#AlexOLoughlin & Steve of #H50 Getting Old?

In Episode 8:10 we get old Steve and Danny sitting on the beach being just Steve and Danny.

But how did they get there?

On the Bluray for Season 8 there are some footage of the process.

Let’s have a look ….

First Alex had to join the Blue Man Group 

And then the blue mask became a mold 

And the mold became a face

And with lots of work it became Old Man Steve McGarrett

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is from-tena-episode-810.jpg

And then we saw why Hawaii Five-0 had to end before we get to Season 40 …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-as-old-steve-with-tena-parker.jpg

Steve would get nowhere fast


Alex: It’s funny. It’s like the classic mask work.

You see someone who’s introverted and can’t come out of their shell. – Not that Scott or I have that problem. 

But then you put a mask on them, like a mask commedia dell’arte mask or something, and all of sudden something comes alive.

Link to full Video

That FACE says it all 😀



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9 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & Steve of #H50 Getting Old?

  1. This is awesome. Thank you, Paula.
    Isn’t it totally impressive how young, agile, vital Alex disappears and old, fragile, sluggish Steve emerges? Even bts?
    I loved Alex acting in this scene so much, he became old, the young Steve nowhere to be seen. That was incredible. (But I hope Steve will never end this way… hope his old age will be different. This was The Horror.)
    Oh, and when Alex gets old his eyes will be brown? LOL. Sigh, these chameleon eyes…

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  2. That´s so great. It must have been uncomfortable to have that blue stuff all over your face. But the transformation is incredible as is the way they talked and moved. Fantastic!

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  3. mamayorkie

    Thank you for this post. Very interesting technology.

    I wonder if it is possible to do a reverse mask to make me look nineteen again.

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  4. Cassiopea 1000

    “And then we saw why Hawaii Five-0 had to end before we get to Season 40 …”
    What? Seriously? Come on, Paula!

    Are you implying that in S40, when Alex is about 75, he will have one thousand wrinkles, scanty and all-white hair, that he will walk with drooping shoulders and dress like a grandad? Are you saying that he will not be able to jump from the roof of a tunnel onto a moving truck, or take a beating as cooly as I take my breakfast, or shoot with any precision because he will have an incipient arthrosis?

    For God’s sake! It’s Alex we are talking about!

    This old McG on these pics are from S55. By the time he shoots S40, Alex will still be the splendid, beautiful, gorgeous man he is now. He will never, ever be The Horror mentioned by leiCa. He will have a golden BJJ belt (they’ll have to invent colors after black for him because he will be so extremely good at BJJ), he’ll have extended his house to fit all his Oscars and awards, his fans will still pass out from frenzied love when they see him. Many of us here will have white hair by then, but we will keep meeting here, no matter if our own arthritic fingers make using our keyboards a painful affair. We will read the books he will have written and will watch the movies he will have directed and the pictures of his beautiful grandchildren.

    And you and FOYeur will treat us with nostalgic posts of young Alex with his Jack Flange’s baby face, or of Alex with his handsome, mature McG’s looks, and we all be like: “Oh, yes, I remember that scene. Wasn’t he cute?” or “He really was a gorgeous and hot vampire!”, or …

    Wait! This is 2021, we won’t even have a S11, and Alex will only turn 45 next August with his good looks and his ability to keep us waiting and frustrated intact. Hateful, adorable man!

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    • lindae5o

      Amen to this!!


    • LOL – I love your humour!!

      Yes, but the difference is that if Alex kept on doing H50, he would probably look like that by Season 20 already. The show has taken its toll on his body and life and would have kept on doing so in the years to come.

      I think you need to ask LeiCa, but I am sure that she did not mean the way Alex looked is the Horror (I would guess her Horror would be that Dannoying is still in Steve’s life then)

      Oh, and Paula will have to find a new partner by then – I highly doubt if I would still be around roaming the earth.
      And I hope she gets a “friendlier ” one than me – because by then I would have scared everybody off. 😀


      • Cassiopea 1000

        LOL! Ah, yes, it’s true that hags tend to become grouchy when they are old… Even so, Paula will be happy to have you. Won’t you, Paula? 😜😜

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    • LOL!!!
      This is hilarious!
      (Btw, FOYeur is right. The Horror is not Steve’s old age looks (well, okay, the shoes were horrible), but I hate the thought of Steve sitting as a senior at his beach with nothing else but Dannoying at his side. I’m nice. He can talk to Dannoying once in a while. On the phone. Because he’s back in Jersey. Halleluja!)

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  5. Cassiopea 1000

    One day we must have a serious conversation about this. Your Dannoying aversion is remarkable! Poor Danny. It’s not his fault if he is a far cry from our perfect Steve!

    (Note: The shoes are horrible, but appropriate. Or you want to see old Steve to come a crop with his flip-flops?).


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