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McGarrett and I – August 2012 (A Picture with #AlexOLoughlin)

One of the people who got a moment in time with Alex – something that so many of us wish for ……

Photographer Jeff Fujimoto found Alex enjoying a cigar break on his doorstep on 20 August 2012.

j e f f f u j i m o t o

He was having a cigar on my workplace’s front doorstep. Had to investigate the flowery language and Australian accent that I heard through the door. Nice guy. He bolted after this.

I’m not a fan but he’s famous so I felt obligated to snap.

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Question: I’m rather curious about the “flowery language” bit

Jeff: I don’t want to incriminate the poor fella, he didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say, just with a solid Ozzie accent. Tho’ I doubt you would hear it on a prime time show.

He was talking to a burly red-bearded handler draped with com-cords lanyard IDs.

McGarrett complimented me on my uniform, boardshorts and a t-shirt. Lol!

 Alex crossing someone’s path while shooting Hawaii Five-0.



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