Transcript of StarAdvertiser Video of #AlexOLoughlin & @EganInoue ‘s Self Defence Seminar in 2015

In May 2015, Alex and Egan held their second Women’s Defence Seminar.

Star Advertiser posted a video of it back then with some interviews with Alex, Martha Smith (CEO of Kapiolani Medical Centre) and Manu.

Of course we also previously shared Manu’s story and some other stories like the one from Miek  as well. And also Denby’s story earlier today.

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[Scenes of some moves during the exercises]

Alex: It’s great. You know, it’s great. I don’t know exactly how many people we had, but we had two full classes. And it’s going to raise ….

We actually raised more money than we did last year, so.

Martha: It goes to programs and services for women and children. And as a not profit organization we rely on community help for our programs and services. For the kind of care that’s not cover by insurance costs or other things. So we really appreciate the the support of Egan and …. and his Bootcamp.

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Alex: What we’re going to show you today is very effective stuff. It’s not about kicking a guy in the balls or poke him in the eyes, or anything. You know, we always say, if it comes …. if there is nothing left to do, you do as you got to do just to get away.

[Clip of some of the exercises]

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Alex: I really enjoy being a part of it. You know the Kapiolani Women and Children’s Hospital was responsible for saving a friend of mine’s life and I’m very …. I feel a personal connection to that place.

And it’s a great cause anyway, but for me personally there’s something there. So hopefully this …. I look forward to come back next year, you know, it’s great.

[Clip of a move]

Alex: What happens is that we get on the hips and we slide that knee in. Now she’s ready. Don’t rush this. And then the scissor movement and … there’s nothing I can do.

[And Egan explains some more]

Martha: The statistics are quite frightening, really and the number of women that are attacked every year, either assaulted, or raped, or sexually assaulted. And so it’s really important for women to know some of the basic training and basic techniques to protect themselves 

Alex: Well it’s the same reason I think it is important for anyone to know self defence. It’s because, you know you never know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of bad people out there in the world. And you know, if you know some basics, it can … it can be the difference between you becoming a statistic or not. But women are  … woman are more obvious main targets, you know.

[Clip of Alex showing a move again]

Alex: We kind of have a philosophy here, you know, the fitter you are, the longer you can struggle against an attacked. And the longer you can struggle  and the better chance you have to survive.

So we wanted to incorporate some …. some exercises and some sort of simple core stuff. And something that you guys can do at home. Pretty simply, that can help you …. help your longevity and your fitness. 

[Another clip of Alex play-acting as an attacker]

Alex: We’re at Walmart at 2am.

[Lots of laughs]

Alex as the attacker: “Excuse me, have you seen the coco puffs?”

[And the woman free herself with some loud cheers from every one]

Manu: I came all the way from Italy for the self defence seminar. And I made it into vacation to Hawaii, ‘cos I love it.

I am doing both sessions, yes. I thought, I’m there and I deserve them both. It’s a good way to meet him [Alex] and do this – something useful as well.

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[Egan explaining another move]

Manu: And it’s going to be useful, because, you know, you know what to do. I don’t feel like I’m superwoman now. But I feel more confident. And from him, it’s … it’s nice to see that he is real. Yeah, he’s a real guy.

Good guy.

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Martha: So it’s all fun, but throwing around each other is sort of fun. And having Alex O’Loughlin doesn’t …. certainly isn’t bad. [Laughs]

Link to Video:



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3 responses to “Transcript of StarAdvertiser Video of #AlexOLoughlin & @EganInoue ‘s Self Defence Seminar in 2015

  1. Alex is a very good instructor. He really is👍😁. Makes the moves simple and easy to learn.

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  2. I was so happy that Manu was able to do this!!

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  3. Glad Manu got the opportunity to take part in the course. I like those pictures and the coments. Alex is a real guy? Yes, he obviously is very real. It´s awesome to watch him throwing himself into that class. He does it because he is completely into it and feels it´s important and not because his image got a boost. And he seems to be a good instructor who immediatelly sees where the probleme is and is able to explain things. Love this! And Alex playing the aggressor is really funny. I don´t if I´d been able to keep my face straight. 😀

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