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#H50 Filming Epi 1:13 At Waikiki Beach – 22 November 2010

Episode 1:13 – Another one of the Special Episode of Hawaii Five-0 during Season 1.

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About this Episode;

Lots of interesting stuff happening in it.

  • The Champbox gets stolen
  • Mary is kidnapped
  • We meet Mamo for the first time
  • We & Steve meet Hiro Noshimuri for the first time
  • We realise the Governor has some shady connections
  • We & Steve meet Wo Fat for the first time
  • For me the potential of more real stories from the Champbox was killed in this episode 😦

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This is what I wrote in summary about it back in 2014:

“For me, this episode is the most important one of the 1st season, apart from the pilot of course. It is a very difficult episode to summarize, because nearly every conversation is important. All I can say is that with all the events since this episode, up until now, it makes me feel like a dog chasing his own tail and never catching it. It puts me in a tailspin of questions… you will see at the end.”

You can read my full review of the Episode here. 

Lucky for us, a lot of scenes for it were filmed at public places. 

Like the shoot-out at Queen’s Beach Waikiki  

Let us have a look

Alex & Scott sitting around waiting …

Alex relaxing with others and having his shoulder looked at.

Alex & a fan (sorry we do not have the original source anymore)

Here are some of the pictures and video shot by Photolulu, of the shoot-out scene at Mamo’s surfing little shop on Waikiki beach.


Alex and Scott hanging around with some extras and fans

Alex & Scott chatting

Alex getting his gun:

Plotting the visuals of the scene

Alex seems to be visualising  the scene

Waiting at Mamo’s

Alex & Scott preparing to shoot the scene

Shooting the scene

Keep an eye out for our next post with some more of this episode ….



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Transcript of StarAdvertiser Video of #AlexOLoughlin & @EganInoue ‘s Self Defence Seminar in 2015

In May 2015, Alex and Egan held their second Women’s Defence Seminar.

Star Advertiser posted a video of it back then with some interviews with Alex, Martha Smith (CEO of Kapiolani Medical Centre) and Manu.

Of course we also previously shared Manu’s story and some other stories like the one from Miek  as well. And also Denby’s story earlier today.

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[Scenes of some moves during the exercises]

Alex: It’s great. You know, it’s great. I don’t know exactly how many people we had, but we had two full classes. And it’s going to raise ….

We actually raised more money than we did last year, so.

Martha: It goes to programs and services for women and children. And as a not profit organization we rely on community help for our programs and services. For the kind of care that’s not cover by insurance costs or other things. So we really appreciate the the support of Egan and …. and his Bootcamp.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-at-self-defence-2015.jpg

Alex: What we’re going to show you today is very effective stuff. It’s not about kicking a guy in the balls or poke him in the eyes, or anything. You know, we always say, if it comes …. if there is nothing left to do, you do as you got to do just to get away.

[Clip of some of the exercises]

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-move-2.gif

Alex: I really enjoy being a part of it. You know the Kapiolani Women and Children’s Hospital was responsible for saving a friend of mine’s life and I’m very …. I feel a personal connection to that place.

And it’s a great cause anyway, but for me personally there’s something there. So hopefully this …. I look forward to come back next year, you know, it’s great.

[Clip of a move]

Alex: What happens is that we get on the hips and we slide that knee in. Now she’s ready. Don’t rush this. And then the scissor movement and … there’s nothing I can do.

[And Egan explains some more]

Martha: The statistics are quite frightening, really and the number of women that are attacked every year, either assaulted, or raped, or sexually assaulted. And so it’s really important for women to know some of the basic training and basic techniques to protect themselves 

Alex: Well it’s the same reason I think it is important for anyone to know self defence. It’s because, you know you never know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of bad people out there in the world. And you know, if you know some basics, it can … it can be the difference between you becoming a statistic or not. But women are  … woman are more obvious main targets, you know.

[Clip of Alex showing a move again]

Alex: We kind of have a philosophy here, you know, the fitter you are, the longer you can struggle against an attacked. And the longer you can struggle  and the better chance you have to survive.

So we wanted to incorporate some …. some exercises and some sort of simple core stuff. And something that you guys can do at home. Pretty simply, that can help you …. help your longevity and your fitness. 

[Another clip of Alex play-acting as an attacker]

Alex: We’re at Walmart at 2am.

[Lots of laughs]

Alex as the attacker: “Excuse me, have you seen the coco puffs?”

[And the woman free herself with some loud cheers from every one]

Manu: I came all the way from Italy for the self defence seminar. And I made it into vacation to Hawaii, ‘cos I love it.

I am doing both sessions, yes. I thought, I’m there and I deserve them both. It’s a good way to meet him [Alex] and do this – something useful as well.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-move.gif

[Egan explaining another move]

Manu: And it’s going to be useful, because, you know, you know what to do. I don’t feel like I’m superwoman now. But I feel more confident. And from him, it’s … it’s nice to see that he is real. Yeah, he’s a real guy.

Good guy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-self-defense-2015-5.jpg

Martha: So it’s all fun, but throwing around each other is sort of fun. And having Alex O’Loughlin doesn’t …. certainly isn’t bad. [Laughs]

Link to Video:


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Denby Fawcett: Getting Defensive With #H50 ’s #AlexOLoughlin – May 2015

Since the first one in November 2013, Alex and Egan held two more Self Defence Seminars for Women over the years in order to raise money for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

The second one was in May 2015 and the third and last one was on 1 June 2019.

We have previously done other posts of the events by fans who attended them.

This is a recap of the second one from a journalist in Hawaii.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-4.jpg

The TV star works up a sweat for two good causes: raising funds for a hospital and helping women learn how to protect themselves.

May 12, 2015·

Honolulu CivilBeat

By Denby Fawcett

All official pictures for the event taken by Kelli Bullock

and by Star Advertiser

I was interested when I heard Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children was offering, for a $300 donation, a women’s self-defense class taught by mixed martial arts champion Egan Inoue and “Hawaii Five-0″ star Alex O’Loughlin.

I signed up, thinking, what a great idea for a column. But then I got flustered. I tend to get unglued around movie stars, especially around ones I admire such as O’Loughlin.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-3.jpgAlex O’Loughlin, who plays the lead role of Steve McGarrett on “Hawaii Five-0,” turned self-defense instructor to raise money for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

I hoped Civil Beat Editor Patti Epler would talk me out of the story, saying it was too lightweight. Civil Beat prides itself on its hard-core investigative reporting. But Patti liked the idea. And if you think about it, there is nothing lightweight about Inoue and O’Loughlin’s kindness and generosity to want to help Kapiolani Hospital, where hundreds of sick children are cured and 6,200 babies are born each year.

As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. When I arrived at Inoue’s Moiliili gym for the self-defense class, my concerns flew out the window. The calming factor was O’Loughlin looked different from his “Hawaii Five-0″ Steve McGarrett character. He said he had grown a beard on his recent trip to Australia and spoke to us in his native Australian accent. He warned us he was going to get very sweaty, very messed up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-sdc-2015.jpg

Instead of his intense TV persona , he was relaxed and funny. His Australian accent made the difference. For instance, when he was talking about potential dangers to women from rapists, in his Aussie-speak, the word rapist was pronounced “rye-pist.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-11.jpg

I don’t mind telling you, I love “Hawaii Five-0″ with its glamorized island scenery and the high fantasy episodes with O’Loughlin and his crew taking down villains each week.

It was great to see O’Loughlin talking so sincerely to the group of 22 women about the importance of learning to protect themselves. O’Loughlin said he has supported Kapiolani Medical Center for the entire five years he has been on Oahu because the hospital once cared for a friend’s very sick child.

“This is raising money for a great cause but also to teach you something practical if, God forbid, any of you should get into a sticky situation,” he said.

O’Loughlin knows self-defense. When “Hawaii Five-0″ is not in production, Inoue said O’Loughlin comes to the gym to work out with him almost every day. O’Loughlin is a four-stripe blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The first self-defense move Inoue and O’ Loughlin taught us was how to break free when an attacker grabs you by the arm. It was called a wrist escape. 

The women in the class partnered up to learn how to break free with one woman in the pair being the attacker, the other the victim.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-attack.gif

Inoue emphasized that the goal of women’s self-defense is to escape rather than trying to pulverize the attacker with the type of complicated karate moves favored by Kono Kalakaua, the female cop on “Hawaii Five-0.”

“It is not about eye gouging or kicking someone in the groin. You want to get away from your assailant,” said Inoue.

If you are difficult to control, your attacker will give up and go after someone else who’s easier to pin down, said Inoue.

O’Loughlin and Inoue walked around the room correcting us as we practiced our wrist escapes.

Afterwards, O’Loughlin tested each of us as he played the rapist role, grabbing each of us tightly by the arm, forcing us to break free.

The next move we learned was how to get up and get away after an attacker has thrown you on the ground.   

Usually a person tries to get up by leaning forward. In this case, that would be dangerously closer to the attacker. Instead, Inoue showed us how to get up while moving backwards to get up and run away from the attacker.

My partner for the exercises was Kapiolani Medical Center’s chief operating officer, Martha Smith.

Smith said Inoue and O’Loughlin’s self-defense class is a wonderful fundraiser for Kapiolani because it tends to attract many women who might never have donated to the hospital before. This would be a different crowd from the gala ball, silent auction set.

“It’s a chance to learn something useful and get a good workout as you get to spend time with a celebrity like Alex,” said Smith

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-sdc-2015-2.jpg

There were some military wives in the class and one woman had come to Honolulu all the way from Italy to attend. She said she planned her vacation around it.

The final self-defense move we learned was called  “a simple sweep.” It is a move for a woman to use when she is on the ground on her back, face up, with her attacker choking her as he straddles her body — one of the most vulnerable situations possible.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-move.gif

With your attacker already on top, you lift up your thigh, bend your knee and then press your bent knee between you and your assailant’s torso and use your leg strength to scissor him off, throwing the attacker face down on his stomach. Then, of course, you jump to your feet to run away.

Inoue told me after the class that one of his self-defense students used this move on an ex-boyfriend after he broke into her apartment and climbed into bed with her.

“She did a simple sweep, getting her ex-boyfriend off her and then pressing him into an armlock so hard she broke his arm. While her ex lay on the ground writhing in pain, she called the police,” said Inoue.

Hey, I thought you said self-defense was about getting away, not about hurting someone.

Inoue said, “She was so angry at what her ex-boyfriend for what he did, she wanted to hurt him. In the end you do what you have to do.

This is true. You never know what you will do when you are threatened. I found that out a long time ago when I faced a dangerous situation.

It happened when I was living on the West Side of New York while attending Columbia University. One Sunday night, a man broke into the living room of my apartment, entering through French doors off my roof garden.

Instead, of locking my bedroom door and hiding quietly as I had always planned in my rehearsals for possible break-ins, I burst out of the bedroom and ran directly at the intruder, yelling “What are you doing here? Get out.” Luckily, he turned and ran out the doors to the garden where he climbed over to the next brownstone building to get away.   

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-9.jpg

Just as Inoue said, “You never know. You do what you have to do.”

It is not always easy to escape a violent attack or intrusion. And sometimes, there is no escape for a woman.

After the 90-minute session, each of us got a certificate, a T-shirt and a chance to have our picture taken with Inoue and O’Loughlin.

The event raised $14,800 for the hospital. Last year, it raised  $10,500.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-check.jpg

O’Loughlin also donates time to the Boys and Girls Club, Donate Life America and Taylor’s Gift.

“It’s important to me,” he said. “Life is only worth what you give back. I have been very lucky. It is my responsibility to help.”

O’Loughlin follows a tradition of charitable acts that began most generously by actor Jack Lord, who played McGarrett in the original 1968-80 “Hawaii Five-0″ series.

Lord and his wife, Marie left their entire $40 million estate to be divided among 12 Hawaii non-profits

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BTS of #H50 Episode 1:20 – #AlexOLoughlin & The Boulder to the Face

There has been some special episodes of Hawaii Five-0 over the years, and some have interesting behind the scenes pictures. We will try to do some of them over time

Behind the scenes of Hawaii Five-0 Episode 1:20

Back in the day we used to call it “The Boulder to the Face” episode.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bolder-epi-120.jpg

It was that time when Steve and Danny went hiking.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-scott-epi-120.jpg

For a number of reasons it was an interesting episode.

  • It was the first of 11 episodes that Larry Teng directed on Hawaii Five-0.  And all of his episodes were quite memorable.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is director-larry-teng-keeping-a-watchful-eye..jpg

(Picture: Director Larry Teng keeping a watchful eye on the actors.)

  • It was the episode that gave us this beauty ….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mcg-024.png

  • It was the episode where Steve got his arm broken and it was still in a cast for the next episode.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is steve-broken-arm.jpg

  • It was the episode that featured Chef Morimoto for the first time.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chef-morimoto-on-hawaii-five-0.jpg

  • And of course it was the episode where Steve was airlifted out of the mountains.

Here are the behind the scenes pictures when they filmed those scenes:

Alex & Scott on set

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-scott-on-set-epi-120-1.jpg

Shooting the scene on the cliff.

The 25th Infantry Division participated to do this airlift scene

And of course this episode gave us these bloopers:

  • First hitting the camera with the rope ….

Alex: You told me to throw it at the lens. I’m sorry.

  • And the the Duct tape that got lost.

Alex: Oh Mother f&cker

And caps of that FACE

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s1-gagreel-pottym-4.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s1-gagreel-pottym-2.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s1-gagreel-pottym-1.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s1-gagreel-pottym-3.jpg

Hope you all have a great week!!


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McGarrett and I – August 2012 (A Picture with #AlexOLoughlin)

One of the people who got a moment in time with Alex – something that so many of us wish for ……

Photographer Jeff Fujimoto found Alex enjoying a cigar break on his doorstep on 20 August 2012.

j e f f f u j i m o t o

He was having a cigar on my workplace’s front doorstep. Had to investigate the flowery language and Australian accent that I heard through the door. Nice guy. He bolted after this.

I’m not a fan but he’s famous so I felt obligated to snap.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jeff-fujimoto-mcgarrett-i.jpg

Question: I’m rather curious about the “flowery language” bit

Jeff: I don’t want to incriminate the poor fella, he didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say, just with a solid Ozzie accent. Tho’ I doubt you would hear it on a prime time show.

He was talking to a burly red-bearded handler draped with com-cords lanyard IDs.

McGarrett complimented me on my uniform, boardshorts and a t-shirt. Lol!

 Alex crossing someone’s path while shooting Hawaii Five-0.


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