#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – Talking about #H50 (2018)

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Alex: [Talking about the first episode of Season 9] Well, they’re going to put me into an orange suit. And we’re gonna … we’re gonna go it ….

It’s a big …. it’s a big …. It’s based on the original pilot of the show actually, which I never saw.

Which is kind of interesting, ‘cos television and story telling … television was very different back then, than it is now. So it’s kind of like a combination of strange old style sets have been redone. And … and … and this new show that we do now, but ….

Question: What else is coming up in Season 9 that fans can be excited about?

Scott: [Sighing deep] … aah, you know ….

Voice: 200th episode

Scott: What’s that?

Voice: The 200th episode. It’s the 200th episode.

Scott: Oh yeah, we’re dressed like, you know …. like we’re from the 40’s. So we have this really interesting …. I mean you  …. I don’t want to say it’s interesting. You guys got to be the judge of that. But we flash back to the 40’s and we get to play these characters from the 40’s. Which is …

Alex: Yeah, it’s good.

Scott: It’s a tough question to ask us. Because we’ve been doing so many episodes that they all just seem like the same thing. So … you know what I mean, it’s all just a big …..

Alex: Which I’m at …it’s … it’s this … that’s why this one kind of stands out a little more to me, because it’s essentially …

Scott: ..because we are dressed funny.

Alex: … because we are dressed funny. And it’s a dream sequence so we’re kind of talking funny a little bit too.

Scott: yeah.

Alex: And it’s just ….. We were able to kind of just … make a little bit of a departure  away from what we do each day and do something a little different, that’s still sort of in the ballpark. But it’s fun. I’m having fun. You having fun?

Scott: Right now? Yeah.

Question: [Laughs] So, you know since we’re from Canada, people want to hear about Meaghan. She’s been here a year, into her second season. How’s that going?

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Alex: We’re not going to talk about her. We’re talking about us. She did a 75 minute interview talking about herself. 

Scott: I love Meaghan. I love Meaghan. She … to me she’s a … a … she’s the reason to watch the new episodes, because … for us it was like a breath of fresh air – an awesome, talented, funny young lady to hang around with and act with. And so,  i’m … I’m a big fan of Meaghan. That’s why I’m still here.

Question: Combination and the way the writers have given you dialogue, or the way that you create dialogue is one of the favourite parts of the show, that everybody seems .. en …. endeared to and they enjoy so much. Talk about that a little bit.

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Scott: I mean that’s my favourite part of doing the show. Getting to play around with him and pretend. And a relationship that … between us and the writers come up with. It’s … you know, that’s  …

The solving cases is a little less interesting for us, because it’s a little more detail. And the gun goes here and this goes there. But the relationship between us is when we’re really having a good time. I mean, if it looks like … if it looks like fun, it’s because we’re actually having fun. You know, those are the fun parts of doing the show for.

Alex: I think when we read the pilot, nine years ago now, it was like Scott and I both kind of … we were riffing a bit and playing around. Well we were reading the words, but it was evident that we both had a similar energy when it comes to sort of finding rhythms in … in the different parts of the story.

And … and that leads to things like ad-lib, till it gets to the point where you are actually having fun. It’s not ….  I don’t know how to fake having fun. It’s not something that’s . So … we … we … I don’t know how much of it ends up in the show either – I struggle watching myself, so i don’t do that. But it’s .. I … I … yeah, it’s enjoyable work.

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My Thoughts

  • Alex’s hand in bandage is part of their make-up for the 200th episode.
  • And also the wedding ring was part of the character he played in the dream sequence.
  • Funny to see the toothpick he used for this character, tucked on top of Alex’s ear.
  • As it is sometimes the case, we cannot always be sure how much of what they say can be taken seriously – as you can see with the funny comment from Alex, about not talking about Canadian actress Meaghan – pulling the interviewer from Canada’s leg a bit there.

For some reason I have never seen this interview before.

I wrote a number of thoughts about the interview, which I deleted.

In the end I felt it might have been a bit harsh.

Any thoughts from you guys about it?



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15 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – Talking about #H50 (2018)

  1. Happy Days

    In response to your invitation to add our own thoughts on the interview, I find myself strangely saddened by their body language in this one. While they are discussing a fun episode and having a bit of a tease with the interviewer, their energy seems so muted. I am not saying that in complaint as these press interviews must be a bit of a strain and who knows how many times they had just done almost the exact same interview -so it’s totally understandable. It is more an observation and just left me feeling their melancholy, it sort of oozed out of them – almost like they had lost the joy completely. Or, it could just be be?


    • No, I have a similar feeling watching that interview. I love episode 200. It was great with a different feeling. I love listening to Scott Caan and Alex talking about having fun on set working with eachother. And Alex was kind of giving a retrospective. There have been major changed with the leaving of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park and the partial leaving of Scott Caan. And as you wrote: They probably had done almost the same interview again and again. I think, 9 years are a long time for a show which is so exhausting


    • Cassiopea 1000

      You know, I have exactly the same feeling. They both look as if they couldn’t wait for the interview to come to an end. Maybe they were very tired, or too hot, or… Who knows.

      In any case I intensely dislike Scott’s words: “We’ve been doing so many episodes that they all just seem like the same thing”. Even if it’s true, as a leading actor, he should not have said this. Alex said practically the same, but much more elegantly: “We were able to make a little bit of a departure away from what we do each day and do something a little different”. But well, at that time Scott had already made it clear that his interest in H50 was residual.

      I don’t appreciate either these other words from Scott: “I’m a big fan of Meaghan. That’s why I’m still here.” What a fine disregard for all the other actors and members of the crew. He sounds like a child saying he hates going to his auntie’s but well, he’ll go anyway, but only because she will give him an ice cream.

      No, it’s not my favorite interview.

      And FOYeur, I doubt your words could have been harsher than mine.

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  2. I feel ya, FOYeur, but I don’t think your words would be harsh.
    Let me say just one thing and then I’ll stop about that. Yeah, there were ‘things’ the same in every episode – if they were there. And they were no fun for me.
    Thank God there was Alex in every episode, he was, is and will be always the reason for a re-watch. Because detail, subtlety, versatility is important.
    “We’re not going to talk about her. We’re talking about us. She did a 75 minute interview talking about herself.” LOL!!! Oh, Alex!

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    • Marian Simonetti

      Alex said on an interview that he loves Scott because he is the one of the most honest people he’s ever met…I love Scott also …he says what he feels. ….as far as what he said about Megan being the reason he’s there they were both asked about her specifically…Alex fooled around also with his response that she talked enough about herself…no one criticizes him…Scott always seems to be criticized….both Alex and Scott are practical jokers….


      • Cassiopea 1000

        We all have the right to say what we feel. But if, like Scott, you say it publicly, you expose yourself to criticism. His words, IMO, were unfortunate and that’s that.

        Now Alex’s comment about Meaghan is different. There is not the shadow of a doubt that he was joking. And it was a clean joke, with no disparaging innuendoes.

        No one criticizes Alex? In this site, you mean? Well, all of us here love Alex, so criticism in this site is practically zero. I can’t say it’s non-existent, because I personally don’t go without expressing my feelings about his maddening beard or his propensity to wear those hateful narrow brim fedoras, LOL!

        (Oh, and his insane love of Japanese food and heavy metal, and the way he ruined his beautiful lower back tatoo, and… Hey, guys! Why do I adore this man?)


  3. Kathysr

    This was probably the 100th interview they’d given on Episode 200. They both look bored and disinterested to me. Scott IS honest, which is why CBS didn’t let him do interviews after the first few years. It was obvious that he was bored and restless and didn’t really like Hawaii.

    I think the first two or three years were really exciting for Scott and Alex. They were young, it was all new, they were exploring the show and their character’s ever changing relationship. They bonded personally and did a lot of stuff together as pals during the first few years. Then both of them had children, Alex married, life changed, each became more committed to his family, and their energy, emotional closeness and bonding changed over time.

    Alex continued to do interviews because of his steadfast support and belief in the show and his personal commitment to ensure that the cast and crew would have jobs for as many years as possible. He really took ownership of the show. Scott was busy surfing in Malibu.

    After seven seasons, Meghan was a breath of fresh air, someone new and exciting to act with. Alex was totally joking about not wanting to talk about Meghan. “She just did a one hour interview totally about herself,” he’s teasing!! I think that both Alex and Scott were bored with the procedural aspects of each episode by then. They’ve both said that in interviews over the years. It doesn’t mean they didn’t always do their best, it just means that it got tedious.

    I love their look from the 1940’s, one of my personal favorite time periods in cinema history. The episode included a hugely important historical part of Steve’s life and of U.S. History. For all those reasons, this is one of my favorite episodes. Alex and Scott are drip dead gorgeous all dressed up!

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    • Kathysr

      I meant “drop dead gorgeous!!” Although “drip dead gorgeous” conjures up tantalizing images, fantasies and daydreams. Opps, my Freudian slip is showing.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      I Liked your comment, but now I have second thoughts.

      Yes, the boredom after so many years… The sincerity, this so laudable quality…

      Yet, if I were earning several million dollars a year, I’d be very careful not to display my discontentment to my bosses. I’d be grateful, gracious and all smiles, and would wait until I got home to yell to hubby “Aaargh! This job sucks! I’m bored to death.”

      At home. Not in public. Not in front of a camera


      • Kathysr

        I’m not saying that Scott’s honesty is a good thing, either for the show or for his career. In the long run it huts him. Industry executives take note of this behavior and will choose NOT to cast him in roles for that reason.

        I admire Alex for working hard to dig deeper and to find the truth in the scenes, to work beyond the words on the page. In the last few years, Alex was putting in way more effort than Scott was. It’s kinda why Danny faded into the woodwork on the show. He vanished and we didn’t even notice that he was gone.

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