#AlexOLoughlin and the #H50 Turkey App


We decided to have fun with old memories from Hawaii Five-0 and some pictures we have never posted before.

These behind the scenes pictures were taken on 15 October 2013, while they were filming Episode 4:09

– the Thanksgiving episode when we met Aunt Deb for the first time.

  • First the clip of how it was used in the beginning of that episode:


And now for the pictures on set ….

And here are pictures taken will shooting the clip which we posted:

  • Michelle posted some information about that scene at a later stage: 

Fun fact: This was not planned…..Nobody expected that I could actually catch a football, Scott was especially excited and gave me a victory lap 🙂 #BTS #H50

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 101513-h50-filming_26.jpg

And of course Alex looked as gorgeous as ever throwing that ball around….

I want to end off today’s post with something a bit different and not from Alex.

It is a quote from a recent speech at the Oscars. 

  • From Tyler Perry’s speech when accepting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for his work feeding and helping others during the pandemic

 Stand in the middle ’cause that’s where healing happens. That’s where conversation happens. That’s where change happens. It happens in the middle.

So anyone who wants to meet me in the middle, to refuse hate, to refuse blanket judgment, and to help lift someone’s feet off the ground, this one is for you too.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 101513-h50-filming_32.jpg

Hope you also enjoyed our fun trip down memory lane …


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17 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and the #H50 Turkey App

  1. jan Schagen

    Dank voor de prachtige foto,s en natuurlijk het stukje tekst van Michelle zelf. Het blijft natuurlijk jammer dat ze veel te vroeg uit Hawaii is vertrokken. We blijven haar ( en Alex) met gepaste belangstelling volgen. De serie blijft onvergetelijk. We proberen contact te krijgen met Michelle. Heeft u voor ons hierin misschien een tip?? Nogmaals dank voor de mooie foto,s Succes !!!

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  2. Is it me or was Alex defiantly bigger built back in the earlier days ? He seems to have slimmed down with a more athletic instead of muscular build ?


    • He was and I like that better than him being too skinny …. he looks more healthy then.


    • I mean, especially his face ….


    • I think, that muscular build was on and off and the look of his face also depended on the ankle they were shooting him. And yes, healthy is always good, muscular or not.

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    • Happy Days

      I think it varied, he was desperately thin part way through Season 2 when he was battling his shoulder injury and struggling with his pain killer problem. I think for Season 4 he was at his ‘biggest’ and I mean that in the nicest possible way – the man has never been a chubster! I think you’re right though, these last few years he has been pretty lean.


  3. D. Havard

    They’re showing that ep. next week on ION.
    Sleeveless Steve…one of my favorite things.

    Mahalo for the great pics. And thanks for the memories.

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  4. Happy Days

    I remember reading somewhere (probably on this very site) about Alex saying that he always starts a season with more bulk but can’t keep it on as filming progresses due to the workload and long hours. I also prefer him with a little more on his bones, as his face looks gaunt when he is too thin. I wish I had the problem of not being able to keep weight on . . . .

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    • Well, not being able to keep weight on is not always desirable. But I understand what you want to say. Same here. And he said in season two (I think) that he would crash his immune system if he puts workouts on top of his working load. I think, as long as Alex is healthy, he is doing fine.


      • Yes I’ve no concerns that he’s not healthy! I like him anyway he looks anyhow, muscular or slimmer, he’s just 100% adorable ❤️

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      • And just to add because I didn´t mean to write that this role was too much for him to handle – write, that Alex was overwhelmed by doing this role: He did a great job in Hawaii 5 O even though it was probably pretty tough for him. He said in his final interview: “I’ve done 10 years. I’ve cared as deeply as I can. I’ve brought what I possibly could, to the table. And I hope that it’s been enough.” – Yes, it´s been enough. Absolutelly!
        Now I hope for him to be able to get out of that “action hero corner” and go into a different kind of role. Many people only know him because of Hawaii 5 O and I heard about him for the first time during that show. But since then; I´ve watched most of his films and shows (inquiring minds want to know 🙂 ) and I practically enjoyed all of them for different reasons – well, maybe I didn´t like “Love Bites” that much. Looking forward to see what comes next when he is ready.

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        • LOL. I guess, we – me included – tend to write us into trouble. It´s sometimes not easy to make things come across the way they are intended when you write a comment. That´s probably the challenge of the internet. *sigh*


        • showactors2021

          Thanks to ION on Fridays and Saturday, I am a huge fan of Alex O’loughlin. I have bought all 10 seasons on H50 plus Three Rivers, Back up Plan and have really enjoyed them. He is a brilliant actor, loving husband, father and all around great human. I grew up in Hawaii and the original H50 with Jack Lord. My husband and I are going back in September to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. I hope I can meet Alex. (I can wish). I am a crafter and have hand made him a few things. I have such respect for him and the love he has for Hawaii and the residents. Mahalo

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  5. Cassiopea 1000

    I remember this epi well. It’s not on the list of my favorites, but I like it a lot, especially the scene where Steve goes to the police station to ‘rescue’ Deb. We have a recital of Alexpressions in that scene which makes it worth watching.

    As to this first scene, I guess it was perfectly choreographed, and the actors knew exactly what to do and where to go, yet it seems so natural, and it looks as if all of them were having a great time shooting it.

    And yes, Alex looked perked up. Nothing like the way he looked when he was so skinny in S2. But then he is naturally so lean that he can afford an additional stone and still look fit, healthy, and gorgeous. Lucky him, and so unfair to most of us!

    When he very thin, he looks more dangerous, whereas his “fuller” face softens his facial features. Not that it matters, though. Thin face, full face, he is a highly kissable man!

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  6. I was thinking whether I should write this at all because I guess, this will ruin the fun, that board as put up for and is only indirectly related to Alex: But I think, it´s important. We are talking about an actor´s body features and I was thinking about McGuyver – or better said, the actor behind that role because I read something which shocked me quite a bit. Do you remember what happened, when a certain show runner was fired? It was reported (and of course I can´t confirm, if it´s true) that said showrunner was telling “his” actor over and over again, that he has to change his body features to look “better” which caused “body shaming” for that actor and reportedly even lead to depressions. It scared me quite a bit to read what those demands/expectations caused. And they are OUR expectations – fan expectations. I don´t know, how Alex is dealing with the expectations which are put on him. I know, he did a lot to meet those expectations and he was praised for doing so because he did a good job. He looked really good and I don´t want to talk people into not liking what they see. But I also know, that I don´t want to put any expectations regarding his body on him. If he decides he wants to put muscles on, I´ll enjoy it with all respect for his work and dedication. But more important: I´m happy if he s heathy and doing fine. That´s all I care for – beside of him being able to show his terrific acting skills and shine in a role. ………. And just to say: The way body features are perceived in our society causes lots of suffering on people, mostly women. We all should be more sensitive in what we are thinking and doing. It´s nice to look fit and muscular or to look at someone who lookes that way, But being healthy is more important. —- O.K., rant over! 🙂 —- ducking and hiding now…… .


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