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Peter Lenkov’s Latest Interview – explains when he first met #AlexOLoughlin (before #H50)

I have always wondered what project Peter was referring too, in an article by Holly Byrnes in the Herald Sun in 2011, about meeting Alex even before Hawaii Five-0.

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 “I’d met Alex a couple of years ago on another project and felt that he could be a leading man in the action genre but had never been tapped for that world. 

I needed someone who didn’t bring a lot of baggage from other roles, someone who wasn’t identifiable to another franchise, either TV or film, so he could go in and really make McGarrett his own.”

– Peter Lenkov 

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And now in his latest interview with Dom’s Den in June, we finally got an answer to that statement from Peter of so many years ago.

Let’s have a look at what he said …


Question: How did the remake for Hawaii Five-0 come about? How was that presented to you? Or did you present that to CBS?

Peter: The year before I’d written a pilot for what I thought was like a rock and roll Quincy type of show. It was a sort of hip take on a coroner – like a medical examiner show. ….

Peter: So I wrote this script for CBS. They liked it and they put me together with Alex – who played McGarrett on Five-0.

So I’ve met Alex on this medical examiner show. And who just did Ford Vs Ferrari – he was attached to this as director. He did Logan.

And we met with Alex to maybe play the coroner. And ultimately the show didn’t go. 

And then I was at a CBS party and there was an executive there who said you know we really loved that script  and sorry we didn’t make that script, but we’re starting to talk about development for next year. And we’re talking about taking another stab at Hawaii Five-0.

Peter: And they said would you be interested in pitching?

Our edit of Peter’s interview

(with some fun visuals from BTS of H50 pilot episode) :


So when you listen to this interview, it seems that during the time after Moonlight and before Three Rivers, at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009, while Alex was on contract with CBS – he actually met with Peter to maybe play the lead in show about a coroner.

Interesting idea?

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Full interview here:

It is quite an interesting interview and I really enjoyed listening to most of the more than an hour talk with Peter. It was worth the time.



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