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#H50 Filming Epi 1:13 At Waikiki Beach – 22 November 2010

Episode 1:13 – Another one of the Special Episode of Hawaii Five-0 during Season 1.

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About this Episode;

Lots of interesting stuff happening in it.

  • The Champbox gets stolen
  • Mary is kidnapped
  • We meet Mamo for the first time
  • We & Steve meet Hiro Noshimuri for the first time
  • We realise the Governor has some shady connections
  • We & Steve meet Wo Fat for the first time
  • For me the potential of more real stories from the Champbox was killed in this episode 😦

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This is what I wrote in summary about it back in 2014:

“For me, this episode is the most important one of the 1st season, apart from the pilot of course. It is a very difficult episode to summarize, because nearly every conversation is important. All I can say is that with all the events since this episode, up until now, it makes me feel like a dog chasing his own tail and never catching it. It puts me in a tailspin of questions…..as you will see at the end.”

You can read my full review of the Episode here. 

Lucky for us, a lot of scenes for it were filmed at public places. 

Like the shoot-out at Queen’s Beach Waikiki  

Let us have a look

Alex & Scott sitting around waiting …

Alex relaxing with others and having his shoulder looked at.

Alex & a fan (sorry we do not have the original source anymore)

Here are some of the pictures and video shot by Photolulu, of the shoot-out scene at Mamo’s surfing little shop on Waikiki beach.


Alex and Scott hanging around with some extras and fans

Alex & Scott chatting

Alex getting his gun:

Plotting the visuals of the scene

Alex seems to be visualising  the scene

Waiting at Mamo’s

Alex & Scott preparing to shoot the scene

Shooting the scene

Keep an eye out for our next post with some more of this episode ….


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