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#H50 SOTB 2018 – #AlexOLoughlin with iHeartRadio Honolulu

Another short little interview with Alex on the red carpet of SOTB for Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 in September 2018

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Scotty B: The Man – It’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 – Can you believe it?

Alex: I …. It’s very hard to believe.

But I’m one of the men. There’s a bunch of men involved in this

Yeah, but I can’t believe it. It’s incredible. We’re still here and we’re still doing it.

Scotty B: Now the accent, obviously you’ve used it for this long. Does it come in and out effortlessly at this point?

Alex: My American accent?

Scotty B: Yes.

Alex: Yeah, I mean it’s funny, my wife, who’s around somewhere  looking stunning – she tells me that on Friday night I’m like fully American and then by Monday morning I’m an Aussie again.

So, it’s sort of like … it’s like the tide. You know what I mean? But yeah, it’s not a thing …. it’s just … it just … I don’t think about it.

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Scotty B: Well I know that you’ve done a lot for the folks here in Hawaii. Not just stuff that people see. But I know we’ve had some devastation at times, and we’ve had to help with.

And you … you guys at Hawaii Five-0, and specifically you, have always been there to help out. We appreciate it.

Alex: Thank you man. No, it’s a pleasure. Anything we can do, we want to do.

And, you know, the community here is as important to us and the employment that we bring to the community, as anything else. You know, and the success of the show is .. is .. is inclusive of that stuff at an equal emphasis, as anything else.

So you know, whatever we can do, we want … we want to be a part of it.

Scotty B: Hey, we appreciate you. Good luck with Season 9.

Alex: Thank you. Thank you man. I appreciate it

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