#AlexOLoughlin Honoured at Honolulu Waldorf – March 2014

Another one of the many events Alex and Malia attended over the years.

This time it was at one of the children’s schools.

Tastes and Treasures: an evening in the garden to benefit the Honolulu Waldorf School. Honoring: Alex O’Loughlin, Actor, Hawaii 5-0, Steve McGarrett!!

Entertainment, Silent and Live auction. Tickets, sponsorships and purchases are tax deductible. Experience costs: $200. For tables and sponsorships, contact me directly. It will be a fun and lovely evening. Join us!

  • The Invitation

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is invitation-for-tastes-treasures.jpg


  • Alex and Malia talking with some of the guests
  • Pictures posted by some of the guests
  • Alex receiving his honour in the form of a paddle.
  • Alex giving a speech.

Tastes & Treasures is undertaken by the parent community in support of the school. Like all independent schools, we rely on financial support from inside and outside the school community.

The money raised at our event allows the Honolulu Waldorf School to educate students in the Morning Nursery …

Hopefully we will see more of these type of events at their schools, when the two younger boys grow older.

We hope Alex and all the other fathers enjoyed a Happy Father’s Day today!


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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Honoured at Honolulu Waldorf – March 2014

  1. Meliha Bajramovic

    I hope you don’t mind but I have to share this with someone… I’m working on a story inspired by H5-0. The story starts in July 2013, Sofia (‘Steve’s’ daughter, of course, he’s not called Steve in my story, but inspired by Steve) just turned 18 because she was born in June 1995, because ‘Steve’ and Sofia’s mum met in September 1994, because they met during the war in Bosnia – i.e. the whole timeline is decided by lots of factors. Sofia is at university now, so her mum and dad are on their own building a relationship, and they’ve had arguments.. Anyway, his birthday is mid March. I was thinking 17th, but then there were issues, I’m not going to go into details. Yesterday I was looking at 15th Match 2014 as the day that something huge happens and I was thinking of moving his birthday to that date… I swear I got an e-mail about this as I was thinking ‘maybe 15th of March 2014’… It was freaky. I had to share. It was just sooooo ‘WHAT?!?!?!’


  2. Cassiopea 1000

    You said it yourself, it’s freaky, and a clear signal you must use the15th of March as the birthday date. That is, if you are esoteric-minded! If not, use any other day. August 24, for instance. I don’t know why, but I think it is a very good day…

    Best wishes with the writing of your story!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meliha Bajramovic

    Thank you so much… I’ve had one surprise after another with this story, but this tops it all – LOL. Loving it, but yesterday, my eyes almost popped out. I was seriously in shock and I’m still not completely over it.

    24th August doesn’t work for the story… But! Their kid will be born in August, not sure of the exact date yet, that’s still way down the line, lot’s of stuff happens before then… However, maybe I could make it 24th, just to be cheeky LOL


  4. Meliha Bajramovic

    Gott’ch ya! I shall make this day a glorious day, a day their daughter will be born, the day he will finally get his chance to be part of the story from the very beginning. Unless you’d prefer he had twins? Triplets? You name it, he shall have it LOL


  5. Hope it wasn’t an oardeal. (sorry, very very sorry… ducks and hides)

    Liked by 2 people

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