a big fan of Meaghan. That’s why I’m still here.

Question: Combination and the way the writers have given you dialogue, or the way that you create dialogue is one of the favourite parts of the show, that everybody seems .. en …. endeared to and they enjoy so much. Talk about that a little bit.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is steve-danny-1.png

Scott: I mean that’s my favourite part of doing the show. Getting to play around with him and pretend. And a relationship that … between us and the writers come up with. It’s … you know, that’s  …

The solving cases is a little less interesting for us, because it’s a little more detail. And the gun goes here and this goes there. But the relationship between us is when we’re really having a good time. I mean, if it looks like … if it looks like fun, it’s because we’re actually having fun. You know, those are the fun parts of doing the show for.

Alex: I think when we read the pilot, nine years ago now, it was like Scott and I both kind of … we were riffing a bit and playing around. Well we were reading the words, but it was evident that we both had a similar energy when it comes to sort of finding rhythms in … in the different parts of the story.

And … and that leads to things like ad-lib, till it gets to the point where you are actually having fun. It’s not ….  I don’t know how to fake having fun. It’s not something that’s . So … we … we … I don’t know how much of it ends up in the show either – I struggle watching myself, so i don’t do that. But it’s .. I … I … yeah, it’s enjoyable work.

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My Thoughts

  • Alex’s hand in bandage is part of their make-up for the 200th episode.
  • And also the wedding ring was part of the character he played in the dream sequence.
  • Funny to see the toothpick he used for this character, tucked on top of Alex’s ear.
  • As it is sometimes the case, we cannot always be sure how much of what they say can be taken seriously – as you can see with the funny comment from Alex, about not talking about Canadian actress Meaghan – pulling the interviewer from Canada’s leg a bit there.

For some reason I have never seen this interview before.

I wrote a number of thoughts about the interview, which I deleted.

In the end I felt it might have been a bit harsh.

Any thoughts from you guys about it?


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