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To The ‘Mothers’ of the #AlexOLoughlin Fandom.

Events of this past week and celebrating Mothers day today, sparked my thoughts to complete this post that I have been contemplating of for a while ….

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It is a Thank You post to the “Mothers” of the Alex fandom, of which we are also a small part of.

The “Mothers” I am thinking of, are those who came before – The mothers who nurtured Alex’s fans when his stardom was still in infancy. Specifically those sites where I got my first glimpses of who Alex is, from. People like Mary who ran Adoring Alex O’Loughlin. Org for many years, and Tiffany at AOLO, and of course Mizzoh with her wonderful informative site, AOLR – all with a lot of respect for Alex and fellow fans.

And there are many others, like Titine from Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin, Kandyegirl of Alex O’Loughlin Blog.spot, Pam & Carol of Olaughingpress.org and Alyssa of Alex O’Loughlin ‘s Place. Also the ladies from the McPerv’s site, Silvia of Alex O’Loughlin Journal, and many other names like Terry and Mymaximus, who so generously shared wonderful pictures. All contributing in sharing and preserving information, for those who wanted to know more about Alex and his career in those early days. 

Of course there are those fandom “Mothers” who are still around, like the ladies from LLOL, and those from Facebook pages like Jill and the team at Gorgeous O’Loughlin. And those from the German sites, like Alex O’Loughlin International Community and Mostly Five-0.

But we can’t miss out on some who also had a more lasting influence on us, like ESS from H50BAMF and later together with her, the other ladies on AOLwww. And together with them a whole bunch of intelligent and funny ladies in that community.

There are many other countless ladies from fan pages on various forms of social media, who in their own way also contributed over the years. We might not know you by name or association, but we know you are there and we catch glimpses of your dedication.

A Great big THANK YOU to you all.

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This week, my thank you comes from a place of missing so many of you these days.

During this past week there has been a bombardment on us from those who do not respect the boundaries of being a fan of Alex, and lack of respect for his colleagues and their careers and the dynamic amongst them and their private lives. Those who want to force their personal opinions, formed by hearsay, onto others. Opinions, about interpersonal relationships of people on set, that has been obtained through secondhand gossip and in some cases fed by pure hatred.

We as fans have no business in the private lives and personal opinions of celebrities and their workplace. And to think we know them in any way at all, as private people, is not part of our world of fandom. We are here to enjoy their work and who they are.

Most of these vile comments by the group of individuals were deleted from our Instagram, but you can still catch some of their idiocracy and slurs towards us on our Twitter timeline. And maybe some of you also caught parts of it on some Facebook groups. 

We know who we are and what we stand for. And I reject their onslaught with the disdain it deserves.

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Getting back to the spirit of this post

Most of all, Thank You to the wonderful women that are here (on also on our IG, FB and Twitter pages) – even during these quiet times. Reading and  contributing with your comments and fun approach to it and your mutual adoration of Alex – it is pure joy.

We appreciate you all!

And of course there are a few people who assist and support us behind the scenes – gathering and sourcing old and new information. We appreciate you more than you will ever know!

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