#H50 Filming Epi 1:13 At Waikiki Beach – 22 November 2010

Episode 1:13 – Another one of the Special Episode of Hawaii Five-0 during Season 1.

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About this Episode;

Lots of interesting stuff happening in it.

  • The Champbox gets stolen
  • Mary is kidnapped
  • We meet Mamo for the first time
  • We & Steve meet Hiro Noshimuri for the first time
  • We realise the Governor has some shady connections
  • We & Steve meet Wo Fat for the first time
  • For me the potential of more real stories from the Champbox was killed in this episode 😦

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This is what I wrote in summary about it back in 2014:

“For me, this episode is the most important one of the 1st season, apart from the pilot of course. It is a very difficult episode to summarize, because nearly every conversation is important. All I can say is that with all the events since this episode, up until now, it makes me feel like a dog chasing his own tail and never catching it. It puts me in a tailspin of questions…..as you will see at the end.”

You can read my full review of the Episode here. 

Lucky for us, a lot of scenes for it were filmed at public places. 

Like the shoot-out at Queen’s Beach Waikiki  

Let us have a look

Alex & Scott sitting around waiting …

Alex relaxing with others and having his shoulder looked at.

Alex & a fan (sorry we do not have the original source anymore)

Here are some of the pictures and video shot by Photolulu, of the shoot-out scene at Mamo’s surfing little shop on Waikiki beach.


Alex and Scott hanging around with some extras and fans

Alex & Scott chatting

Alex getting his gun:

Plotting the visuals of the scene

Alex seems to be visualising  the scene

Waiting at Mamo’s

Alex & Scott preparing to shoot the scene

Shooting the scene

Keep an eye out for our next post with some more of this episode ….


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3 responses to “#H50 Filming Epi 1:13 At Waikiki Beach – 22 November 2010

  1. WOW. How blazing hot he was!!!


  2. I don´t know about you but watching those “behind the scene” photos makes me more appreciative for the show because you get a glimpse of in idea how much work was required. I can only say “thank you” for all the work and dedication those people put into the show and esp. to Alex for everything he did and for some things he did what I hope, he won´t try to do again. Today reruns of H5O start on German tv and I´m looking forward to watch it again. I too hope, to see Alex in a new role asap.


  3. Cassiopea 1000

    The Champbox or How to Waste a Goldmine… Even now, it irks me to think of the many great epis they could have generated from it.

    And now I have a question: Why have I visited Honolulu twice and never have come across Alex’s shoulders? I could have massaged them lengthily and exquisitely. I’d have left him so relaxed that he’d never have been able to get up from his chair and start running after the villain, let alone with a gun in his hand. I’d have ruined the shooting of the day. Alex would have had a Hollywood star tantrum and demanded to be massaged by me prior saying one single line or lifting one finger. PL would have had to hire me as Alex’s personal massagist for the rest of the season, or possibly for the rest of the show. I’d have told Alex that what I was really good at was at massaging feet (yes, his feet with his glorious toes, leiCa), and he’d have been delighted and would have asked me eagerly when I could start with them and if I was any good at rubbing backs, and…

    You see what a mere rhetorical question can lead to. Ah, had I been given the infernal Champbox with all its potential, how many unforgettable epis I could have written!


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