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#AlexOLoughlin ‘s Diary (# 7): Beyond #H50 (April 2020 – ….. )

This is Part 7 of  our biography of the actor Alex O’Loughlin – It is a chronological account of his life (mostly his career), gathered from information of events he attended, interviews, articles and candid pictures.

Where no specific dates are known, we just give the approximate year or month.

We hope that this will add up to be a comprehensive reference guide to his many fans. We intend to update this page  when old information are better explained and as the story of his life unfolds …..

From Alex:

But I think this period of time – because I have been working so long, really without breaks. This time has been kind of like a healing time for me. 

Like, it’s been great to just do nothing and just focus on the kids and Malia and myself, as well.

And just kind of get quiet. If that makes sense. Read a lot of books. I have been reading a lot of books and reading other people’s scripts. And just sort of trying to see where …. Because I don’t know what’s next …. I don’t know … I don’t just want to jump on something next. 

When you do a show like this, for this long, you can become … You’ve got to be careful what you do next. And I don’t know if I’m going to do anything next. I don’t know. I’m a little kind of in no man’s land.

You caught me in a transitional period of my life.

Alex O’Loughlin,

PacBleu interview,

November 2020

This is the beginning of a new phase in Alex’s life and career.

(And remember click on the links to read the transcripts of Alex’s own account of what life has been like for him)

Life after Hawaii Five-0 ended…..

  • 17 April: Trident Adventures co-owners Alex and Beulah Koale with their hardworking partner, one of the other owners, Steve Kaplan, send  a video message to the Make-a-wish foundation. The video was soon deleted and we are not sure why?
  • 11 May 2020: Hawai‘i State Department of Education post a short video of Alex congratulating the Class of 2020.
  • 17 May 2020: Inferno Cast post a video of their online interview about Martial Art with Alex. The interview lasted for more than an hour. Here is our transcript of it
  • 27 June 2020: 808 BLUE MonTEEz Apparel post a picture with Alex (wearing his mask), posing with one of their Blue Ohana T-shirts.
  • June 2020: Isabella Jones, Malia’s niece posted a TikTok video, featuring her and “her famous relative, Alex”. In the background we can see Spike as well. (Isabella is the daughter of Malia’s brother Mikala Jones)
  • 8 Sept 2020: Egan Inoue posts a video of Alex after a workout – inspiring us all to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic.
  • 20 Sept – 4 Oct 2020: Alex together with Beulah Koale fly to Seattle to  do a Wilderness Survival and Adventure Course with Jordan Jonas.
  • Nov 2020: Alex does an online interview with personal friends @PacBleu. They release it in January 2021. Here is the transcript.
  • 25 Jan 2021:  Alex visits his friend, Enson Inoue at his stand for Destiny Forever LLC in Hawaii.
  • April 2021: Kirk Hammett (Lead guitarist for heavy metal band Metallica) introduced photographer Ross Halfin to Alex and they do a photoshoot at the O’Loughlin house.

We will keep this page updated as far as possible with new events happening in Alex’s life.


PS: If you are looking for part 5 and 6, they have not been posted yet. We have decided finish this latest part first and to keep it updated, because of all the inquiries about what Alex has been doing lately, since the end of Hawaii Five-0.


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