#AlexOLoughlin & Team – Three Rivers Promo Shoot

What does it look like when actors do a promoshoot for a new TV series? 

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Here are some promotional pictures for Three Rivers and a short video made while those pictures were taken on 20 June 2009.

Three Rivers cast Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney and Christopher J. Hanke took part in the shoot with Alex.


What was Three Rivers all about?

This is a medical drama about an acclaimed transplant hospital and the team, which hold life and death in their hands everyday.

The team is comprised of Dr. Andy Yablonski, the lead surgeon; Dr. Miranda Foster, a woman trying to live up to her father’s reputation; Dr. David Lee, a resident more interested in his private affairs; Ryan Abbott, the new transplant coordinator struggling to balance the aspects of his job; Pam Acosta, the surgical nurse and Dr. Sophia Jordan, the head of surgery who needs to keep everyone in line.

Every case is viewed from the perspective of the team, the recipient and the donor. This show is set in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Medical Center, William H Foster Transplant Wing.



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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & Team – Three Rivers Promo Shoot

  1. I watched this. The first time I was introduced to Alex. A very good show 😁👍. Was so disappointed when it got cancelled.


  2. Thank you for sharing the photos and the video. It´s interesting to watch how they shot those photos. Love Three Rivers. It´s interesting and Alex was great in it – a very convincing doctor with a big heart. I bought the dvd and so
    can watch it whenever I want.


  3. I have the DVD as well. I always think That Alex looked almost angelic in this series.


  4. jan Schagen

    Dat heb ik met Hawaii Five -0 bijna de hele 10 jaren serie nu gekocht. Bitter en jammer dat het gestopt is met een finale die voor Alex en Michelle veel te kort was. In stilte hopen we dat er een filmmaker is die er toch nog een echte slot aflevering van wil maken. Alex en Michelle Het zijn fantastische spelers !! .


  5. Cassiopea 1000

    Alex or no Alex, the show was excellent. I’m sure Dr. Yablonski made aware many people of the necessity and importance of being organ donors. That Dr. Y. was played by Alex, who took a personal interest in this issue and worked for it, was certainly a fantastic bonus for the associations that deal with organ transplants.

    I have never known for sure why the show was cancelled. I have heard it was for casting problems, but also that the audience found it too realistic and too painful. My dad died waiting for an organ, so I am especially sensitive to the subject. If the 13 epis of this show stirred if only a few persons’ conscience and prompted them to become donors, then I see the show as an achievement.

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    • Several people wrote, they became organ donors because of the show and Alex´s involvement in it and Donate Life. Still not enough by far regarding how many people die on the list while waiting for an organ. Sorry about your dad. It´s so sad. We all can go and get informed and become an organ donor.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Regina Filange

        I’m glad to see all the new posts from your site. I haven’t commented for quite some time but when I saw this post I had to. Since Five-0 ended I’ve been rewatching a lot of Alex’s stuff. When it comes to TV shows it has been one episode a week, because that’s how TV is most times. I should finish Moonlight this week and next week move on to Three Rivers. I bought the series on VUDU digital service if anyone is interested. After that I start back on Five-0. It’s been so hard not to just turn it back on and binge a season over the weekend. Hope all is well with everyone. 🤙🏻🌺🏖🌊🍍🏝🌴


  6. Thank you Regina. i hope all is well with you!!


  7. gradaw339@bigpond.com

    Absolutely loved Three Rivers ALex played a surge


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