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#AlexOLoughlin & Carol Burnett – On the set of #H50 – 2015

Pictures and a video clip of Alex and Carol Burnett on the set of Hawaii Five-0, Episode 6:12 – With some wonderful words of love and respect for one another.


Carol: Well, I love it. The crew is sensational. They’re absolutely terrific.

And I love Alex very much. I feel like his Aunt Deb.

There’s a true Aloha Spirit here. I used to live in Hawaii for a long time. And so, the Islands are very healing.

Alex: Well, you know at first it’s a little overwhelming, because she’s Carol Burnett, you know. And it’s like, “Oh my goodness. How ….?” You know, and ….. very quickly…. specially with someone like Carol, she’s so grounded and humble and amazing, you know.

And very, very quickly you are put at ease as an actor and as a person. 


Full Video:



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