Newly Posted #AlexOLoughlin Picture From Last Year’s Trip

  • In September last year, we posted a picture of Alex boarding a plane and from the looks of it it looked like he was flying off to Seattle:

We shared it here

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  • And then two weeks later another picture from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, of Alex and Beulah got posted. With it was an indication that they were on their way back home to Hawaii:

We shared it here

  • We did not know that Alex was with Beulah during that time before this picture got posted. 
  • What we do know, is that Beulah posted some videos and messages of himself doing a trip in the wild during this time.
  • Unfortunately Alex never featured on any of Beulah’s footage.
  • Then in November, Jordan Jonas as @hobojordo on IG posted a picture on his IG Story

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As you can see, it looks like a selfie taken by Alex on 25 September 2020

Who is Jordan Jonas? – he takes people on Wilderness Survival and Adventure Courses.

You can read all about him on his website and social media pages –Facebook & Instagram

  • And today another picture from the Alaska Airlines – Seattle-Tacoma Int’l Airport (SEA) was posted by Melanie Nua Buchner

Sometime last year !!! 

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She did not give a date on her picture, but from what Alex is wearing, it looks like it was taken on their arrival there in Seattle in September 2020

It would have been great to know more about their trip, but at least we know that the two mates had some fun together before Beulah left Hawaii.


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8 responses to “Newly Posted #AlexOLoughlin Picture From Last Year’s Trip

  1. Sue

    Dear Foyeur, Thank you so much for the pictures. Wish we knew what Alex’s plans are, or see him more often! I’m surprised that the airline agent didn’t question Alex, on the weapon holder, that is on his hip. Looks like a hunting knife holder. Usually can’t bring any type of weapon, into the airport. However, I am so glad that we have the picture!


    • As far as I can see, it looks like the hip straps of the backpack Alex has on his back. In the wild on a hunting trip, a knife most probably fit in there.
      Kind of sure he won’t be allowed to carry a knife. (And kind of 100% sure he won’t even try to do it)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Kathysr

    Thanks for these great photos! Alex looks really happy. I remember that trip. Where is Beulah now? Has he started working on a new project? Both Meaghan and Katrina have landed new gigs, great news for them. Katrina’s a new character on NCIS. She was in the last two episodes of this season. I already like her a lot. Lots of energy and take charge attitude.

    Alex, you are so quiet. What are you up to? I hope you’re happy and well and spending lots of time with family.


    • Beulah is in his home country New Zealand with his family.
      He filmed a movie in Finland shortly after that trip with Alex and before he returned home to NZ. So he’s got a few things that should come out soon.


  3. Meliha Bajramovic

    That is one cool selfie… It reminds me of one part in my story – just a coincidence, but still cool.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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