McGarrett and I – August 2012 (A Picture with #AlexOLoughlin)

One of the people who got a moment in time with Alex – something that so many of us wish for ……

Photographer Jeff Fujimoto found Alex enjoying a cigar break on his doorstep on 20 August 2012.

j e f f f u j i m o t o

He was having a cigar on my workplace’s front doorstep. Had to investigate the flowery language and Australian accent that I heard through the door. Nice guy. He bolted after this.

I’m not a fan but he’s famous so I felt obligated to snap.

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Question: I’m rather curious about the “flowery language” bit

Jeff: I don’t want to incriminate the poor fella, he didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say, just with a solid Ozzie accent. Tho’ I doubt you would hear it on a prime time show.

He was talking to a burly red-bearded handler draped with com-cords lanyard IDs.

McGarrett complimented me on my uniform, boardshorts and a t-shirt. Lol!

 Alex crossing someone’s path while shooting Hawaii Five-0.


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4 responses to “McGarrett and I – August 2012 (A Picture with #AlexOLoughlin)

  1. what !!! not a fan , lol who wouldn’t be, I am enamored by Alex’s colorful language and the whole package, Always love , forever

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  2. Cassiopea 1000

    I do know why we Spaniards dislike hearing South American Spanish, but what makes Ozzie English so distateful to US or British people? I ask because I do not make the difference between US and Australian English. In fact, I’d have said that Aussie English sounded more British, the country having been colonized by the British and being part of the Commonwealth.


    • I don’t think the Aussie English was distasteful to him – more the curse words that he heard in an Australian accent that got him curious.

      Alex himself said in the Live Chat in Oct 2009 that his worse habit is cursing.

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    • It seems many US people don´t get along with any other accent except their own. I once attended a convention in the UK and the American actor was heavily complaining about the UK accent – in the UK!. It was funny. He even aked for an interpreter. I think, Ozzie English is quite a bit different from US English but you are probably right with it sounding more like British English except of the expression which are typical Ozzie. LOL. Those different accents are really interesting, aren´t they? I find it always funny when US people complain about Alex´s “accent” and that they have to put subtitles on. Even when he speaks proper US English (at least for my ears). For heaven´s sake, learn to adapt people! We non-English speakers have to do it, too. And as I wrote in another post: The slang, they spoke in “The Shield” was much more difficult for me to underestand than anything I ever heard coming from Alex´s mouth. His Ozzie roles included.

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