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They say …. #AlexOLoughlin Is a Fine Man Indeed

We posted the pictures from the photographer Ross Halfin a few days ago, but we thought it a good idea to also post what he said on his own website.

  • From Ross Halfin on his website (click on the link in his name to have a look at his other pictures)

Hawaii – Quite surreal being here in this day and age. I photographed Kirk Hammett at the same place I’d photographed him just over a year ago, I thought it was sort of appropriate.

Kirk introduced me to the actor Alex O’Loughlin, who let us use a part of his house for photos which was very nice of him – a fine man indeed.

I actually got slightly obsessed with photographing the sea and the horizon. I found it actually quite mentally calming. Came back to Los Angeles and ended up in Cabazon in the land of the dinosaurs.

For all the hassle it is nowadays going through airports, with Covid etc… travel really does broaden the mind.

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And then there is always hope that Ross will post some more of the pictures with Alex..

And of course, as always, we also hope for any other news about things related to Alex and his career.


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New cool pics of #AlexOLoughlin

Some wonderful new pictures of Alex with Kirk Lee Hammett posted by photographer Ross Halfin on Instagram.

We are not sure exactly when they were taken, but we suspect that they are quite recent.

Question: What do you listen to while you work out?
Rock. Hard rock. Like, really old Metallica, from their first four albums, or Soundgarden. Tool. I love working out to Tool.

 – Alex O’Loughlin

New York Times

September 2009

Kirk Lee Hammett has been the lead guitarist and a contributing songwriter for heavy metal band Metallica since 1983

It looks like they had a great time

Thank you very much to Ross Halfin for sharing these wonderful pictures that he took, with the world.


And special thanks to Nadine who discovered the post and who shared the link with us.

We appreciate fellow fans like her, who are willing to share such great discoveries with us!


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