Interesting new /old picture of #AlexOLoughlin

Once in a while an old picture of Alex, that we have never seen before, pops up

– this is one from the Moonlight days.


#alexoloughlin Lake Hollywood photographed by @patrickpjcorcoran #hawaii50 #actor #portrait #hollywood #aussie
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4 responses to “Interesting new /old picture of #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Miss Rita Carrigan

    Alex 0loughlin is a hard worker and he should be appreciated for the work he does

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    • From what I can see, most people who work with Alex and speak about him usually show their appreciation for his hard work.
      And his fans clearly love him exactly because of his work ethic.
      So, I think he is appreciated a lot.


  2. Deb

    Moonlight maybe but he’s wearing his pinky ring.


    • Your comment made me realise that I forgot the ‘s’ of days.
      Without an exact time and date, there are not many other ways to describe it, than in the days when Moonlight was filmed.
      You will notice – I did not say it is Alex as Mick from Moonlight. So yes, Alex will wear his own pinky ring and not Mick’s ring.


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