#AlexOLoughlin & @EganInoue at the Boys & Girls Club (Video) – May 2019

In May 2019 we posted some parts of the events  at the “Great Futures Day” of the Boys and Girls Club Hawaii.

This is the video with the transcript of Alex, Egan and Egan’s wife Marcia’s involvement on that day.


Lady: Great Futures Day, is a day where our whole community comes together and we celebrate all of you and all of your great futures.

Alex: So there is this thing called GRIT*.

GRIT is something that lives inside of us. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like.

It means no matter what anyone says, your never going to give up on yourself.

If you guys have got a future ahead that you want, don’t ever give up on that dream. Okay.

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[Egan explaining part of the exercises]

Egan: So you’re going to grab your partner like this. Watch as Marcia .. she comes towards me and then she spins and bumps her shoulder.

Give them one they expect – tug back, and then come running towards them, bump shoulders, and then turn.

[Clip of the kids doing exercises]

Egan: So what we’re going to do, we’re going to bootcamp you guys for a little while.

Faster – as fast as you can go.

And .. GO! As fast as you can!

[Clips of kids running and doing high knees]

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Egan: How many of you guys want to be good at something?

Only some of you??

How you do small things, is how you do everything.

Whatever you do in life, whether it’s school, whether it’s play, whether it’s doing  high knees, you have to do it as best as you can. And you can not be afraid of not being able to do it good.

If you win or lose, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try as hard as you can.

So when you guys have an opportunity to do something, do it as best as you can. Because you may never have that chance … again.

Because life is going to be tough no matter what. But you can make it a little easier for yourself, if you don’t have to make mistakes that someone else made.

And the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii gives you guys that opportunity to get active, and do sports and do things that’s going to be good for your health as you guys get older.

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Alex: What does the word FUTURE mean to any of you?

Tomorrow …. After …. What comes next …. What comes after this present moment …..

You guys are my future. And I love the Boys and Girls Club because it’s preparing you guys for your future.

Marcia: We believe in you guys, so we are donating three-thousand dollars from Egan’s Bootcamp for you guys.

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[Lots of cheers]

One Two Three .. Shaka!

Great Futures Start Here!

*What is Grit? Grit is courage and resolve; strength of character.

Link to Video:

Lets hope that the world will get back to some kind of normal, where these types of events can be held freely again!


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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & @EganInoue at the Boys & Girls Club (Video) – May 2019

  1. I love that post and I second what you wrote: I too hope, the world gets fast back to normal. The affect of those lockdowns on people are already massive mentally and economically and the mental affect especially on children is huge. So it´s more important than ever that they have opportunities like those. Well done the Enoue family and Alex!

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  2. Meliha Bajramovic

    Oh that’s so cool. And I agree. I support the: ‘courageous people are respected even by their enemies, cowards are a source of shame even to their mothers’ – I hope I translated that OK. Of course, this is not the way you’d say it to kids. Grit is a much better term if your audience is a bunch of children.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • No offence intended but I wonder, what is a “coward”? Is someone who is not (yet) able to defend him- or herself a coward? You have to be very careful of what you tell children. It will stuck in their minds maybe for a long time. What I like about this event is that they obviously try to teach children self-confidence and self-esteem. They teach them it´s not important to win, to be the best/the winner, but to give your best – try as hard as you can. So if you do so, there is no failure. And that everybody can do with the right mindset. But only you can know yourself if you did your best. So failure is not the problem. Not getting up and try again is. If you give up on yourself you are lost. So, to get back to where I started with that post: It´s important to teach children self-confidence and self-esteem so they are able to fight all those “nice” little suggestions we all carry with us by teaching them what they are capable off and so help them master their future. Does that make any sense?

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      • Meliha Bajramovic

        No offence taken. A coward is someone who lacks courage or resolve. Grit is often synonymous with ‘determination’ i.e. with having resolve. So Grit is a cute way of saying ‘courage’, that power within you to help you face fear. You know what they say: courage is not about not feeling fear, it’s about facing your fears. So if you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself (for example), and that puts you off trying, have grit, have the courage to try anyway. That’s the first step. Facing failures and dealing with them in the right way, that’s the next step. In short, I agree with you, I just used ‘grownup’ words since I’m assuming there are no kids here. As I said, I agree that the vocabulary used in the video is right because they were talking to kids.

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  3. Beard and heart! That is all I need.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Meliha Bajramovic


      “I will resist.” She said to herself, know it’s only a temporary promise that she will eventually break, because, let’s face it, she’ll run out of reasons to resist.

      I will now shut up and let you guys get on with your site 🙂


      • Hi Meliha
        Sorry, but I am not actually sure how to even respond to this >>> “I will now shut up and let you guys get on with your site 🙂 ”

        I know I should most probably say nothing – but thank you in any case for giving us (Paula & I) permission – with a smile – to get on with our site.


        • Meliha Bajramovic

          I feel like I am interrupting. I’m sorry, I did NOT mean to make it sound like you need my permission. However, it just shows that I have interrupted maybe even cause a disturbance, so I think I’ll just follow silently from now on.

          You’ve done a good job here. Thank you. Keep up the good work and best wishes to all.


  4. A heart with a beard? Lovely picture. 😂 ❤


  5. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. Alex looks fantastically fit, and gorgeous, in this video.


  6. CassG

    Thanks much. I love this post and love the way he looks. I love him esp with kids and when his kind and giving heart is at work or at play. They don’t come much better than Alex for sure.🥰


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