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#AlexOLoughlin Leaving TBUP After Party – April 2010 (Transcript)

In April 2010, with the USA Premiere of The Back-Up Plan, some fans caught up with Alex at the end of the evening for some signatures and photos.

It was after he left the after party of the screening.

It must have been a long day by then for Alex, but he still had some time to give to some of the fans.

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Woman: We waited in the rain Alex.

Alex: Can I have your pen?

Man: Thank you Alex.

Woman: Thank you Alex. It’s freezing and it’s pouring

Alex: It’s pretty chilling isn’t it?

Woman: Yeah it is.

Man: Good job on the film, man. I really enjoyed it.

Alex: Thank you very much.

Man: That was funny. Can I get signature right here. You can right on my ticket right across there.

Alex: Did you see the film tonight?

Man: Yes.

Woman: We did.

Man: Oh yeah. I had a radio ticket. I had it a month ago.

Alex: Oh, good for you. 

Man: Here’s the attractive shot.

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(Picture that he was signing)

Alex: Umff. 

Man: Giving it to a girlfriend for sure.

Alex: That’s for your mom, right?

Man: Yes sir.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Woman: Thanks a lot.

Alex: One more. Here we go.

Man: Alex, you want to catch the …

Woman: Please for my sister.

Alex: Okay, one more.

Diana: This is it.

Man: So many

Diana: Sorry guys, this is it.

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Man: Thank you.

Alex: Thanks guys.

Man: Good luck with this project, man.

Alex: Thank you so much.

[Taking some selfies]

Woman: Alex, can I get a picture.

Alex: Thanks guys.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Link to Video:

 Here are some of pictures of the afterparty.

(Before this clip was taken)



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